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I'm an inquisitive visual artist who like to push my abilities in game jams, and experiment. This profile is usually a platform for teams during JAMs.


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Fake screenshot for pokemen

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 11:46 am
pokemen fake screenshot


Skyfish checking in. I only have 28 more minutes to do move animations and I have none yet! (time slotting) So I will make this brief. Here is a fake screenshots. the colours mess up because it’s png, so IDK what you can do. It works in the game anyway. Pokemen is coming along nicely, it’s playable and I found no bugs. Now we need to implement the menu and put the assets in the actual game. I will make a making of post sometime after i think. I only have today to finish everything since I work tomorrow. Oh dear! bye bye Ludum see you soon.

How to use Krita for cheap, quick pixel art

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 1:14 pm

Here is a video tutorial for how to set up Krita for easy pixel art style painting: (HD index painting in krita)

Here is a link to do it in photoshop (original tutorial)

Team Bitraf report

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 11:05 am

SkyfishArt checking in. Over here at Bitraf, Oslo, we did have several attendants yesterday and today. I couldn’t participate the whole time, but here is my progress on our “Mokepon” (name might change) game. Its about monsters fighting. You are the monster. wow. Instead of the mokepon trainer who shouts commands at you. Can you tell wich one is my favourite yet? (hint: it’s the one I worked on the most. I’m already kind of fed up with them all) It’s the first time I do pixel art! I have to do animation for all of these, it’s looking like a kind of fighting game so far. I have so far in my life primarily only done 2 frame animations, so this will get very interesting.

I have 2.5 hours to spare per task including:

creature design
creature render
level design (bg)
ui design
animated moves

1 hour left on creature design. Ughhh I’m not feeling grass and water mon yet.

pixelmon skyfishart

pixel monsters


Oslo, Norway: local Ludum Dare

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 5:07 am

I’m hosting a local event at Bitraf, Oslo, Norway. Check it out here:


Team Bitraf progress

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 9:06 am
screenshot test

animal forest test fake screenshot

Hello from Oslo, bitraf (hackerspace). We had a meetup of about 7 people here, and we had a good time. Now the other teams have either folded, or decided to work at home.
Those of us 3 left are working on “Escape from animal forest”
It started off as a very fun idea, you have lifeforms in an ecosystem who perceives the world very differently (especially to humanity), hence “connected worlds” and how they would interact. Sadly in the end we had to scale back so far that it doesn’t really resemble the original idea so much. We went 3D to 2D, the perspectives are not visual anymore, and it became a 2D platformer with a pack of various animals who have to help each other with their different properties. I suppose we can still say that their perspectives on the world help them overcome it, though…

I (SkyfishArt) am the visual artist this time, and we have a programmer: Magnus Ekse, and another programmer: Benjamin Benjaminsen with additional music making abilities on board. I chose a simple watercolour art style for speed and fitting with the concept. (animals escaping from humanity, it turns out). We have tried to make the sounds harmonious together, rather than make a soundtrack, something I have been waiting to do, and I am really happy Benjamin was up to this task. Magnus has done an excellent job as well, working diligently and swiftly the whole time, only fueled by energy drinks and willpower (I imagine). See ya when we’re done!


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