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I might be in…

Posted by
Saturday, August 29th, 2009 12:19 pm

I have an overambitious project I want to try… So far it’s taken most of the day to get this:



superflat’s Balls Of Legend: Postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 9:45 am


I suppose the thing I’m most happy with is that it the first compo I’ve entered which wasn’t a massive crunch to get in on the deadline.  I was enjoying a nice cup of tea by 10:30pm.  Heres are some fun development facts:

– The game took about 12 hours.

– I used Photoshop and Logic Pro.

– I wrote it in BlitzMax with lashings of OpenGL.  

– It formed by ripping apart the level editor for my iPhone game, which also uses the same orthogonal perspective.

– The graphics were based on another game concept I’ve currently shelved, a Rez-at-light-speed interactive music game called ‘Tempo’.  

– I don’t like the bounce sound either.  Wish I’d spent more time on it.

– I have loads of ideas to expand on it, from springs that fire you down corridors to one-way floors, switches and doors, powerups that enable you to open up new paths, crushers and electric fences you have to jump.  

– I’m keen to try it on the iPhone, where the tilt determines the angle of your next bounce.

– I’m especially keen on trying a two-four player mode, which could be both co-operative and competitive (both bounce on two switches to open one door, but the first through gets the best loot!)

Anyway, thanks for having me Ludum Dare.  I’m sure I’ll enter again sometime.  And post food pics / timelapse shots which I had no idea about until after I’d finished!


superflat’s Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC] FIXED!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:05 pm



Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC Download]


Edit: Fixed a .zip error which stopped it from loading on PC.

Well here it is!  A game of balance.  Not much to say except get to the end if you can… Use the arrow keys to control the glass ball.  Post your orb scores in the comments if you like.  Think this might translate over to iPhone quite nicely.  There’s only one long level at the moment.  I’ll definitely add more after the compo.


Bed time, was great fun.  See you next time!

Silly Maze Game: Update 1

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 4:43 pm

Making some progress, there’s collapsing squares now and buttons which will open doors.  Need spikes!

Silly Maze Game [Working Title]

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:48 am

I’ve decided to enter my first LD, we’ll see what it brings.  So far I’ve got a quite playable bouncing ball that’s being chased by an autoscroll.  Next is to add traps and special kinds of tile.

Here’s a shot.  There will be a deadly wall of spikes on the left…

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