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What are the chances? I randomly checked the site on a whim late in the day, my girlfriend is out of town for the weekend, and I just wiped and reinstalled everything and have a shiny new kernel, shiny new (but configured properly!) allegro, shiny new GCC and tons of disk space.

Aaaand a theme I totally am down with.


Brainstorming session, vol. I

Friday, April 29th, 2011 7:32 pm

Yuck.  We had awesome themes in the running, and we ended up with….this.

Ah well, I have an idea for it anyway: a game where the player controls two protagonists: one who is heavily armed and runs really fast, but takes damage at the drop of a hat and cannot carry their own ammunition, and the other who has the ammo crates and is pretty robust, but moves slowly and cannot shoot.  I’m kind of thinking of some sort of top-down dual-stick shooter, but with the restriction that the left stick controls the weapon firer, and the right stick controls the ammunition carrier.

I still have another hour of work to go, but I’ll run right home and start banging it out.


Bay Area Post-Mortem Meetup?

Friday, April 29th, 2011 7:06 pm

I know there are a few of us LDers in 510 and 408 – should we try to have some sort of celebration/commiseration event somewhere Sunday evening? Dave and Buster’s of Milpitas leaps to mind but anywhere we can get pizza and video games and/or wifi will work nicely…


Surprise, surprise, it looks like audio output in Allegro 4.x, along with UT, Wolfenstein ET and probably a bunch of other stuff is completely hosed on recent Ubuntu versions (thanks, Canonical, for wrecking backwards compatibility so we could hear your stupid bongos everywhere and thanks, PulseAudio for gratuitously breaking ALSA compatibility).  I’ve tried a few things to fix it, but it’s too close to contest time to be doing IT stuff.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for alternate distros that

  • have NVidia ION drivers either in their repositories or don’t die horribly with the ones from NVidia’s website?
  • don’t use PulseAudio (do NOT want), or have some kind of OSS emulation layer?
  • are likely to work with NForce ethernet?
  • are likely to work with RealTek 8192SE wifi?

Pre-contest framework declaration

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 5:05 pm

In the interest of rule compliance and fairness, here’s what I’ll most likely be using for startup/init code: http://pastebin.com/0s2bsazw . All sounds, music, timing, image format loading and input will be handled by Allegro or DUMB, and AllegroGL will be used in place of the EGL initialization stuff on desktops as appropriate.

The fact that it expands to exactly six hundred and sixty six lines is a bit of an ill omen, one feels.


Got permission to leave work early, told the girlfriend I’d be unavailable on that Saturday, loaded up on cheap energy bars, prepped and ready to go!

The usual:

  • Hardware: Eee 1201n, some crappy $2 USB mouse, Canon Powershot SX 120 with grit in the optics, a brain.
  • Targets: Win32, GP2X (maybe), OpenPandora, x86 Linux, source tarball.
  • Code: GCC 4.4.5, along with as, ld and friends.
  • Toolkit: Allegro, AllegroGL as needed.
  • Sound: SFXR, MilkyTracker.
  • GFX: Gimp, Misfit Model 3D (maybe).
  • Other: Graph paper, sketch pad, pencils, celery, carrots, trail running shoes, hella* Red Bull.

If the rules are amenable to it, it would be nice to do a farming-related game, and to do something that could be entirely stylus/mouse driven, but we’ll see.

*Of course ‘hella’ is a word, don’t be ridiculous.

Declaration of Intent to Declare Intent

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 3:26 pm

After a whole lot of false starts that had to be abandoned due to lack of available time and one ‘almost there’, I’m back for number nineteen and ready to go, and hoping to submit the first entry specifically aimed at OpenPandora users (win32 and x86 Linux builds will be provided). As dictated by tradition:

  • Lead Developer: Me
  • Artist: Me
  • QA Lead: Me
  • Languages: C, Makefilese, XML
  • Editor: Dev-C++
  • Tools: gcc
  • Libraries: Allegro, DUMB
  • Graphics: GIMP
  • Sound: SFXR, GoldWave
  • Music: MilkyTracker
  • Morale Management: Assaultcube, DeathSmiles, jungletrain.net
  • Physical Fitness: Bridgepointe Ice Chalet
  • Catering: Me
  • Kissing Scene Choreographer: Pam

Colour me excited!

I am in!

Monday, December 13th, 2010 2:51 pm

My basecode isn’t ready yo be turned in yet, so it’ll be a Jam entry most likely, but yep, entering.

More later, when I’m not typing on a Pandora.

My own personal December Challenge

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 12:27 am

For various reasons I don’t want to get into, I wasn’t able to take part in the October Challenge, nor the previous mini-LD, but I finally have the time, motivation and inspiration, so I’m joining the party only two months late.

My target platform is XBLIG; for the purposes of the challenge, if I have successfully submitted a title that works like I want it to by the end of the month, I’ll consider it a win, since I don’t really know how long the review process takes and there’s probably a monthly or quarterly lag between first sale and first pocketable dollar.

As for the game itself? No idea yet.

MiniLD progress, part II

Saturday, September 18th, 2010 3:03 pm

I’ve thrown out everything I had the other night and decided to restart this afternoon.  Here’s the design so far:


Presumably, we’ll have four colours of gem, I haven’t decided yet.  I have decided that there shall be bullet hell bosses, though.

Yes, I’m aware it’s been done before, I don’t care, I <3 shmups :).

Also, if any of you are at SuperHappyDevHouse in Mountain View, California, stop in and say hello! I’m in the Saturn conference room upstairs.

Mini-LD #21 – Statement of ineligibility

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 1:19 am

Yep, I’m a-goin’ for it. However, I’m breaking the rules in two important ways:
1) I’m blithely ignoring the theme and doing double zombie rainbows instead (see my comments in the announce thread for why fear really needs more time to do it justice).
2) instead of 48 hours of calendar time, I’m doing 48 hours of compute time.

I am timelapsing this, and there is a clock visible in the display to accurately assess how long it takes. I’ll be pausing the clock when I’m not at my station (due to shopping, being stuck at my day job, etc).

As usual, I’ll be working in Allegro 4.4, and possibly AllegroGL, with GIMP, Milkshape, MilkyTracker and SFXR rounding out the tool suite.

I have some vague bullet hell ideas, and some kawaii/moe chibi zombie girls bouncing about in my head – should be fun!

Yes, it’s true.  I’m dropping out of the contest, due to schedule conflicts.

So close, too!  Here’s what I had cooking:


At this point, we’re about 60% into feature completion – the enemies, bullets and level progression still remain, but they’d have been doable within about four hours, I think.

I will definitely complete it in time for the jam, though, where everyone will forget about it among the many much more visually appealing Flash and Unity titles. :)

What was supposed to happen:

Contrived Storyline:

It’s the year 21XX, and after a war with robots, environmental ruin and famine, the remaining humans are being hunted down and purged by the machines.  The title refers to the fact that the protagonist is the last living human in his village, and they have, in fact, come for him/her.

Legend has it that, somewhere away from town and across the desert where the machines won’t venture, due to the risk of overheating, is the last remaining enclave of human civilization, and they’re looking to bolster their numbers and launch one last counteroffensive.  The protagonist, having few other options, has decided to cast his lot in with them, and must escape the robot sentries that are patrolling his/her ruined village.

The robots are impervious to attack by anything our unnamed hero has access to, but can be damaged by each other, and in fact, our hero can use this to their advantage by teasing the sentries to entice them to fire their phaser, then ducking.  Because the sentries’ head-mounted turrets cannot aim up or down, it is possible to trick sentries into killing one another, thus increasing the chances of escape.

The humans have erected force field machines in places that can severely damage inorganic material, and the toxic atmosphere can react with human skin such that it takes on some of the characteristics of metal, such that touching the force field could be fatal for humans, too, but fortunately, in the chaos of the raid on the ruined city, human nutrient capsules were strewn about, and eating these should sufficiently protect the hero from the negative side effects of the force fields.


Get to the exit any way you can, including, but not limited to, tricking the robots into shooting each other.  Any touch from a robot or its phaser bolt is instantly fatal, and you’ll be forced to restart the level.

The exit is locked until you’ve collected a certain number of chits, at which time, it’ll visually change from red to white.

Things learned:

  1. starting from scratch with no basecode: adds a LOT of time pressure, but very doable (if you don’t care about good coding practices, comments, readability or maintainability) and oddly, kind of fun.
  2. the accuracy of a homebrew platformer engine varies inversely with proximity to the deadline.
  3. don’t eat a big plate of brisket, it will make you sleepy (well, duh!).
  4. faking greyscale in 16-bit colour is a bad idea (greenish cast in some parts of the display).
  5. Allegro 4.x, DirectDraw overlays in a window and Aero don’t mix (apparently – I don’t have Win7 myself, so I’m basing this on reports from IRC)

I’ll post another playable before leaving for the ice rink.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 1:53 am

theyvecomeforme-progress-2Finally, we’re getting somewhere.

I don’t know if it’s finishable in the time allotted, but this is DEFINITELY better than my past attempts, and it’d be very doable by the jam deadline, at least.

A real playable, this time: http://yetanotherbrokenlink.net/game-assets-transfer/ld48-18_build_2.zip

Can’t draw? No problem!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 10:14 pm

Simply hide the fact that you’re art-challenged behind bad lighting.


Please watch this thread for a link to a first playable (win32 only at the moment, sorry).

Honey! Dinner’s ready!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 8:02 pm

Yes, the label on the hot sauce does say 'Satan's Sweat'.Just ate this.

Ah, finally, some progress.

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 4:34 pm
...took longer than I wanted to, art is horrid, buuuuuut I'm that much closer to actually completing something.

...took longer than I wanted to, art is horrid, buuuuuut I'm that much closer to actually completing something.

This has kind of taken longer than I wanted it to, since I’ve started with just Allegro, GIMP, SFXR and Milky Tracker. I thought I’d try going from scratch without any basecode at all, just for kicks.

Still, the finish line is in sight.

Next to be added: the protagonist, and the ability to control him/her

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