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Time to post something

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 10:04 pm

Hi party people, Wallace here.

I’m making a game too, in some king of spare time and by my own, the tools I use is:

Flash CC
Flash Develop
A gameboy with LCDJ

This name doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s playable. A minimalistic-fast-endless-exploration RPG.


Don’t ask, even I don’t understand.

– Yout character is the smaller one;
– With mouse clicks you have to guide it to the similar form;
– The level is procedurally generated;
– Player have HP (and take damage)
– There’s a timer to finish each level (I record without it)
– Have some cool flat motion design, but I want to improve it more

What’s next

– Enemies (tangram style)
– Potions
– Swords (elementary types – each one change something in the environment and can help in a fight)
– Music, SFX and sync with the timer of the game
– A name?
– Tutorial

PlanetoLution – A Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Sunday, May 4th, 2014 5:36 pm

[ Original post with videos and audio, here > http://www.piritubano.com/2014/05/04/planetolution-a-postmortem/ ]

Yeey! Ludum Dare 29! Explosive Planets!

I was thinking don’t participate in this one, not because I don’t want, but because I’m with too many things to do in this weekend – girlfriend at home, have to work on sunday, an app to finish to the next week… my feeling is the game will not happen.

But in the shower on friday – aways on the shower – I have a vision. I was thinking in experimental games, telling some kind of history, but this one hits me in the face like I was his bitch. I decided to explode planet on the shower.

The idea was a simple gameplay, nice effects, a visual flat-pixel-like, a music maded with DrumPads on my tablet. KISS.

So I started the development. I also recorded eight of twelve hours of my work. You can check it here if you want.

What’s went right?

The idea: It born in my mind like I was the Choosen One. Sharbel was surprised with the game idea (this is very rare to happen), and when I release it this is the major opinion.

The graphics: I really don’t know why, but I think it’s because the game have a intro. The intro show how the graphics are like that, so I think people like it.

The time: I don’t suffer with the time, acctually I made it very relaxing. Works perfectly. Someday I’ll put some energy on a Ludum Dare to see what I can do in these days.

The music. I make my second music in gamejams. And it’s not suck. \o/

What’s went wrong?

The gameplay: I could’t evolve it very much. If you focus on one planet, you win.

The balance: I doesn’t do it. So if you try to maintain two planets, you will suffer. If you on one, you’re immortal.

The post-compo: I don’t have time to take a good care of it, make it better because I was in a very complicated week.

But I don’t thinking in give up the game. Probably I’ll take some day in next week to work on it. It’s not so hard, I was make the sound effects, some basic music, and now I was thinking in add some animations (like when the played reaches some milleniuns the planets show something in that era), put some mechanics to make the game hard, and export it to mobile (because I was thinking on mobile all the time).

COCAINE – Text-based game Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Saturday, December 21st, 2013 12:56 pm


In this post I’ll present to you how I take the decision of make this game, how I deal with (many) problems, why I enjoy the results and what is my next steps after my participation Ludum Dare 28.

But you can play the game here first

Cocaine by @stigmawall


Everything! I decide to participate in Jam mode, but I want to participate in Compo. A programmer want to participate with me and them I decide to call one friend who is a artist to help us with the assets.

After our brainstorm, we decide to make a game about Trust. In the game you can trust only in one person, and the idea of the game is make the player survive in the middle of a bunch of assassins wanting more money.

The idea comes from the programmer, and unfortunelly he decide to give up in the second LD day. The artist have issues with his PC, and start to work only in Sunday, and I take a day trying to write a story about trust with many choices. Sounds hard even when you try to imagine such a thing. The wost thing in my opinion is the programmer don’t warn anyone about he’s give up. So the artist take all the Sunday night to make the characters sprites… and we can’t use it.

My first failure was let the theme be accepted (my sugestion involoving beer), and after I make it harder in the game mechanics. The withdrawal of the programmer is expected, so I made a plan B: a text-based game with my script done.

My second failure is that I’m not a good writer. I can tell some stories but not using only words, specially in english. This game makes me training my english a little, but I believe it was too earlier to make a text-based game like this. At least I’ll try to write more stories.

And finally, people don’t like to read, and I write a lot in this game. My story have this problem: have too text and nothing seen very important. I will try to improve this storytelling ability.



The visual for a text-based is AWESOME, i admit it. This experience I got from another game that I made in September, which this same developer let this job to me to do and take vacations.

You can play it here, but it’s only in Portuguese

This experience help me a lot in the visual concepts and ideas. I also have to say thanks for my girlfriend and his sister to help me with the intro video. The video gives to the game a good visual effect that I particularly like in the Start Menu.

With the grammatical errors, I have the help of @TomoAllTheWay, a nice guy who make the copywriting for me. I also have the help of Christina Nordlander to some basic errors that I let it pass. Advices about how the story fails in trying to give the player care with the characters was received too and I want to study more about this technique.

But one think that surprise me a lot it was Twine. This text-based engine is so good to make games, that I take two days to learn it and do the game. I also learn how to use the CSS to control the background and how to improve the game with audio. There’s a lot of things on the internet that you can use with Twine to make a better visual to your game.

The most important lesson that I learned in this LD is: the game sometimes can reflect the reality you live. I try to trust in someone to make a game with me. I let another programmer out of the group to let this one make the development as he want, and yet he doesn’t. I let he decide the theme, and yet he simply give up. Meanwhile when I need someone to make a video in Sunday night, my girlfriend make it. When I need a copywriting Tomo decide to help me. In his work. Choose wisely when you gonna trust in your jobs.



Christmas, New Year’s promisses and a lot of work to do in January. I’ll decide my path and simply do it. And you, play the game. It’s harder to do this text-based game than you think.

Mini Hero – Postmortem + Walkthrough

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Friday, May 3rd, 2013 2:33 pm

Vote here

My game is a minimalistic puzzle game where we tell a history of a little boy called Ted, trying to make a better world around him with the imagination.

We receive in our page great reviews, and the most good thing is the surprise of the game be so polished. It’s because we fix in the idea that the game have to be something minimalistic at all, not only in the graphics, but also in the gameplay, and even in the story.


Select S.A. First Impressions

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Friday, March 1st, 2013 4:00 pm

Hello folks, today i’ll post a beginning project that I’m working in this last month. They’ll call SELECT S.A., and will be a mix of Missile Command… with reverse screen.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good definition.

The project born in the Ludum Dare with the theme “You are the villain”, and after the event i started the planning, script, test and everything else. In this month I start to code it in AS3 (same code that I used in the LD) and i’m thinking about make this game in Unity because he doen’t work fluently in old android phone.

Alright, that’s not a excuse if the game needs power of processing… but the fact is: the game doesn’t need too many power.

I just think to make this changes after i see the game Gunslugs work very smoothly in my smartphone (an Xperia X10 from 2009). If they make all of the game so nicelly, I have to make some at least similar in my game too, but the fact is: it will be a spend of time. So, I’ll finish this one in as3, and the next ones in UNity or other mobile languages.

Here i’ll let some images of the game until now.



Ludum Dare 25 – You Are The Villan – They stole 10 hour from me

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:52 pm

Hey you!!! Yeah you!! Click in me to vote and give a feedback about my game, and also win one billion dollars, and don’t need to use viagra in your life, and make love with Kim Kardashian, and learn how to dance Hammer Time as Neo learn photoshop.

Or click here to go to the game first. :)


Greetings, my friends. Wallace again to post my relatory about my LD game… but this time I don’t have f#ck|ng nothing to show. 😐

Not really NOTHING, but this sunday I was called to work, soo that’s explain the title. Usually sundays is very quiet in the work, but not this one, I’d leave my job at midnight. I almost don’t send the game and I’m very pissed off about it… but i make some graphics, sended the game, and I believe it’s ok for now.

The first think I have to show is about how shiny and happy people plays the game:

people2 people1

Whoo hoo! Ok, enought talk, let me show some…


As my first experience in pixel art, I used the Paint.NET app for drawing (very recomended for people who has great abilities to draw… but don’t). With this tool, i maded the first earth of my game – it’s a city scenario:


And I made this little guy here =>char1 to make the people walk “around” the earth. In that case, this strange island.

For now, I’ll rest a little and then work in this game a little more. The objective is make the game beautiful and running in mobile phones.

I’ll finish to compose the song as well, and made anothers. I have a story to put in the game too, and a very funny one (with the goat as a leeder).

You can play the game clicking here, or vote in my game here. Your vote is very important to me. Seriously.

Hope everybody have fun in this Ludum Dare as I have. See ya.

Ludum Dare 25 – You Are The Villan – GameDesign, Ballance and SFX

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 2:39 am

Last version HERE… just click it… yeah with the left mouse… yeaaaah good boy/girl/marcian, click the link, click it.. go. I’ll give one million dollars who’s clicking here…ok I’ll not.

Greetings, my friends. Wallace here again. Now i have a second version of my game to show.


Getting a lot of game design ideas to realize how the drill can be stopped by the planet guys, I search results, and with the help of my friend Sharbel i get a idea: You can play as Missile Command. (actually Diogo sayed that idea too, but he thinking about “save the world” theme).

So i started my game/level design/ballance, until I reach something good (not perfect.. yet). Now you can shoot bombs like Missile Command, but you can hit only the kamikases who’s attacking you, not the planet.As the drill will get closer, more and more kamikases will attack, and when they hit you, the drill returns a little and you lost life (the red bar at the top of the screen). So, you have to put the drill in the planet and hang on until all the civilians die to win.

So after do all this stuff I decide to pass to something that i never do before…




That’s something that I wanna learn before… how they made that chiptunes awesome songs… but i have only a comple of hours to learn and do all my sounds. So, I decided to use the tool http://www.bfxr.net/ to make the sound fx. Based on that 8Bit sound, I get the MilkyTracker app and spend all this night (in Brazil it’s 7:30 am and i don’t sleep nothing ) learning how to use the app and making the music. I like the results (for the first music ever).

After put it all my game, i receive a feedback from my girlfriend about a need to How to Play, and a bug. I fix the bug, and now i’m going to bed.

This sunday will be horrible because i have to go to work… AND work. Fucking shit. But at least just need graphics, a start screen and some better ballance.

Ludum Dare 25 – You Are The Villan – Codding and GameDesign

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:58 am

Last version HERE… just click it… yeah i know you wanna it.. c’mon, click it.
Hi party people, Wallace again. Everybody is enjoying this event? I simply love it!

I’m here you some news about my game. Look it how… i made something, hehehehe.
The concept idea you can check in my first post here:



Now, after a good lunch I finish a replayable game code.  I develop the drill control, the kamikases behavior, they attacks, and the damage that the planet takes when the drill enter in the world. Develop the HUDS for Game Over and For You Win screens, and the game reset. Also a also a link for boring people who don’t like it.

How to play this think?

You press the DOWN button to move down the drill. The drill have to destroy the world before the kamikases destroy you (you have a Lifebar in the top left of your screen).

You can check it in the link bellow – and please, if you see something wrong or want to tell some idea, just say it. 😀

(Please have a Flash 11 installed)

Ludum Dare 25 – You Are The Villan – Concepts and Prototype

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 11:03 pm

Hi everybody, Wallace here and i’ll show some codes and graphics made until now.

FIrst, after think in something like the Master System game Tom and Jerry The Movie, I have another idea: join the concept of villan with some criticism about some brazilian politicians. So the game until here is about exploration.

For the development I’m using Flash Develop + Starling framework by the way.

So i wrote a initial idea from the main game screen:



And then I draw and code it.


The kamikases is alive, and that thing (it is not a giant penis, it’s a drilling machine) work as well.  The giant red thing it’s a star spaceship.

Sleeping now, tomorrow I walk a little more.

Post-Mortem: Epic Robot Battle for Territory

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 5:36 pm

Hello, everybody. My name is Wallace Morais, a.k.a. Wakko, and I want to talk about the development of my Ludum Dare 23 game ERBT.

You can play/rate/coment here (and please, do it: I´ll explain later)

As you can see, I made simple graphics and a simple gameplay to control two chars, and made two planets too, just to set more victory possibilities. Also I put itens like Mines and square beans. No sound, unfortunately. It´s because my 48 hour to Ludum Dare turn into 24h. I worked on sunday.

But I really enjoy the results, yesterday my friend @sharbelfs send to me a game called Ra Ra. A simple planet battle (simplier, but finished at all). And I really love it. Love it so much that I think: why I not finish my game?

Well, I ´ll talk now about the development, and I wanna conclude if the game is good enough to finish and release in some Kongregate, or not.


What went right?


A simple and addicting idea. Every tester enjoy the game a little, the items and the humor it´s a differential.

The platform, I love work on flash, so the development fluid easily.

The graphics (at least the inicial ones). I like the idea of “square world”, “square people” and something.

The gameplay, because one of the idea it´s stimulate the competition with two players close.

The concept and the design, because the initial idea are huge, and I cut a little here, a little there, and got the game finished.

The game run. That´s a achievment. :)


What went wrong?


Wakko VS The World: Saturday the brazilian internet service NET just stop and I lost my connection. (thank you, NET). Sunday and even monday the internet was off.
[ How you send the game? ] In my work on sunday. I just do a little better graphics, a menu explanation on sunday and send the game.

Let me be clear that´s not a excuse to not finish the game entirelly. But i like the results.

Sooo simplier controls: they have a little problem, with the colisions,  with the laser physics, the fact the Mine explode only the planet, not the robot… some minor mistakes that affect the gameplay.

Not time to music and story, the history of the game I made in… I don´t know… 30 minutes, I think? It´s fun, but I really want make better graphics to generate a better ambient to the players.

What could be better?

I don´t know if Imust slept less, I participated of Global Game Jam two times, and in this two times I never finish a game, and never slept well. This time I took care of my healty, but I don´t know if this affects me better or worst. (that´s kind of sensation I feel beacause I had a short time, I think).
Anyways, my doubt is: Do you think I have finish my game?

Thank you very much, see ya guys!


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