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ShiftBall is finished… kind of.

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 8:12 pm



And that’s a wrap! Well at least the most important aspects of the game. The art and menus are completly finished, the base of the game is also finished and playable, the idea worked great at the end and is super fun to play (or so we think), but we still need to finish it as a whole package, uniting what our two programmers did (the menus and the gameplay part), and making it so that you can have a full 2vs2 player match. So at the end of the day, sadly is not a full game still, even if all the individual parts are finished.

We also didnt have a lot of time to do a good audio work, and we would like a good soundtrack and SFX or when we finish the game.

The music in the build was done by waterflame: http://waterflame.newgrounds.com/

So we are going to work all this rest of the week in the post compo to finish everything and complete it as a whole playable package.

In the meantime here you have a build. The build consists only in one playable area with your playable character (orange) and the rival (blue). You can hit him (with all the moves planned in the game, slide, punch, divekick…) and turn him into a ball, catch the ball and throw it around hitting the lasers surrounding the field. The game was made on Unity.


Here you have the two tutorial screens planned for the menu, were you can see the rules of a 2vs2 match and all the moves at your dispossal.Tutorial1D


The whole team is super sad we could not finish the whole game for the jam, but at least we are happy thinking we had a great idea to out of it and that we can finish it into a really fun game.

Here is a screen of the build:

Screen Build

And here are some screens of the character slect screen nd the credits:

SeleccionPjD CreditosD


ShiftBall Character Designs

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 1:28 pm

Our character designer, Lauren Eavle, has finished the 4 playable characters from our sports game. The shoulders, as you have noticed, look a little bit like Samus, but of course if you get hit too many times in this game, you turn into the playable ball so the rival can score a goal.

Only two teams are available, as we dont have more time to add any more, but I think they look great!

The orange team are The Charging Bulls

Eileen Rodriguez Lars Lundstrom

The blue team are The Crazy Vikings

Brynjar Gunvaldsson Mister Hightower


This is our game idea: Shift Ball!

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 5:06 am

So we are 5 people in our group, we are going pretty well with time right now.
The first night we designed the document for the game and did the brainstorming throwing some ideas. At the end we got with one we were pretty happy to theme it around the shape shifting theme (although we didnt really like the theme when it appeared and there where a few minutes hating the guts of it lol).

So we created the shapeshifting element into a brawling futuristic sports game (2 vs 2 multiplayer game) where you have to change the rival by converting him into a ball (something similar to Samus’ morphball) and trying to get to the yard of your oppenent, fight and shapeshift the rival again to score (something similar to Nidhogg about trying to fight your way to your rival’s field).

Yesterday was the programmers (our old friend Robert, who we work in various projects with him, and a new friend we meet at the EGX rezzed last week, Antonio, who wants to finish this already to go an play some Dark Souls 3 lol) works of working with the camera movements and characters animation, while the artists, me included, worked creating the world, characters (created by my good friend and excellent artist, Laura, and I love them!) and menus (although mostly mockups). The pixelart is done by another good friend of mine, and another excellent artist (he was the pixelartist and animator of Gods will be Watching), Jon.

Today we will start to change the mockups into the real game, and we will test with the programmers the real game to see if its any fun to play (thats the thing we most fear which might make everything coming down from our happy go lucky state of liking how things are working now at the moment). If we add some type of AI so people can play alone can also create some problems.
That and the music, that we dont really have anyone at the moment. (if anyone wants to participate dont hesiate to send me a message ;))

So this are 2 mockups, one for the main menu, and another is the play field (the center section, then is the field yard of each team with different platfoms placement helping the defending team). Then theres some pixelart of the playable characters, although they could change a little as they were made before we designed the characters.
Everything will be transformed into pixel art.



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Hope everyone is having a good Ludum Dare!

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