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Into games since childhood. Studying computer science since 2005.
I like coding in c++.

Searching for artists to work with in my region, since coders-art is all I do ;-)


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Im in!

Posted by
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 12:27 pm

I will code this weekend 😉


What I will use:

Code: Codeblocks as IDE c++ as language

Frameworks: SP-Game-Framework, Boost, STL

Sound: FL Studio

Graphics: Gimp and Inkscape


Prepare for coders-art and quick-and-dirty sounds and music 😉


My goal: Have a game with music and sound in it 😉

Legacy of Lavern – Post Mortem

Posted by
Monday, September 3rd, 2012 3:01 pm

Its some days after the Ludum Dare and I had some time to think about the development. As I wrote in the last post, I am happy that I finished it, but there is plenty of room for improvement.


The GUI design and graphics took me longer than expected, because I had to draw more stuff. This was because otherwise the player would not have sufficient information about the game state. A thing not to underestimate.

The player mechanics were a bit more complicated than expected. This took me also longer to implement. Especially the movement of enemies and the player together (speed, timings) took a bit longer. The tweaking, though still not perfect, took a long amount of time.


I was a bit faster with the map, since the game ended up being a bit shorter than expected.

I also cut away all sound, music and additional effects.


Lessons from this LD:

– Planning and re-planning is a very good way to reach the goal of finishing something

– Graphics can be more simple to save time for graphics

– Some gameplay elements should be optional and only be implemented when there is time


You can watch me programming the game on youtube:



I finished a game! Legacy of Lavern

Posted by
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 6:13 pm

No sounds, no music, no particle effects or other gfx. Story in the beginning is very short and without animation…


But still, it is an action RPG and its done. You can win the game (There is a bug which makes winning too easy though). I am very happy having implemented every mechanic I planned.


>> Play it on your Windows machine (best played with Xbox controller)  <<



If I would be more ‘awake’ I could spend 4-5 additional hours to make some sound effects and music. Maybe in the next weeks.

Timelapse and postmortem will follow tomorrow!


Good night and see you soon! Cant wait to play all these games. Some of the blogpost got my interest!

The cake is a lie

Posted by
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 7:48 am

Its a “Strudel” :-)

Some sort of apple-cake with vannilla ice cream on top. And a cup of coffe. Hot, black and tasty. :-)


Gooood morning! Breakfast time!

Posted by
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 12:23 am


Working on enemy movement is the next task: I need a good breakfast first!

Day one is over

Posted by
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 2:09 pm

Before I tweak a bit of the mechanics and go to bed, here is the latest screenshot of my action rpg:



Basic mechanics are working. The enemies are not yet hostile and still immortal, but that will change tomorrow. Sounds and a complete tilemap will be created tomorrow. Experience gain and levelup already works. Controlling the game with an Xbox360 controller also works.


I have a funny story in mind to tell in the beginning. Will add a small script and some still images tomorrow to tell this story.


Good night and have fun making games!

Dinner time

Posted by
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 12:29 pm

This is what I had for dinner on saturday:




Different styles of cheese with bread.

A character of my game

Posted by
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 8:46 am

I am still searching for a good title :-)


Planning … Evolution, baby!

Posted by
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 12:59 am

Last 2 hours were pure paper-work to flesh out the idea and to create a schedule for creating this game.

Will be a thight schedule. Should be possible to finish in compo time.


Let’s start with evolution

Posted by
Friday, August 24th, 2012 10:44 pm

Very nice theme. But first a deskphoto for motivation :-)




I will have a small breakfast first and then I will write down my ideas.


Have fun!

I’m in!

Posted by
Monday, August 20th, 2012 3:00 am

Hi developers,


it’s LD time again. I am preparing to participate.


Language: C++
IDE: Code::Blocks
Graphics: Gimp, Inkscape
Audio: FL Studio
Extra Libraries: SP Game Framework


Can’t wait to see the theme. I want to write a small techdemo-like-game as a proof of concept.

I will build the theme into this in some way :-)

Jam this time…

Posted by
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:29 pm

Since my game needs some sounds and some levels and still has a collision-bug I will enter Jam.

I hope to finish it tomorrow. Need some sleep right now :-)


Here is the latest screenie, eventually with graphics 😉

Another screenie with bullets

Posted by
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 9:39 am

Writing the last bits of code…

Need to be done:

  • Some Graphics (Yes, really…)
  • Particles
  • Sounds
  • Work on the music
  • Code Polishing (some bugs still there)
  • Creating a camera-class for a better display of everything


And this is the screenie:

My first screenshot

Posted by
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 6:22 pm

After working on code for a platformer (still not working properly) I coded more of the game mechanics.

Still not everything done (I am 4 hours behind schedule right now), I will need to cut features…


But I want to show the first screenie:



I am sleeping right now….

Deskphoto and Foodum :-)

Posted by
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 12:09 pm

Pizza time



Idea :-)

Posted by
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:19 am

So, finally I have my idea written down and designed a proof of concept level (see photo). This level inherits all game mechanics of the game and will be coded in the first 11 hours of my time. The rest of my available time (14 hours) will be polishing graphics, soundeffects, music and level design. Minimum will be 4 levels, I hope I can come up with at least 8 levels to play. There will be a highscore-list (worldwide, via web) 😉



Next steps:

  • Divide and Conquer (Break the Coding into chunks, write them on card, guess the time needed)
  • Coding frenzy 😉
  • Lunch! (“That’s ma lunch!”  ^^ )

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