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I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 6:18 pm

This is going to be my 8th Ludum Dare! Woo! Super excited.

Fingers crossed for “two button controls,” but I could go for a few of the other themes as well.

Anyway, here’s my “obligatory base code post.”


(It’s Java)

This time I’ve actually added physics with collisions and shit. Let’s see if that actually gets used.

The following are code libraries I use in my base code for reading MP3 files:

jl, mp3sqi, tritonus_share

What I Imagine Most People Are Doing With The Theme

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 1:53 am

you are the monster

I’m In! Here is my base code:

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Monday, August 17th, 2015 6:25 pm

I’m super excited to participate in my 7th Ludum Dare.

Hopefully the theme doesn’t suck this time (fingers crossed).

Here’s where you can find my base code:


(It’s in Java)

The following are code libraries I use in my base code for reading MP3 files:

jl, mp3sqi, tritonus_share


And it’s done!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 12:09 pm

I’m basically done with my game at this point. Might change the music at some point, but, at this point, the only problem with the game might be some typos in the dialog I have yet to notice. Other then that, everything’s good.


Gay love sim murder mystery detective game

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 11:58 pm

Fuck it, I’ll make something crazy. Just finished the character art. Here’s a sneak peek:Alejandro

Start obligatory I’m in/base code post here:

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 6:19 pm


End obligatory I’m in/base code post here.

Obligatory Libraries/Base Code Declaration

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 8:20 pm

This will be my 4th Ludum Dare and this time around I’ve finally gotten the good sense to make some personal libraries and base code so that I’m not having to waste an hour or two+ making basic things like game loops, music input, and whatnot that I know I’m going to make anyway. This file also contains the jl, mp3spi, and tritonus_share libraries which I will be using and are available for free online. They allow java to read .MP3 files. Last time I had some issues with the file size due to all five of my songs being .WAVs, so this should help. Anyway, here’s a link to my personal library that I will be using:


Feel free to use it if you like.

I should also mention that I made the game state system following a tutorial by ForeignGuyMike on youtube, so I suggest checking his tutorials out if you’re interested:


Here’s a quick summary of everything in my personal library:

Main and game loop classes

Animation manager that automatically reads sprite sheets

Scrolling/parallax background class (from tutorial)

Button class (probably need to add a draw function)

Game state manager (basically for switching between levels and also menus. also from the tutorial)

Global music class for reading MP3 files

A basic point class (for extending purposes)

And a basic volume class (also for extending purposes)



Let the in being commence!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 8:59 pm

This will be my 3rd Ludum dare. Due to school and such, I’ve decided to go for a simpler game this time. Good Luck!

Getting Things Done!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 4:56 pm

I got a bit of a late start, but I knew exactly what I was going to make the moment I heard the theme, although the “Two Colors” theme would have fit a little better.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot done so far. I’ve got all of the moving, jumping, collisions, dying, scene transitioning, and player animations out of the way. Yay!

Here is what my game looks like in it’s current state:

ellis screenshot 1

The white blocks are platforms, the gray blocks are spikes or something (Water/Mist maybe), and the little guy in the middle is the player.

You advance to the next stage by getting to the right side of the screen.

Dying brings you back to the beginning of the scene.


I still haven’t added the part that is based on the theme, but that’s a surprise 😉


I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 8:57 pm

Hello all. I am in for my second Ludum Dare! Woo!

I’ll me using Eclipse and programming in java. I’ll be using paint.net and or paint shop for the graphics. As for the sounds (if I get to them) I will be using either Musescore or Audacity and possibly bfxr.net.

Hopefully I can get something done in time. Good luck all!

Finished my first LD game (and first game ever)

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 5:44 pm

I just finished my game, “10 Second Apocalypse”

Here is the link if you want to check it out:



Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:00 am

As things stand now, I am pretty much done. I’ve spent the last couple of hours making minor tweaks here and there, and now I feel ready to submit my game. I would probably like to spend tomorrow play testing my game, but, unfortunately, I have a flight tomorrow morning and will not be able to do much of any programming tomorrow.

Here is a screen shot of what my game looks like as of now:


End Of Day Update

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:01 am

At the end of the day, things have gone surprisingly well, especially since this is my first real video game.  I saw the “10 Seconds” theme coming and already had an idea up my sleeve. I now have a pretty basic version of my game working, and all that’s left to do is pretty it up. Right now it is just a bunch if rectangles floating around a white screen. Hopefully I will be able to finish ahead of schedule, as I have a flight on Sunday.

Picture of my game so far:


I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @RedOshal)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 7:20 pm

I have decided to join in on Ludum Dare 27! This will be my first time competing in a Ludum Dare, or even making a video game, so this should be fun! Best of luck to all!

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