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Procedural generation of SEED

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Friday, December 18th, 2015 9:57 am

Someone ask me if I use procgen to create my trees in SEED:


try it here!

Post compo of SEED is here!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 3:23 pm


Post compo verion of my LD34 entry is here

on gamejolt:

and itch.io:

But most importantly, come play and rate the pure original version here:

sweat and tiredness included!


Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 8:40 pm

My 4th LD compo is done!


I use both theme



play and rate!

I’m probably in!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 1:31 pm

Both kids are sick… Crossing my fingers that they will be ok in 7ish hours…

Construct 2
Bosca Ceoil or FL

4th compo!

L.O.V.E : before/after

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Thursday, May 7th, 2015 1:19 pm

During the first evening, I made a big mistake: of I forgot to prototype the heart of my game; the core mechanics. I ended up loosing at least 5 precious hours of work as my first prototype was not even interesting. Well… I could argue (with myself) that, without this first “rejected-child” prototype, I would never have had the second one. But still… there is a lot of small things we can do with 5+ extra hours in a game jam! But this is what postCompo is all about! A kind of “What if the theory of relativity had been diferent for me during those 48 hours?”. So:


You can come and see by youreself my essay on the theory of relativity and mesure all the small improvements from the compo to the postCompo version of L.O.V.E

And don’t forget to rate it! — it’s best to rate BEFORE playing the postCompo…. :)

L.O.V.E on GameJolt!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 10:17 pm

You can play the postCompo version on gamejolt

And why dont rate the compo version while you are here!


L.O.V.E post-compo

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 8:59 pm

-Less buggy!
-More optimised!
-More particules!
-Fuller fullscreen!

Play compo version here and rate!
Play post compo version here

L.O.V.E Walktrough

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Sunday, April 26th, 2015 7:57 pm

Since there’s a couple of puzzles in my LD, I made a walkthrough. There are some spoilers (well… it’s a walkthrough… ), but if you were stuck somewhere, you had a game ebraking bug, or it was too laggy on your browser, at least, you can have a wider view of the experience. And it only cost you 6 minutes of your time :)

Play/Watch and vote!


Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Friday, April 24th, 2015 10:43 am

Hi fellow LudumDarers,

Do you have some suggestions for recording webgl games et animated GIFs, I tried different softwares, but they doesn’t seems to work very well… Or at least, I don’t understand how to use them very well..

Any ideas?

L.O.V.E PostMortem Part 1: An Healthy GameJam!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 9:14 pm

Before going into the technical stuff, I want to share some of the things I have done that helps me a lot, a lot more that I would have thought.

First, I stumble on that Ted Ed video a couple of weeks ago:

In short, it tells you how bad it is for your body (and your brain) to sit for too long. I decided to change the way I work since then. That is, working upright. Not only it’s good for your health in the long term, but it really (and I mean REALLY) helps you to stay focused, awake and alert. Woking almost 17 hours straitght or more in one day is not normal, so you need all the small tips you can have to avoid loosing too much time on dumb bugs made while you were pseudo focus. To do so, I just move my laptop from my desk to my kitchen counter, helped with wooden wine boxes.


You should try it!

I also use my wall painted chalkboard that we made for my kids. It’s at least as useful as Trello (when working solo) or mindmap softwares and helps you change your eyes focus from time to time, which is perfect for avoiding headache and expose all your ideas, all at once!


Finally, take walks. Go outside for 15 mins, try not to think about your game. The subconscious is very effective to find solutions when you dare to let him work. Remember Archimedes and is Eureka? Einstein dreaming about riding a photon? Newton and this apple? Our conscious brain is powerful, but slow and singletasking, our subconscious though is ridiculously efficient. Sometime, it’s best to step aside and let him do the work…


btw, if “you wanna know what love is”, come and try my game!

I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 8:02 pm

Third LD!

Construct 2
PyxelEdit and my faithful old wacom
Bfxr and bosca ceoil
Something to make my kids sleep at night and sunny sky to make then play outside….

… Or I could make them sleep outside…. Hum……

My LD30 and LD31 on Kongregate

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 7:43 pm

It’s the post-compo version.


Super Cave In (LD31)

Astroz (LD30)

Super Cave In Post-Compo for Christmas!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Thursday, December 18th, 2014 9:33 am


Snowing in Montréal! So why not play some Super Cave In!


Arcade, at its core.

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 8:32 pm

With “entire game on one screen”, my first thought was to make an arcade game. The same kind of game that you could play during the golden age of the arcades. So, what’s the main difference between those arcade games and most of the PC/console games? If I think of games like PacMan, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, etc. most of the golden age games don’t have ending, they only become more and more difficult, fast, until it’s game over. From the first “PC” game, SpaceWar! the objectives of those games (non arcade games) were to simulate a complex environment that the player will eventually master to some degree, then he will win. It’s the same thing today. But in an arcade game, you can’t win. The only winning you will have is to put your name on the scoreboard. All the people on the scoreboard are all losers, but much less than people who are not on it… So, what is at the core of an arcade game: chaos. But not absolute chaos, only the progressive chaos perceived in the eyes of the player who will inevitably lose control.

I don’t know if I succeeded in making this kind of chaos in my game, but you should give it a try and tell me!



Super Cave In!

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 7:15 pm

I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @Spoutmorin)
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 8:42 am

for the second time!

Game Engine: 2d: Construct 2, 3d Unity c#
Art: 2d: PyxelEdit, 3D Qubicle, Blender, Inkscape
Audio: Bfxr, Audacity, BoscaCeoil, Soundnation, my beautifull voice

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