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Underworld Evolution: UI Flow

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 2:29 pm

For ultimate clarity, this is the full UI flow of my game Underworld Evolution:

1. Logo: me
[press SPACE] / [WAIT]

2. Intro: briefing & lolz
[press SPACE]

3. Game: 20 Evo’s will live their life and die enthusiastically. In the mean time, they hopefully picked up some coins for you. Once they are dead, click the Evo that you possibly want as the successor for the next generation or to just view its DNA.
[click on Evo]

4. DNA selection & tweaking:
You can still change the selection of your successor Evo:
– press left/right/a/d to switch between Evo’s and view their DNA
– or press backspace to go back to the map and select an Evo from there

Once you decided on the best successor, tweak the properties using the arrow buttons. Making a tweak will cost you coins! Each purchase will make the general price for a next tweak more expensive with 5%.
[press SPACE to start the next generation]


[cache: storing page]