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I’m also in!

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 2:16 pm

So this should be my 4th Ludumdare?
Ludumdare 33,35,36 and now 37. Hopefully I don’t f*ck this up like my 33rd and 36th Ludumdare

Engine – Unity
Art – Gimp / Inkscape
Sound – Audacity
Music – Bosca Ceoil

Also I can take a “break” from my current Project ūüėÄ

Just tested the last version I uploaded for Ludumdare….

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 10:52 am

And it seems like I unticked the CameraFollow script… making the whole game unplayable… (Keeping in mind I had a version up and running, before updating it with a not working version)

So if anyone wants to play the “not” compo version here it is… -> So yeah since its after compo… I will release it as JamGame then, jai… Not really horrible as there is no rating ūüėÄ
And since I have now some sleep and can now think straight… The game is not good. Everything works (now) fine, but the design behind the crafting is just… meh.
At least I learned something out of it! I should sleep out on the first day, and find a good idea… Not just an idea which is okay.

The crafting just shouldnt be the core mechanic… in a jump’n’run…
At least it works I guess:
-Throw stick against rock and you get an axe and a spear.
-Throw axe against Tree and you get sticks and wood…
At least I tried it… and learned that its not the best of all ideas ūüėÄ


For the textures… its¬†absolutely an improvement to the last compo, which just consisted of blocks with varying colors. But it was a game which I liked/like to play.
And… yeah the theme was also stupid… (pointing fingers I know…)

Also, looking at the Gamejolt statistics, more people downloaded this game compared to Formorph from last Ludumdare which is kinda a shame :(…

If you still want to try it… Be my guest.¬†even though I would suggest playing Formorph instead… shameful self advertisement.


And thanks for the read ūüėÄ

Oh finally… I am finished… and now Bedtime!

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 5:29 pm

Here have fun, not my best creation so far. At least its web…



Play Now OhDeer


Dont judge me… I… I had to “test” something

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 2:10 pm

Oh Deer

Oh Deer…

Having so much fun with the crafting right now :D

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 6:46 pm


stick -> stone = axe & spear
axe -> tree = wood & sticks
animal -> fire = leather & steak
stone -> fire = oven
ironOre -> oven = Iron
stick -> iron = sword
stick -> leather = tent

steak -> Tent = baby
axe -> leather = clothes
iron -> clothes = armor
clothes -> baby = villager
sword -> villager = fighter
armor -> fighter = knight
armor -> baby = ???
sword -> ??? = !???!
wood -> tent = woodenHouse
stone -> woodenHouse = stoneHouse

stone -> stone = wall

Something went terribly wrong…

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 4:59 pm


Finally a break! And this time I actually add some art :D

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 2:04 pm

So finally I have a game concept which is actually “fun”. Now I am working on the Textures, because most features are already working!


… -.- Yes a lot of crafting

Still have no clue what to do :D

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 4:22 am

Im already 3 hours awake… and noting :(

lets see how it ends ;D

I’m also in :P

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Thursday, August 11th, 2016 5:07 pm

This will be my third Ludumdare and I’m looking forward to it.


  • Unity
  • Inkscape
  • Gimp
  • Bosca Ceoil


Also about to finish the game from the last Ludumdare… here a sneakpeak

Formorph Title




Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Thursday, May 19th, 2016 6:24 am

…when is the next Ludumdare ?

Art Update for Formorph #4

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Sunday, May 15th, 2016 1:22 pm


I also got my results and I am quite happy about them. Even though I found the comments even more helpful ūüėõ

  Coolness  75%

#143  Fun  3.62
#195  Theme  3.77
#195  Overall  3.55
#232  Innovation  3.51
#347  Mood  3.08
#451  Audio  2.74
#519  Humor  2.06
#829  Graphics  2.26

But anyway, since last time I finished the Art for 3 more Levels and finally it feels more intuitive to place the textures (?).
I also worked on a CinematicCamera script, so now I don’t have to play and record the level anymore! I might also use it at the beginning of each Level.


Thanks for reading and watching!


Art Update for Formorph #3

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Sunday, May 8th, 2016 8:08 am

Moin Everyone!

Begining1/2- Formorph

Begining2/2 -Formorph
Since the last Update I finally finished the art and was able to put together the art for the first Level.

The good thing is that most levels are already play tested a lot, and I can just simply concentrate on how to make the levels “beautiful” instead of having to focus on gameplay also…

Start-Formorph Middle-Formorph
BeforeEnd-Formorph End-Formorph

Here is the Formorph Entry without great Graphics ūüėõ
And this is the latest playable version

Thanks for reading!


Small Art Update on Formorph

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Friday, May 6th, 2016 3:50 pm

SO Yeah… ¬†I did finally make some art for Formorph






I used Inkscape for these Vector graphics (for the first time)

Here is the Formorph Entry. (Without art)
And here is the latest playable version

PS: If someone wants to use some of these Graphics just hit me up in the comments or on Twitter(@solocov01)




Yai some Textures, and a lost Friday :(

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Friday, May 6th, 2016 1:42 pm


Working with Inkscape for the first time and I am really enjoying it !
Once you get the hang of it, how to do shadows and differently colored parts, it is really fun!

Still working on Formorph !!!

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Sunday, May 1st, 2016 3:26 pm

Moin everyone!

Since the last update I’ve improved Formorph¬†quite a lot. While “developing” I noticed even more problems related to color, art style and Gameplay. The other problems mentioned in the last Update should be improved by now… (hopefully).


Firstly I’d like to mention the improved Leveldesign. Until now I’ve created 7 Levels with the help of a friend who play tested them and the “harder” levels have been watered down. Now, you ¬†learn everything that¬†you need to pass the level in a save environment/situation and then pass harder parts. Also the levelloader allows me to order the levels by skill level. while doing all those levels I noticed a little boredom, because when you have figured out the level you could just press the whole time the Left/Right key and time your jumps… playing with height and distance of each platform should improve that boredom of mine xD… and yours.




Secondly, the controls also have been improved, now I use the same system as Sebastian Lauge. Still I had to change some things, because forcing or slowing down the player did not work. Feedback like where the wind is coming from and where it is pushing you is also in by finally adding some particle effects.

The Gameplay has been improved also. By adding¬†“HotLava”¬†corpses don’t just block the way, when they are not needed. The shifting itself became quite interesting, because now the character fits to its environment. Moving platforms are also a thing now!

For the sound I finally figured out how to synchronize the music (the whole time the music did not stop at the same time… silly me). This enables me to insert different instruments into the level to change the mood and atmosphere :P.
I’ve also recorded “heating up water”, “boiling water”, “making Tea” and “frying something” this should also make the atmosphere better! Spreading these Sound effects out better should also improve the game.


Now to the art style. During the Compo challenge I did not want to waste any time on textures, now that I have the time I will do them (seems logical). Because most “famous” platformers have a distinct look with flashy colors and animations I tried to find the “perfect” style. I decided to make a Tea vs Currywurst style.

Image result for teebeutelVS. 

In which the teabag will act as the player and the currywurst as lava. At the moment the player doesn’t look like it should but yeah… what ever.
I might add these small paper things at the end of tea bags and add physics to it :P.

Anyway incase you haven’t played the Compo version here is the the entry and hopefully I will be able to show you a playable version next week.

Thanks a lot for reading!

(Small) Update on Formorph

Posted by (twitter: @solocov01)
Friday, April 22nd, 2016 2:45 pm

Moin Ludumdare folks!

This post will mainly concentrate on the design/art/programming aspects of the game Formorph (my LD35 Entry). I am going to be working on this game even more, because I really like it. Its really small and can be improved really fast (Also I already have your feedback for it xD). This post is also a little side-note to myself, in case I come offtrack :P.


(Just for the understanding)

Firstly things I don’t like:

  • The music:¬†It is really repetitive and annoying at points. I tried to add¬†the same music with different instruments into the level. But the synchronization did not work.
    In case someone has a better solution than this:
    soundSource1.timesamples = soundSource2.timesamples;
    please call me up!
  • Movement:¬†The Player stutters when moving left/right. This happens because of the PlayerController influences the XVelocity directly while the none slidy ground slows the player down each calculation step. Also the smaller Player should move faster than the bigger one ūüėõ
  • Shapeshifting:¬†I hope no one noticed that, but when you shift, your character can clip through the ground and walls , because I just simply increased the size of the player. (In the “airlevel” it is most noticeable, because it kills you at some points :( )
  • Dead bodies:¬†I think I introduced this mechanic pretty well and most people liked it, but sometimes your bodies just blocked your way. Also you don’t particular shapeshift very often, which leads to “no practice in shifting”, and you need to be good at it for the last parts of the level.
  • Wind:¬†simply just has to be redone xD…
  • Performance:¬†Each Lava/water/air block has its own Soundsource which leads to unneeded lag, also the Level is to big and does not allow any fast fine tuning.

Secondly things you didn’t like:

  • Leveldesign:¬†Most of the players did not pass the last parts of the level. Probably¬†because the skill curve suddenly rises in the last parts of the level. Also when jumping up the “airlevel”, it is possible to¬†jump to the beginning of the level which isn’t really fun :P… Also, some players¬†did not pass the “Lavalevel”, which was just simply unfair for someone who plays the game for the first time
  • “Controls are a bit too lose (jumping especially)”: Jumping is a bit unfair because you can’t really control the jump height, also moving left and right takes to much time…
  • Physics feedback:¬†When you come into a zone with air you don’t know where the wind is coming from and where it is pushing you just by the visuals.
  • Art style:¬†I chose a “Minimalistic art style”, so I don’t have to do the art in the compo xD… Also that’s the reason why I¬†asked a friend to do some art for me (and I already have some sketches), I hope they will improve the game visually¬†and improve the “feeling” of the game :P…
  • “At first I didn’t get what was going on, but…”:¬†That might be good or bad… Maybe there is an information overload at the beginning of the level with the loud music, ringing of the checkpoints and their clustering of the screen, to the left you can see parts of the more complicated levels and you are jumping down… that might be to much… Let’s see xD…
  • “didn’t want to go through the […] again”:¬†I hoped I could make a Level which makes you want to do the level again with your newly learned skills. (just like Braid from Jonathan Blow)…


BEFORE improving or changing anything, it is probably important to concentrate on the key-aspects of the game, which were welcomed really well by you:

  • “Corpse stay” mechanic:¬†I hope¬†(even though most probably did not play around with it a lot, because most of it was closed of by harder levels) I can put more shapeshifting into the game, because just staying big is a reliable tactic, which I don’t like, because it is lazy and monotone(?).
  • Music and sound effects:¬†For one I had to change the color theme of the game to fit the music, because I am bad at making music and this was the best I could come up with :P. Also the auditory cues seemed to help a little bit “indicating how the level works” (Lava/Water/Wind sounds)
  • “Fun completing challenges”:¬†Hopefully I don’t miss anything, but it probably works because of the “fair” placement of the checkpoints… (in case I try to make a level harder just by putting down less checkpoints in the future)
  • “Intuitive”:¬†The game only needs¬†a four button control (left/right/jump/shift). Also the “tutorial”-level teaches the player without using any words. The water is also a factor of that, get small to sink and big to float, this makes the player feel “smart” when solving the first water obstacle and it burns better into their memory :P. Also ¬†you don’t have to do much at the same time and have a little reflection time at the end of each challenge, especially at the beginning, which helps the pacing of the game.
  • Simple:¬†As the controls the game design is very simple and “solid”, but this simplistic design creates an enormous amount of depth¬†in terms of gameplay and Leveldesign ūüėõ
  • “adaptation to the environment”:¬†I wanted the player to get used to the new environment and I think it worked xD

Now to the improvements:

  1. Shapeshifting:¬†Make the shifting better and don’t let the player clip through the floor (, before physics fixes it).
  2. Killing:¬†I will probably make another lava type¬†which lets the player evaporate on contact, so the dead bodies don’t just obstruct the paths.
  3. Movement: Make the floor more slippery :P, also make the jumpheight controllable. Also play around with the movement a bit more
  4. Small Player:¬†Make him faster ūüėõ
  5. Art:¬†Implement the art and add some cute animations ūüėõ
  6. Air/Wind: I will add a particle effect which shows you the direction/speed/intensity of the wind
  7. Leveldesign: Add a Levelloader and remove the SoundSources from each block.
  8. Music&Sound:¬†More music and for each “type” of level a different one. Also I will try to synchronize the music again. (When jumping/dying/reaching a check point the sound should be played with a different pitch

With that I hope I can keep the “feel” of the game while improving it. Also I¬†hope that I could help someone else with this post, I don’t know how… But I hope that at least the Links help xD…

PS: Formorph is made in Germany ūüėõ



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