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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:53 pm

Just woke up this morning and this is where we are at:

MainMenuScreen              Level1 Screen              Level Complete Screen


A main menu screen I quickly made to link all                    The first level which I am naming “The Pit.” For                  This is my current level complete screen, I still

levels together. (The clouds move!)                                         this level a blue block is all that is required but                  need to implement a scoring system which will

there will be more in later levels 😀                                          determine how many stars you get.


So the game is called Crescendo. It is based on a crescendo in music as in the music gradually getting louder. In Crescendo, the goal will be to climb the levels to get to the flag and gradually get higher. The blocks will each have a different ability, like at this stage the blue block makes you jump higher than usual.

You also get more points for the less blocks that you use. So it’s minimalist art style and minimalist goal. 😀

Oh and also I will adjust the music to get louder as you get higher and higher.

I’m in Australia so the last 12 hours are off the table for me as it will be a Monday. So today is it. What I plan to get done is at least 4 more interesting levels, a level select screen, an instructions page, adding more blocks and composing and implementing music. Oh well, best to be back to work!

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