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Not doing that badly for once.

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 3:42 am

Normally I leave all the graphics and sound until the last five minutes. Or spend all my time working on the graphics and leave all the programming and sound to the last five minutes. But I actually have the game at a reasonable state, gameplay wise. Which still gives me time to do the graphics.

I’m probably going to leave the sound for the last five minutes, though.

Business as usual

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Friday, December 11th, 2015 11:08 pm

Anyone who keeps track of what games I’ve been making in past Ludum Dares will know that most of the time I’ve been making endless (as in, game keeps going till you die, like Crossy Road or whatever) games in Unity because my level design skills suck.

Last time I thought I’d try something different so I wrote an interactive story in Twine. It was nice for a change, and I could certainly write something deep and meaningful to fit the “growing” theme. But I’m sorry if anyone was hoping for that because I’m making another endless style game in Unity.

I was thinking of using Pygame for something different, but what I’m trying to do here I already know how to do in Unity, and Pygame is slightly more complicated to learn just at the start of a compo than Twine was.

Like five hours left for me

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:10 am

For those who have been following my saga, I’m writing something in Twine. I thought it would be easy compared to having to get stuff up working like I want it to¬† Unity. And maybe it is, but it’s still not going anywhere near as quick as I’d have liked it to. I’m to 9400 words, which I guess isn’t bad? – but there’s no way I’m finishing the whole story as I originally planned it (okay, that’s a lie, I didn’t plan it at the start, there’s no way I’m finishing the whole thing of what I thought would be a good idea after I started).

And to top it off, even though there’s fifteen hours left I can only work for about five of them. In five hours it’ll be midnight and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, so I both need sleep and can’t do any more work in the morning.

Wish me luck!

Is this how you’re supposed to Twine?

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 10:18 pm


No, really, I haven’t used Twine before. Is it supposed to look like this?

At least I’m up to 6,500 words apparently. Which isn’t a bad number (I think), but the story progress is nowhere near where I want it to be, since I only have 11-12 hours left to work on it (I have stuff to do tomorrow morning :( )

Time for bed

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 9:35 am

Update on my quest to make a Twine game: Thirteen and a half hours in, and according to Twine, 4785 words done. But more important than the word count is how done it is, and I’ll be honest, not very. I’m definitely going to have to do a lot more work tomorrow than I’ve done today if I hope to finish it. Otherwise, I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew here.

And I thought I was making my life easier by not doing what I usually do (something in Unity). Shows what I know.

Eight hour word count

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 4:00 am

I’m writing a game in Twine. Eight hours in and I’m up to 2,911 words, apparently.

My progress seems to have slowed.

Progress update

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 12:02 am

According to Twine, I’m up to 1520 words. I haven’t used Twine before, so I don’t know whether that’s considered fast or not. Probably will still only take a couple minutes to read/play. But I’m working on it, okay?

Twine. I think.

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Friday, August 21st, 2015 8:52 pm

Last Ludum Dares (namely all the ones I’ve entered). I’ve created “endless” style games in Unity. While it might be nice to make an endless game in Unity about making endless style games in Unity, that doesn’t really fit in with the theme. And I want to do something different, which is the whole point of this post.

I think I’ll use Twine. Never used it before. Haven’t really written much in the way of stories or anything for years. Don’t intend to plan it out in advance or anything. This can only go well, right?

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