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Hey =)

Sucess! First game I’ve made for Ludum Dare and also the first game I published on the web for people to play it like that. It’s a game where you find yourself in a tiled room where the tiles come up and kill you or serve to you as platforms to jump higher and collect points and power ups.

I tried to make it in a minimalistic way and I was inspired by these casual but harcore games which demands the player reflexes and dedication, it has 10 lvels and I’m happy with the results, even if the game has a few flaws.

The game: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=25516


The song I picked up on newgrounds from ParagonX9, I did the proper references on him, although I’m not that sure if I could have used it on Ludum Dare even if I’m not competing in the audio competition. If not, please let me know and I will upload the game without music, I wish I had time to have made something myself, but well, all the rest demanded a lot of work so I couldn’t finde more time.

Made in the 72 hours, but tried not to overwork it, so I kept the simple idea and just worked on its fundamentals to make the game fun, trying to polish what I could. I hope you enjoy it =)

And thank your for all the people who submitted games, the ones I’ve played so far are very nice games and are actually a good teaching experience on game design and development for me =)

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