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Ava, Marte & Morten are in!

Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 10:01 am

I think these posts are much more fun to write when we’ve already gotten started a bit and can give you a hint of what we’ll be making this time, so here goes.

This is Ava’s 11th LD and her 6th together with Marte and 3rd together with Morten. Here are the ones Ava and Marte have done so far, Morten being present for the last two of them:


Who does what?

Our work is usually divided all over the place. This time it looks something like this:

  • Marte: graphics, music and level design
  • Ava: programming and probably sound effects
  • Morten: programming

Ava and Morten have both also done 3D graphics before, but we don’t really need that this time.

What’s up this time?

A game! We shan’t reveal the whole shenanigans for now (hint: certain animals shift their shape in one way or another), but we’re letting the theme inspire us both mechanically and narratively. You’ll see. Ava and Morten are currently busy implementing one mechanic each, while Marte is piecing together a level.

For now, gaze at glorious prototyping graphics that will be refined as we go (in order of who’s working on it: Morten, Ava, Marte):


(click here for animated version)


(click here for animated version)


What tools?

This one is apparently obligatory, or so the tradition says. I think it goes something like this…

  • Programming/editing: Unity (C#)
  • Synchronisation: git using SourceTree and Bitbucket
  • Music: FL Studio on Android, possibly GarageBand
  • Sound effects: Audacity
  • Graphics: Photoshop, possibly GIMP



Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Sunday, April 10th, 2016 5:24 am

LD is an opportunity to grow!



I always try to view LD as an opportunity to learn something new.

In preparation of LD this time I’ve spent some time last week doing a bunch of pre-LD experiments to learn about new things that I’ve never done before, to be prepared in case I end up using any of them, and don’t have to spend too much time wrapping my head around a new concept when LD actually starts and time matters!

Seems like a good practice, and therefore I recommend it! Spread your wings. Fly!

I’ve been focusing on exploring new programming concepts this time ’round, but surely this is also a useful practice to apply to graphics and audio and so on.

Here are my little experiments so far:

metaballar_LITN_LD_200tyngdepotet_LITN_LD_200formterreng_LITN_LD_400procgen_bsp_4_LITN_LD_200ASTAR 2

1. Metaballs (info)
2. Super Mario Galaxy style gravity in 2D (checking normals and so on)
3. Deformable terrain in 3D (info)
4. Procedural room generation using BSP algorithm (info, info, info)
5. A* pathfinding (applied to BSP room!) (info, info)

Also did this a little while ago, tho more in preparation for a job application than LD:


6. 3D character camera test


In general I need to work more on 3D, and I’ve started taking an interest in procedural generation, something I’ve barely ever touched at all until I made this BSP dungeon test today (changed it a bit to make more of a house with doors directly through walls instead of the dungeon rooms connected by corridors as described on the info pages I linked, tho).


You still have a few days left, so I warmly recommend playing around with things you want to know how to do but don’t know how just yet. Maybe you’ll get a chance to use it for your LD game!

Also read and search the web a lot — you’ll find out about possibilities you’d never imagined before~


Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 9:09 am

Whew! We’re done, me, Marte and Morten! Last night got way too late and nobody could be bothered posting about the game until after getting some sleep. Good, belated morning! We present…


Play it! Play it NAO!

Didn’t really have the time to make the hair in game look quite as impressive as in the above artwork, but it ended up a fun mechanic to play with anyhow. Throw your hair in all directions to swing from golden plates and activate switches! Why? Your hairy godmother would explain, but there’s no time!

LD34_skjerm_foss LD34_skjerm_stemor

That’s our take on the grow theme, but the two buttons theme was also incorporated through this silly minigame:



Hairy core mechanics in place~

Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 4:48 pm

So we decided to use growing hair as our take on the growth theme, and what better role model than Rapunzel herself?

Marte did do some work on personalising the classic character a bit nonetheless.

Meanwhile, I spent the day programming some swinging action. Will connect hair to head properly and so on eventually.

Synchronised trio, powered by git

Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 2:10 pm

Ich bin Ava. I haven’t written anything on the front page the last few times. I counted and apparently this is my 10th LD. It will be my 4th time collaborating with Marte and 2nd time with Morten, who are both with me this time just like the were last time.

This time around, we’ve set up some proper synchronisation.

We’re all using SourceTree to manage our files with git through Bitbucket where we’ve set up a source control repository for our Unity 5.3 project. We’ll also be trying out nested scenes to split work up in a nicely non-intrusive way. Cool beans. Top banana. Recommended for teams!

I guess you can call me and Morten programmer-artists and Marte an artist-musician to define our probable roles during this jam.

The obligatory tool list goes something like this:

  • Programming: C# in MonoDevelop and Unity 5.3
  • Graphics: Photoshop, probably GIMP and, if 3D, Blender
  • Audio: Perhaps GarageBand and/or FL Studio for Android; Audacity
  • Sync: git (repository on Bitbucket) by way of SourceTree

Team list again:

  • Ava: programming, perhaps some graphics and audio
  • Marte: graphics and perhaps audio
  • Morten: programming and perhaps some graphics


Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 8:19 pm


Ava and Marte reporting in as usual. This time accompanied by two others: Morten and Ida.

We took on a grim theme dear to the four of us, and our hopes is that something will come out of it for those who play it.

Turn on the lights and discover monstrosities in the comfort of your own chair! “Turn on the light” is a psychological feelbad game in 2.5D, with a hint of puzzles.

Perhaps you will discover something about yourself.



ld33-scrn-3 ld33-scrn-0 ld33-scrn-1 ld33-scrn-2


Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 12:08 pm





I (Ava) wasn’t sure I’d be submitting something this time. I decided to wait until the theme was announced. The theme did however provide an immediate idea, and it seems to be an odd one out there in this time’s sea of submissions; you’re not a combatant in this game.

It might not be much of a game either.  Unconventional, if you will. It’s a short, mildly interactive experience meant to abstractly convey a message by the help of symbolism rather than words.

After getting the idea for this game, I decided to watch a relevant documentary online before I started. An important subject touched me even more after watching that, and so the work began. It was all wrapped up by finding some statistics.

Give it a play — it’s but a few minutes long and played right in your browser without plugins — and see if we (Marte, Eva and myself) managed to do the subject any justice at all with this short, short presentation. Submit your ratings and leave a comment on the page.

Go play, rate and comment on the game right here~


Thank you!



ENTRY: Screencap’d

Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 8:14 pm





Check out the entry and play online HERE!


Another one by Ava and Marte – your favourite turtle doves. We participated together last time with Fitzberry & Leif, and now we are back with one more dimension to explore – from every angle possible!





So grab your keyboard, or your gamepad, which might also be supported! Have a go! Help this poor fellow out of that scary television screen. Send it blasting off the table with a loud and static crack! That’s what it deserves.

JAM ENTRY: Fitzberri & Leif

Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 4:46 pm

adventures of fitzberri n leif-1

Hello, folks! This time around we’ve been a duo making a game about a duo. Quite fitting. Fitzberri & Leif are the twins to star in our ömæizing puzzle platformer. It may be a short game, but rest assured that it was made with love.

The entry can be found HERE:



bra doges

~Bonus picture~ of the creative process involved in the making of this game:


pls paly da gam *:


Posted by (twitter: @avaskoog)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:46 pm

Not you! However, you will step into the shoes of one. For this was a scumbag, right?


You’ve screwed up. You’ve offended and hurt people. You’ve lost your loved ones. You’ve only got one chance to redeem yourself. Maybe. Perhaps not a good chance. Perhaps not a worthy chance. Who can tell? Figure it out. Play SCUMBAG.


This is a depressive visual novel and text adventure sort of crossover. Just click around. Talk to people. It’s all conversations, this game. An easy game with a difficult objective. Play it a few times to figure as much out of the background story as you can. It only takes a minute or two or three each time, probably.


Me, Ava, of Royal Railway, made this with my friend Mehdi over the course of the last three days as a jam entry. I did sleep a lot, too. I had to rush the end of it. Oh, well.


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