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Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:19 pm

Just in time too.


I didn’t get all the skills completed, will probably take some time and get them done, along with more enemies and levels. It should work on any platform provided that you have the following:



You only get one … Upgrade

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 2:23 am

You only get one upgrade in this game. I had to cut the list slightly and i’m still not sure I can implement all of these and still get everything else done, but i’m sure going to try (swaps allow you to swap your upgrade)

  • Scavenger – Find twice as many bombs
  • The Swapper – Find twice as many swaps
  • Windfall – Immediately gain two bombs, but you can not swap again this room
  • Versatile – Two immediate swaps but you can not swap to a different skill for this room and the next
  • Jack of All Trades – Four immediate swaps, but will be permanently weaker
  • Second Wind – Next time you die you instead have full health, but you then can not swap in that room
  • Bomb Technician – No damage from your own bombs, plus they have twice the explosive radius
  • Explosives Expert – Bombs do increased damage
  • Explosive Mitosis – Bombs explode in to two more bombs in random directions
  • Just Trolling – Health regenerates if there are enemies present
  • Vampirism – Regenerate health when enemies die
  • Doctor – Slightly increased max health, and health packs restore twice as much health
  • Super Tough – Big increase in max health, and health packs restore slightly more
  • Light Armour – Increases damage reduction
  • Heavy Armour – Half movement speed, but high damage reduction
  • Energy Shield – Shield that absorbs some damage, and slowly comes back
  • Magic Wall – RMB to bring up a wall that absorbs all projectiles, but can’t attack
  • Cloaking Device – RMB to turn invisible, but can’t attack
  • Blink – RMB to teleport to that location
  • Cool Speed – Hold the RMB to slow down everything
  • Stronger – Increased damage
  • Deadly ill – Highly increased damage, but half the maximum health
  • Unstable – The lower your health, the higher the fire rate
  • Sniper – High bullet speed, range and damage, but very low rate of fire
  • Speedy – Move speed increased
  • Monk – Melee. Ignore armour and has high attack speed and move speed.
  • Warrior – Melee. Very powerful attacks.
  • Penetrator – Slightly longer range and bullets ignore walls and enemy armour.
  • Frostmage – Bullets slow enemy movement
  • Pyromancer – Bullets deal damage over time
  • Machine Gun Girl – Very high attack rate and knockback
  • Shotgun Guy – Short range but multiple bullets in a spread at once.
  • Exploding Man – Explosions deal less damage to you, and you can RMB to explode
  • Searing Skin – Enemies that touch you take damage
  • Boss Hunter – Killing bosses give you trophies that increase your damage (max 5)
  • Combo King – Killing enemies increases the meter and fire rate, but getting hit sets it to zero
  • Focused – Focusing on a single enemy
  • Minecraft – Dig through walls or place walls with RMB
  • Charge – Holding down LMB charges to create a stronger attack
  • BOS – Holding down RMB builds up an effect that converts all bullets on screen to yours

A little behind…

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 10:38 pm



A little behind from where I wanted to be, but at least most of the hard stuff is done. Art probably won’t be as good as I wanted it to be given the lessened time. Will probably post more about the design later.

Monoskill is the game

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 6:00 am
Monoskill Mockup

Monoskill Mockup

The game is a permadeath top down shooter sort of like Binding of Issac. You start with a single skill chosen from a large list, but you only get one. You have the option of swapping that skill a number of times throughout the game. You must fight through a number of rooms with a number of challenges to win.


Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 6:09 pm

After doing some last minute sound effects, and fixing a bug with the mouse not working in window resizes, im finally finished. Im reasonably happy with the result, and although the game may not be that fun to play, i’m just happy to know I can actually create something in the time

This way when I do have a good idea, I will know that I can do it!

Almost there

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 9:01 am

I have the entire game part of it working, the only issue is I think I may be the only one who can understand it. I have to have comprehensive help and instructions, and make it more user friendly, but other than that I managed to create something kind of cool in a short amount of time

We tried.

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Monday, December 19th, 2011 8:33 pm

Well we managed to get something playable but leaving submission till the last minute leaves you with rage at the submission system.

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with the system but It would log me out whenever I clicked on the Create an Entry it would sign me out, and then it would tell me i needed to be signed in.

Anyway here is a link to the current version of the game if anyone is willing to play it application. I will release the final version of the game with source in a couple of days when all of the bugs are sorted out and some content is made.

Windows Executable


I’m In

Posted by (twitter: @SystemicSmitty)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 6:26 am

After spending like 5 min trying to come up with some witty title I just stuck with I’m In and decided to put a silly meta witty explanation into the actual post. 😉

Anyway I’m competing in the Jam with a few friends, will probably try the actual comp next time

Will probably be using C++/SDL and possibly Box2d (if we need any sort of physics) for everything, lest we decide to be crazy and do something 3d in which case we will use Ogre.

Ill guess we’ll see what happens then.

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