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I am a professional software architect, part-time game developer, and ex-musician. I have lots of interests, but my main passion is for games and game development.

In my spare time, I'm developing an 3D parkour, stealth and hacking game called Subnet with my indie games studio, Nineteen Stone Ninjas (www.nineteenstoneninjas.com).

I also host @ResonanceArcade - a show / podcast all about games and game development (www.resonancearcade.com).

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CharnHell was uploaded on time!

Posted by (twitter: @NineteenNinjas)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 1:59 am

Phew! My first ever game jam is over, and also my first ever game has been published! I have to be honest – it feels good!

CharnHell is a top-down, local co-op brawler-cum-king of the hill style game, where you are forced to fight another poor soul for the amusement of the devil. You must chase the light in order to win, whilst beating off hordes of enemies – with no less than the body parts of your fallen enemies!

We managed to get the game to a good point by 2am, and spent about 30 minutes packaging it up, uploaded, then hit the hay. Considering I’ve spent the last 2 years developing my other game project, putting a game together in 72 hours sounds completely insane, but we did it! There are definitely some bugs in there (players / enemies sometimes spawn inside walls, sometimes throwing doesn’t work, there are some slight balance issues, and we didn’t have time to test the Mac or Linux builds), but overall we’re really happy with how things turned out.

A massive thanks goes out to my friend Lew, whom I worked very closely with the make this game happen; our good friend Ozy, who has provided the music for the game (though he doesn’t know it yet!) as we didn’t have time to create our own; our stream followers for their ongoing support (you know who you are!); and my lovely wife, who supplied us with a steady supply of tea and bacon butties!

We’ll have a time-lapse of the game development up soon too – until then, please check out our game and vote! I’ll be making sure I spend some time this week playing and rating other people’s games too.


screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

Day 2 progress on CharnHell

Posted by (twitter: @NineteenNinjas)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 6:48 pm

Phew! Day 2, and we’ve finally got some aesthetic together. It’s turned out to be a King of the Hill type game – with the orange light you see being the “hill”. The longer a player stands under it, the brighter their colour shows up – the player to stand under it for the most time wins!

Most of the basic weapons are also in place now, though we haven’t yet worked out the “carry” mechanism; that’s one of tomorrow’s tasks, along with getting the AI into the game, finishing off the audio (music and announcer), UI, and final gameplay tweaks. We have tons more ideas, but only another 24 hours to implement them, so we’re going to get what we can in before then!

Here’s a screenshot of our progress 😀

As always, if anyone is interested, we are streaming our progress on http://www.twitch.tv/resonancearcade and http://www.hitbox.tv/resonancearcade



See you all tomorrow!


Just starting day 2

Posted by (twitter: @NineteenNinjas)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 4:21 am

We made lots of progress yesterday on our LD Jam game, CharnHell. A lot more than we thought, actually!

  • Got the basic local 1 and 2 player movement working (keyboard + pad – though we have a bug with XBox Pads in Unity to do with them swapping around arbitrarily :|)
  • Added a powered dash mechanic
  • Put most of the player animations together and created the animation controllers
  • Worked on a “grappling” mechanic; when players meet each other (and neither are holding an object), they can grapple – the winner runs away, the loser is dazed (leaving them vulnerable)
  • Put some basic follow AI together
  • Put a basic arena together – we intend to procedurally generate, but might not get there for the Jam
  • Agreed on a hell of a lot of the game mechanics – now we just need time to do them!

Here’s a little gif of the work in progress:


We’re streaming our progress live on http://www.twitch.tv/resonancearcade and http://www.hitbox.tv/resonancearcade

Really enjoying my first game jam! Glad we decided to do the 72hr jam though, as we’re gonna be struggling to get everything we want in the game in there by the end of today!

We’re up, streaming, and working on our game – CharnHell!

Posted by (twitter: @NineteenNinjas)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 2:59 am

Hey guys. We’ve started on our game and we’re streaming live on Hitbox and Twitch.

Our game is a top down local co-op 2D brawler-type-thing that we’ve (just!) named CharnHell. We’re currently working on the movement and AI, and will be implementing a cool “unconventional weapon system” in the game soon.

The premise of CharnHell is that the player’s are stuck in limbo, between hell and earth, and are pawns of the devil; they must fight each other, and accumulate enough points by killing the other player enough times, and various AI enemies to be released from hell. This won’t be easy though – there are only a certain number of points available in each match, and to win, a player must have a significant portion of them.

Looking forward to getting this out!

First timer

Posted by (twitter: @NineteenNinjas)
Sunday, April 12th, 2015 3:17 am

Very excited for next weekend – it’s my first game jam, and my mind is overflowing with ideas – especially now the theme voting has started (I’ve voted – though I’m happy with any of the themes). I’ve been developing a 3D game in my spare time for about 2 years (I know, I know!); not far off being able to release a demo, but excited to give myself a tight deadline in order to actually get something out the door.

I’m doing the 72hr jam with my good friend Lew (he’s bringing his PC over for the weekend, and we’re taking the Monday off work), but we’ll be creating all our own assets. I’m a programmer and musician, he’s mainly an artist and web dev, but also does a bit of music and indie dev in his spare time (he recently participated in Speccy Jam and placed a Top 3 pick with his game Moon Unit Z: http://www.speccyjam.com/speccyjam2winners/).

I’ve set up a git repo and started looking at game mechanics for the type of game we’re going to be doing. We’re in the UK, so the theme announcement is at 2AM on the Saturday morning. We’re pretty old, so we might be in bed by then… so I’m not sure when we’ll actually start on the game, hah!

We’re also going to try streaming game development on our show / podcast channel, and may even take donations for Child’s Play Charity during the jam. Not intending to spam, but if you’re interested in watching, sub to www.twitch.tv/resonancearcade, www.hitbox.tv/resonancearcade, or check out our website www.resonancearcade.com.

For those interested, we’re looking at doing a 2D game in Unity 3D. Professionally I program in C#, so Unity is my engine of choice. We’ll probably be using Photoshop for graphics, and we’ll be doing the music with a combination of live samples (I used to run a recording studio, so I have lots of gear ready to use) and MIDI / MOD samples and loops. I use Cubase and Audition – not sure what Lew uses for his chip tunes, but we’ll work something out!

Good luck to everyone! I’m really busy with Real Life at the moment, but I’m going to try and get involved on the LD website a bit more than just as a casual observer this week!

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