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Present & Future – PostMortem.

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 4:49 am


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The LD30 is over, and I’m quite tired because this time i participated alone and made huge mistakes managing my time. In the end i have created something interesting but not very playable at all.  That the reason why i wanted to write this postmortem now my ideas are fresh and i clearly know what went right and what went wrong 😛


What went right : IDEA & GRAPHICS

The theme & goal: My first idea for the “connected world” theme was a time connection involving our own planet. It quickly evolved and included some enviromental concerns and climate change awareness. I sticked to it and im happy with the idea and its implementation.

The graphics: After polishing my idea, i had to pick a style. Since I worked alone this LD, I quickly decided for flat low poly style, which is a good decision.

The terrain editor & procedural effects: It works well and im quite happy with the result. I can color vertices depending on some factors and i also can raise and lower water level. It is enough to generate some climate change effects.


What went wrong: TIME MANAGEMENT

The graphics:  Yes, graphics also went wrong because its implementation consumed most of the time, and it is a huge mistake. The reason is im a bit greedy and exigent and it’s my first time using 3D. So….. i decided to make a spheric procedural deformable terrain.  Yeah, fuck logic, i should have stick to conventional horizontal terrain. I started to fight with 3D maths, meshes, vertices, shaders, etc… and quickly it become a tough war which consumed all my time.

The gameplay: My main idea was a “god simulator” where you can build and populate your present world. Then, depending on the balance of the resources you used, some climate change and world destruction would happen to show you the future consequences of your creation. In the end I hadn’t time to implement this desired gameplay, so I ended putting 4 buttons just to show some of the planned effects (there was more designed, but far more complex to implement).

The GUI & the sound: None. I had to put some unity ugly GUI during last 10 mins just to have something i could upload. The sound was even less fortunate.



I’m very happy because i’ve learnt a lot. I’ve never touched 3D before and now i have a basic knowledge and i’ve lost my fear to it. Also, now i have a code-base to build a funny “god simulator” without the pressure and time restrictions of the Ludum Dare.

Still, i need to learn to manage time way better. Hope the next time i can make a complete playable game. Cya!


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