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Quick questions about ratings

Posted by (twitter: @AlphishCreature)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 5:03 am

Alright, after playing a little I got a few questions/dilemmas regarding games scoring.

1. If I use n/a, does it mean that this aspect isn’t rated, rather than is treated as worse than 1 star? It’s particularly important in regard to the games that don’t work; it says not to score unrunnable entries, but I’m not sure if leaving everything as n/a and using the rating comment box does count as “scoring” (since it seems using the comment box just below ratings increased my coolness). ^^” It’s particularly relevant in cases of ratings that might not quite apply, especially “Humour” one (how one does rate a “humour” game if the game apparently isn’t meant to be humorous at all?).

2. If “rating” an unrunnable entry with all n/a’s doesn’t affect its ratings too negatively, is it fair to “rate” it and get coolness rating for that? On one hand, it seems like a “cheap” way to get this, on the other it’s not one’s fault if the program doesn’t run, and they *did* take an effort to get the game and play it; it’s just that they couldn’t play in the end.

3. How to rate “Audio” if the game has no sounds? Contrary to game-dependent Humour, Audio in most cases *improves* the game. Therefore, I’d rather use 1 star instead of a neutral n/a (if it indeed is neutral); otherwise the developer that took an effort (and much needed time) and made some decent, but not outstanding sounds, could be “punished” by getting below-average rating instead of unaffecting n/a.

Hopefully someone more experienced in LD voting can provide some insight here; I guess it might be a matter of personal practices, but still it’s good to know other’s thoughts on that. ^^”

About time to get rating…

Posted by (twitter: @AlphishCreature)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 2:00 pm

Phew, I sure have been busy during all that competition; now to play through some games with high coolness-to-ratings ratio….

Also, if someone is interesting how my star ratings map to the game, here is a reference:

1 star – poor/annoying (an element that spoils an otherwise nice game)
2 star – decent (nothing great, but serves its purpose well enough)
3 star – likeable
4 star – remarkable
5 star – excellent

That means that if you get 2-stars in some category, it doesn’t mean I consider it below average; I just prefer to leave more degrees for things I actually liked.

And in relation to themes:

1 star – not really following the theme
2 star – forced (expect in such games naming the theme directly so that people notice it at all)
3 star – background (it’s there and works, but the game wouldn’t lose much without it)
4 star – integrated (the use of theme affects the gameplay/experience significantly)
5 star – inseparable (the game breathes the theme; taking it away would pretty much destroy the game)

Hopefully I’ll get more time to play tomorrow…


Posted by (twitter: @AlphishCreature)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 4:51 pm

I thereby declare my codebase…


In other words, a ludicrously named GameMaker framework-in-progress of mine.

With that, now I can sleep peacefully to find out tomorrow that the theme is, indeed, Connected Worlds. If it’s not, things will get pretty fun. ^^”


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