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First day for me!

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 3:26 pm

So, the first day is finishing for me. I haven’t done really much; I had to think for a while the idea before starting to code and I got a little distracted with something, but anyways I wrote about 600 lines of code. Here’s what I have done, if you’re interested in playing a very incomplete version: http://www.fastswf.com/onTZpZ4 (the graphics are provisional, althrough I don’t know if I’ll have time to improve them. By the way, you must interact with the “black spray thing” and collect oil drops in order to be able to defeat the enemies).

So, the game (which I may call “The Monster’s Cave”) is about a princess who runs away from her castle because she doesn’t want to marry her cousin. She hides in a cave, but people think she’s been kidnapped by an evil monster and come to rescue her. Then the princess must pretend to be the monster to scare them away. The game is of the tower defense/time management genre: the princess has a time to “prepare the cave” before knights come to rescue it. It might look like it doesn’t fit the theme very much; I’ll try to fix that with a more detailed explaination and better graphics.

Results comparison between my first entry (LD27) and this one.

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 5:32 am

This has been my second entry in Ludum Dare, while my first entry was for the LD27. I’m going to do a compartison between the results of those two to analyze how I’ve improved. I think that it’s important to say that I only had one day to do this entry, while I used the two compo days for my first one. I also was very unexperienced in computer programming when I did the first one; I also used a different software that required less programming. (Adobe FlashPro in LD27 vs. Haxe+OpenFL in this LD)


LD31: 2.78 (#958)
LD27: 2.75 (#850)

Well, it looks I’ve improved very slightly on this one! My original LD27 entry (of which I did a post-compo version, BTW) had gameplay flaws, such as having a very annoying level you had to repeat each time you failed and not explaining certain important things. This time, I think I’ve also had some mistakes: some people have said the game was very confusing, others said it did not feel like it was a game because it just had you waiting until you unlocked things… I still have many things to improve as a game designer.


LD31: 3.44 (#333)
LD27: 2.57 (#847)

The idea in my first LD was not very original: using different minigames in a succession with timing to do certain thing has already many games with it (WarioWare…). I think there were other games in LD that used the same mechanic, too.
In this occasion, I thought about taking the theme in a way that implied that the game depended on the screen, and not just the game being on the screen.


LD31: 2.52 (#994)
LD27: 2.71 (#730)

…and althrough innovative, my idea wasn’t really fun (and I was almost out of the top 1000). Or at least it wasn’t well implemented: someone commented that the game lacked of interaction of the player and the waiting made it very boring.
My first LD entry was the opposite: the player had to react quickly and correctly in order to win. For the next LD, I’ll take into account the importance of player interaction.


LD31: 3.8 (#311)
LD27: 3.46 (#281)

The theme category was the highest rated one of both games. As I already explained in the innovation part, in the other LD I took a literal interpretation of the theme while in this one I did something more original.

Also, I’m realizing that the ratings in general were lower in LD27, because even though the number of compo entries have been lower this LD, I’m getting a lower ranking for a higher score. Does that mean that the low ratings in my previous LD entry have more value than the high ones in this LD? I thought I had improved D:


LD31: 2.11 (#1111)
LD27: 1.79 (#1135)

If it’s not because everyone has decided to give higher ratings in this LD, I don’t understand how I got a superior score this time. This LD entry only has as “graphics” some badly-drawn screens with a simple background. The other one had… a curtain effect, some circles with colors, ehmmm… The graphics in both games are terrible, but I would say that I did better in my first LD. I think I’ll focus more on graphics on the next LD, this has been the lowest ranking category in both games (not counting coolness)


LD31: 1.81 (#901)
LD27: 1.6 (#904)

Again, other category with a higher score that I don’t think it deserves. The audio in both games is extremely poor; my first entry had 2 sound effects (one for winning a level and other for losing it) and this one only has sound for static. Now that I look at my comments in my LD27 entry, someone linked to a music generator that could have been useful. Oh well, I’ll try to remember it for the next LD.


LD31: 2.84 (#335)
LD27: 1.63 (#896)

I think the reason the score is significantly higher in this entry is because I mention kittens and pizza in a silly way… I wouldn’t consider that “humor”, but looking and how high it has ranked with a low score it seems like there’s not too many games to compete with in that category. BTW, the game had for a while in its description the word “leopard” instead of “keyboard”. That’s because I installed a extension that switches those two words and didn’t remember to turn it off when I wrote the game description…


LD31: 2.59 (#846)
LD27: 1.44 (#1077)

I don’t really understand what this category is supposed to rate… I guess the LD27 got a low score because the first level was really frustrating and that put the players in a bad mood. But the game gave you tips on how to pass the level you were stuck in, isn’t that supposed to be good for mood? Well.


LD31: 100% (80th based on http://ludumdare.itch.io/#sort=coolness . Top 100 YAY!)
LD27: 39% (#1422)

The bad score in LD27 is partially because for a while I didn’t know that you had to save the ratings in order for them to count… But anyways, I’ve played many more games this LD and I’ve seen and rated really nice ones. I’m glad to have this coolness score, not because of the shiny medal but because I’ve seen more games. Apparently, for next LDs coolness will also account your comments and your community activity. I tend not to comment in games because my English is not quite fluid, but I think I should focus more on doing it because developers deserve feedback for the work they’ve done.

Average score:

LD31: 2.74

LD27: 2.24

I would like to think as this as a big improvement, but now I’m doubting if for some reason the expectations in LD27 were higher. Anyways, I still have many things to improve. Let’s see how I’ll do in the next LD. And if someone has read this, I hope it serves as some kind of help.

Follow the screen!

Posted by
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 6:08 am

Obey that… undefined animal and play my game! This is my second LD entry and I didn’t have much time to do it (only one day), hence the MS Paint graphics and the short gameplay (althrough it has a timed mode that adds replayability).

Based on the comments I have received, my idea was original but I made the gameplay too short and easy. The game originally had you to wait one minute or guess one word before you could upgrade anything, but I showed it to some people before publishing it and they said it was too confusing and hard at the beginning, so I made the upgrades cheaper and the prizes for guessing stuff higher. I guess I overshot it, since now you can buy many upgrades just by guessing one thing. I also have received some criticism because the game isn’t technically in one screen, but in different screens, so it doesn’t fit the theme. I thought about that when I was going to publish the game, but I felt too lazy to change the graphics and the game explainations.

That’s based on the comments I have received until now, but I still want to hear feedback, so play my game if you haven’t yet! If you comment I will rate your game too. <3

(Sorry for the shameless advertising, but apparently there are many games with a “default” score of 55 and my game has been voted 56 times, so it won’t appear in the default game list even though I have a high coolness, and posting this seems to be a good way to attract attention to my game).

Participating on this one!

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 11:03 am

This may be a bit late to post about entering in the contest, but I had to start the game this morning (I was busy yesterday) and I didn’t know if I would be able to finish it. But I think I’m going to be able to.


This is how my game looks at the moment. I thought that making a game with only one screen was a too broad concept, so as you can see I took the “screen” word in a literal way. You have to do (or, more precisely, type) what the screen tells you to win the game. In the screen hints about what you have to type will be displayed. The screen will be blurry and broken in the beginning, but you can upgrade it using currency (the images that appear in the screen tell you how to earn currency, too. You will also slowly earn currency over time so you can upgrade the screen even if you don’t figure out what you have to do.)

I’m using haxe with OpenFl for this project.


First Ludum Dare finished

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 9:00 am

I just finished my first LD entry. Link.

It is just 5 minigames, but at least I’ve done something.

Second Beta

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 4:19 am

Second open beta

This is probably what the final game is gonna look like. If you play it, please leave feedback, specially for the for the fourth and fifth levels, I think they’re a bit hard.

Beta :D

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 10:02 am

Here’s a beta of my LD 27 game: Beta

It’s the first time I’m entering LD and I’m still a newbie in game developement, but I think I will be able to complete the game and enter the compo. With “completing the game” I mean adding a few more minigames and a game completed screen.

Bugs I’m aware of: You can go through the walls of he maze if you are fast enough.

Starting Out

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:34 am

This is my first LD. I’m still a beginner in game developement, but I’ve decided to try something. I hope I finish something ^^

I currently only have the menu screen done:

Menu Screen

The idea is like a more complex wario ware. I’m only using the Greensock library for some animations, everything else is done from scratch.

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