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Slow progress and having a bad flu :(

Posted by (twitter: @gsarwohadi)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:13 am

Struggling to get dungeone finished in time while having a terrible flu is just terrible. I’m beginning to doubt I’ll be able to finish the game, unless some serious feature cutting. Anyway, just got the pathfinding and FOV done:


Project “DungeONE” haha.. yeah, it’s kinda cheesy name

Posted by (twitter: @gsarwohadi)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 8:33 am

This is my second LD and will still be developed using HTML5. This time I’m planning to use Phaser (http://phaser.io) and integrated it with ROT.js (https://github.com/ondras/rot.js) for the front end. While the back end (what back end? on that latter ;)), will be using NodeJS and some libraries (expressjs, ntwitter, etc).

DungeONE is about a roguelike where you explore a dungeon with one: weapon, armor, life and character. Dead characters will be permanently dead and other players will be able to see their tombstone and loot their stuff. This is why I’ll need some backend to save the stuff on a database. You’ll still be able to create new characters with your twitter account (why twitter account? well, I’m thinking to add some sort of simple social mechanic, but not entirely sure how it will be implemented regarding gameplay). To make this interesting, I’m planning to allow some evolution or modification on the weapon or armor so players have options to loot or leave the grave behind. Still needs a lot of thinking and deciding as this is just the basic idea.

Anyway, the obligatory screenshot:

Picture 1

Successfully integrated ROTjs with Phaser, dungeons are generated randomly 😀

Edit: added URLs on links

FeistyForest – progress #2

Posted by (twitter: @gsarwohadi)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 10:59 pm

Plan is to provide several mechanics that will be randomly selected for the player to complete. Providing a basic of 5 mechanics, and escalate the difficulty via procedural. Each mechanic can only be completed for 10 seconds, and once completed will advance to the next randomly selected mechanic with a higher level of difficulty.

For example, there are mechanics A to E. The player enters the game and system randomly chooses a sequence of challenges, let’s say 10 with a sequence of mechanics: A-D-C-B-E-D-E-C-A-B. The first challenge will be level 1 with mechanic A, while the 9th challenge will be the same mechanic but on level 9 (more difficult).

I’ve finalized the list of mechanics available in game, which are:

  • Frogger-like mechanic. Riding hood need to get to the other side. Small streams filled with piranhas lurking to shred Riding Hood if wrongly jumps to the streams. Luckily there are logs floating about, with varying speeds. Player can only touch to make Riding Hood jump. Jumping to a log will make her continue, otherwise if she falls to the water or time ends, game over.
  • Riding Hood moves automatically left to right and needs to survive rolling boulders. Player can only touch to stop Riding Hood temporarily. Each stop switches directions (from left to right, vice-versa).
  • Defend the basket from hoards of bears. Riding Hood stands to defend her basket for Grandma. The only way to defeat the hoarding bears is to throw food at them. Player touch + drag Riding Hood to set direction and throwing distance. Similar to AngryBirds but from top view. Bears that encounters food will return back home.
  • Sneak up past patrolling owls. Similar to mechanic #2, but this time Player touch to move Riding Hood upward, and release to stop. Owls move from left to right, with a range of view extending the owl sprite.
  • Climb up a hollow tree. Riding Hood only moves from left to right, and Player touch makes Riding Hood jump. Inside the hollow tree are ‘platforms’ for Riding Hood to jump to the top of the tree.

Currently 3 working prototypes of the 5 mechanics are done. I feel this are still so many to do, with less time, since I’m juggling through family time as well (bad Daddy :D). I might pull an all-nighter tonight :(.

Here’s a screenshot of mechanic #1:

Jump away Riding Hood!

Jump away Riding Hood!

progress #1 on “Feisty Forest”

Posted by (twitter: @gsarwohadi)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 9:47 am

I’m gonna call my game “Feisty Forest”.

It’s about “Riding Hood” entering the forest once again to reach Grandma’s hut for cookies and whatnot. Along the way, she encountered the Forest Fairy that will open the way to Grandma’s hut if Riding Hood could survive Fairy’s 10 second challenges. Or else… she dies! *horror sfx goes here*.

The challenges will be procedural generated, with some guidance / rules. I’m also trying to limit interaction to just touch and only touch. For desktop users, don’t worry, you can use mouse click instead. Currently listed 3 challenges, and 1 challenge mechanic/prototype done.

In the meantime, here’s the current art for Riding Hood, the color palette and preliminary UI layout:


first ludum dare

Posted by (twitter: @gsarwohadi)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 9:15 pm

First timer here. Plan to join both Ludum Dare and Fight Magic Run game dev competition. Both start and end pretty close (Fight Magic Run ends earlier). Currently Fight Magic Run’s theme is Forest so I’m trying to come up a game idea that cross over both themes: 10 seconds and forest.

Tools I’ll be using:

  • Construct 2
  • Inkscape
  • Graphics Gale (maybe)

Idea: you’re lost in a forest and you’re being harassed by the Forest Fairy with these challenges to complete before leading way to home.

Let see how this goes…

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