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HeXor – Postmortem

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 6:31 am

First of all, if you haven’t tried the game, take a look at it!

The idea of making a team first appeared on the discord gamedev group. We all got hyped and a gigantic team was assembled. Of course, on the day before LD a lot of the members left.

The final team was composed of soso (the LD account we used), mahham (meee), odyssey and muddmaker. Yoohooyuzu (the artist) had some internet connection problems so we had to go with programmer art.

So it begins…

A few hours in we had the idea of making an RTS in which you, the immune system, fight a virus which wants to grow. The hex grid was in our minds all along. I (mahham) chose to make the hex grid work, since i fell in love with them a few years ago after reading this beautifully written article. I think i made it work in about an hour.

In the meantime, the others were working on entities. That code was horrible and we scratched it.

We later decided to refactor the hex code. After refactoring around 1/2 of the code, muddmaker left.

Soso and I worked on a hexagonal map and buildings. When muddmaker came online after a few hours, he got mad at us for not making a tower defense game. Wait a second… tower defense? We were making an RTS, right? Yeah, he misunderstood it. He left the team. So now we’re only 3 out of the original 8.

I’m not sure when, but around this time we changed the game from immune system vs biological virus to antivirus vs computer virus.

A very, very early demo of the troop AI

After that we finished the building base code (still no textures) and some basic troop AI:

Now we only needed more buildings, the virus AI and A LOT of tweaking. The buildings were slowly but steadily made.

I chose to make the virus AI. The first AI draft looked like this:

After a few hours of trying to make it work I realised it’s too hard, so I went for another AI idea, in which the virus will place buildings in order to get to a certain predefined configuration (always the same). That worked out pretty well, but it needed some tweaking. While I was working on the AI, soso made the shop work.

At the beginning of the third day, we had the basic game almost finished and I had to fake a disease in order to not go to school. After I finished the AI, soso said that we have no time for our own music so we instead went with using NCS music. He started working on the main menu and a popup that showed when a song started playing while I searched for some fitting music. I did a horrible job. The music was way too distracting for anyone to concentrate on the game, but I didn’t realise that until the jam was over.


Another problem that occured at the beginning was git. We weren’t familiar with it and the conflicts were hell, breaking the code EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.


And that’s all. Hope you liked the game 😉

HeXor[Entry Showcase]

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 11:18 pm


A Real Time Hexagon Tile Based Strategy Game

Hexor is a RTSHTBSG(totally legit genre) that lets the player command the fight beween a malware and an antivirus. Your job is to defend the hexagonal battlefield regain all the chips that were infected by the malware.

A typical pre-game situration.

Pre/Mid-Game siturations look like this.

Though we had many game breaking bugs and balancing issues, all of them were fixed in the 0.1.1 update so YOU are sure to get a bug free version of HeXor.

Click here to play and vote. I’ll be waiting for your critism.

We’re in!!

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 10:06 am

We’re in!

My first time participating in a Ludum Dare. Not the first time for the other guys in my team though.

Here the participants:

  • Sosolol261 (Programmer)
  • Mahham (Programmer)
  • Muddmaker (Programmer)
  • Odyssay (Programmer)
  • Fantos (Programmer)
  • Noobstep (Music/SFX)

Language: Lua
Engine/Framework: Love2D
Various Other Softwares

I hope this LD will be a good one!! May the better one win 😀

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