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First screenshot

Posted by (twitter: @Skywilly_GSS)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 2:41 pm

Finally, i have take a rapid screenshot of the work of @Leenuyth. It’s nice, i think ūüėČ

Construct 2 (free edition) - ld30.capx - 1er niveau_2

First Jam in couple ;)

Posted by (twitter: @Skywilly_GSS)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 12:17 pm

I have already participated at Ludum Dare by the past but this time, it’s the first with my wife @Leenuyth. She draw a little, i draw nothing, so i guess it’s a good choice. And it’s really a good way to her to boost her competences. So… Let’s go ! And for this first post, i put a little screen of my HUD.¬†I will post you some creations of Leenuyth, tomorrow i guess ūüėČ

On Construct 2, by the way.

Construct 2 (free edition) - ld30.capx - 1er niveau

The apprentice journalist who plays the apprentice designer…

Posted by (twitter: @Skywilly_GSS)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 8:25 am

minimalismEditor of the amateur and independent Game Side Story website, I devote 80% of my time at the Indies, those that never speaks, the events that stand out and are incredibly catchy (like this Ludum Dare). And last year I participated. Just for fun.

This year I really wanted to be serious. With a true idea, not only to experience this event from the inside. And believe it or not, I’m really attached to my creation. And I crowd with a curious foot a world of which I speak often… but i don’t know how is to be the creator.

My little “Minimalism” is my baby. I love it. I hope you will like it too. And believe me: the Ludum Dare is this beautiful experience that makes my volunteer work on Game Side Story more interesting and challenging than ever. With this website, my other & more important baby, I lost time, a little money, but I gain so much interesting discussions with developers and pride to highlight people you never see on the big websites. It’s a joy every day.

Thank you for all. This event is not over, my game will be ready very soon. I hope you enjoy it & please… Enjoy this event, keep the good work, continue to making games ! All this is beautiful.

Like promise : no talent ! (But it’s fun)

Posted by (twitter: @Skywilly_GSS)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 9:30 am

I had¬†a crazy story,¬†I took some¬†pictures outside,¬†I learned¬†a lot about¬†AGS¬†but¬†in the end it¬†will¬†be very bad¬†…¬†Okay,¬†it’s funny!

I try to¬†finish¬†this “game”¬†(more¬†narrative,¬†with¬†too¬†little interactivity)¬†anyway.¬†You deserve it!¬†And¬†it¬†may inspire¬†a child,¬†so he can¬†tell his mother:¬†“Hey¬†Mom, I want¬†to do better thanthis guy”.¬†And he will¬†…

I’m In ! (“J’en Suis” in French…)

Posted by (twitter: @Skywilly_GSS)
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 11:01 am

Hello Ludum Dare !

Hmm… How do I start this presentation ? It’s my first Ludum Dare, for a good reason : I have no one artistic talent. I draw my character with some sticks, a circle for the head, it’s horrible. VERY horrible.¬†But I have some ideas, and Ludum Dare is maybe the good way to expose them. So, I’m here for the worst and maybe, with luck, the best. Fingers crossed !

Engine : Adventure Game Studio ?

Graphics : Me & My mouse. So fun !

Sound : SFXr and my mouth ? So fun too !

Timelapse : Chronolapse

My english is bad, like my drawings. But if you interested, I’m also redactor-in-chief (yeah !) of GameSideStory and this week, after the Ludum Dare, we will write many articles about LD’s Games. So, I’m not so useless… I guess…

Good week everyone !

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