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At work game jam

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Friday, February 1st, 2013 11:08 pm



I don’t know if this was already a Jam idea, or if there are rules for it. But I thought it would be fun to kinda make a jam out of it, well for me it was fun. I heard about how some of the people waiting in line to see Indie game the movie for 4 hours decided to do a little game jam to pass the time. I had the idea to do kinda the same thing but at work. Now my job can be very uneventful at some times, so I made this game at work.

I call it Push the block. I am aiming for that creepy kinda feel with an emotional attachment to it. All you do in this game is push a block across this landscape.

Untitled 9 Untitled 10


I wanted to put in a proper back drop in it, but I might do it later. I will finish it for the CRA game jam going on right now, I may as well right?



Do you want it to be a happy ending where it says, “You win!”, a sad ending where it says “You Lose!”, or a mystery?

Submitted, now my head hurts.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 6:46 pm

DM’s Rule is now in. After a combined ~6 hours working on an AI bug, where I had to trash and redo it, and I got to spend another good 2 hours on that, it turns out that I forgot to replace an X with an Y… so yeah. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth because I couldn’t put in all the things I wanted to put in. Oh well I guess. I thought about trashing this game and making a new one, “My last game made me so upset so I decided to punch some kittens/goats” But I stuck with this one instead.

Untitled 4

I found my line 666 of code

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:33 am

I was working on my game, you know nothing special. I decided to look over at what line of code I was working on and it turns out it was line 666, and the command on that code is very funny to what I am doing.

line 666

DM’s Rule will be done for the Compo… Maybe.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 12:55 am

Lucky for me, work was dead today so I had plenty of time to work on this game. After about a good 4-5 hours fixing this spawning bug, I am working on the moves and the turns. I calculated how long each part of the game is going to take, I know that’s bad because it doesn’t come out what it actually is but anyways. It will take me about a good 9 hours to finish this game. If I don’t finish for the compo then it’s off to the jam… again. Things to finish are: minion moving, AI, menus, and polishing. AI will take the longest. Here is a recent pic of the game.

DM's Rule in game

All of the objects, the Goal, E’s, and Start, are movable by the mouse. It made me almost cry with joy at work when I discovered how easy it was to snap the things to the grid. Well it’s time for bed. It’s late and my head hurts.

P.S. I am sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, I am tired.


Progress so far.

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 11:59 pm

I went to a hockey game when the theme got announced, so I got to do a little catching up. Although I did get a lot of time to think about my game.

My game is called DM’s Rule, if you don’t know what DM stands for, go ask your local D&D nerd. It is a game based on a D&D format. You are a DM and you have to set monsters up for our adventures, maybe traps (but that’s if I have time, or maybe after the compo.) I thought of doing it real time, but that would take a lot more time than I have. The game will be going on turn by turn and rolling a 20 sided die for combat. Here are some pictures of my notes and a screen shot of the game.

Notes 1 Notes 2Game Pic 1

I’m in!

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 4:19 pm

This is my 2nd go into the LD, last time I had to work on the Friday and Saturday so I had to move to the Jam. This time I have to work on the Saturday, so we will see.


Language: C#

Engine: XNA

Graphics: GIMP or MS paint

Audio: My own voice, we will see how this one will go.


I will (hopefully) post pictures of game progress and paper notes of the game. I also want to do a time lapse video of it, just record myself and speed it up and show it to you guys. Good luck to everyone!

Well, it’s off to the Jam with me.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 5:06 pm

Because I had to work on Saturday really took a huge chunk of my schedule, but I am glad to announce that I am about 60% finished with my game. I call it BUILD THAT TOWER!, and here’s a screen cap:

It is a game where you are a species who just crawled out of the mud and you have a rival who just did the same, the exact same time you did. A large entity commands you both to build a large tower to please it. All I need to do left is add research, messages, AI, sound, and a few graphical things, I wanted to add military and strategic fighting but that was just too overwhelming. I am afraid that it might get blown out of the water by some of these graphical games, well this is a strategy game that might take you 20 minutes to finish.

I am in!

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:20 pm

This is my first time doing this, I will be doing the compo because I feel that I have a better chance due to the fact that I am alone. Unfortunately I have to work on Saturday so, I will do my best with my free time.

Language: C#, I will also be using XNA 4.0 so guess what IDE I will be using…

IDE: Visual Studios 2010, that’s right you guessed it!

Graphics: Gimp, because who doesn’t like Gimp?

Audio: Bfxr and maybe something else I am not sure.

Good luck to the rest of you.

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