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Noice results here!

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 7:04 pm

Thank you everyone, it has been a great Ludum Dare!

My results were far better than the other two LDs I’ve participated in. #111 in Theme and #193 in Innovation, that’s awesome and just gives me motivation to aim for the top 100 next time!


As I participated in the jam this time, without a team and made all stuff myself as if it were for the compo, I think these results are pretty good. I made some nice stats below, comparing how I did my previous LDs:


Stat 1: Fixed Ranking

Top percent calculated as #Ranking divided by total entries for each LD compo/jam.

Stats ranking LD31 SK16 Games



Stat 2: Score

Just the raw score – 1 to 5 stars.

Stats score LD31 SK16 Games



Oh! And you can play my game here:

Old Game on an Old Screen

SK16Games_LD31 thumbnail Game Jolt

– See you all in April! (hopefully)

Let’s play some games!

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Thursday, December 11th, 2014 2:55 pm

Hi Ludum Dare, as I have had a busy week I haven’t really found time to play a lot of Ludum Dare games.

But in the weekend I’m free, so what games should I play?

Post a link to your game in comment, and I’ll probably play them, rate and leave a comment, during the weekend 😉

If you wanna check out my game too, which I by the way just uploaded to Game Jolt, I would be happy :)

Old Game on an Old Screen

Old Game on an Old Screen (2)

Old game on an old screen

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 8:51 am

I finished my game in the very last seconds.

The only reason it’s a jam entry, is because my game wasn’t done at all, and then I just took the extra day to finish my game and joined the jam.

I have made all the assets by myself (and some 3d models by my friend) and during the 72 hours.


Right now it’s only for windows, but I’ll port it and upload to GameJolt later – stay tuned!

Entire game on one old IBM screen!

Entire game on one old IBM screen!

Entire game on one old shitty screen.

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:13 pm

Joining the JAM instead…

There’s still a lot to add, so instead of joining the compo with this shitty unfinished game, I’ll take a day more and actually make a good game 😉

Right now it’s just a game on a screen, but I want to add items in the room (like CDs) so that you can interact with the computer.


Entire game on one old IBM screen!

Entire game on one old IBM screen!

I’m a unicode snowman and I find this offensive ☃

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 3:38 pm

But…. I’m in anyway! 😀

I’ll be using:

Engine: Unity Pro (jam licence thanks to the lovely people at Unity<3)

Graphics: Good ol’ Photoshop

Sounds: Probably sfxr or none

Music: Probably Fruity Loops if I have time

Hosting: Game Jolt!

Timelapse: Chronolapse



And also: If ☃ becomes the theme satan will eat you :)

Universe Connector timelapse

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Sunday, September 14th, 2014 9:50 am

So I entered the LD30 compo with my game Universe Connector, and this time I captured my progress and made this cool timelapse for you to watch!

Play (and rate): Universe Connector

Timelapse software: Chronolapse

Music: I made an updated version of the music from the game.

If you wanna here more about the progress I also made a Post-Mortem you can read :)

Universe Connector Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 2:10 pm

— I know this post is looong, but I would be so happy if you would read it and maybe comment your thoughts :)

So I finished my game very tight to the deadline, but I finished it! YAY

About the game

So you are an (evil) empire that wants to take over the universe. You start by choosing your own name such as “Ludum Dare Galaxy Empire”, “Das Dritte Reich”, “Little Tim’s Multi-World Domination”, “DPRK” or something else creative for you to come up with. (HAS TO BE EVIL) To connect worlds to your empire, make a spaceship by resources and start connecting!

–> Play Universe Connector here <–

Bad beginning

First of all I started making the game too late. I stayed up all night and waited for the theme to be announced at 3:00 (danish time) and went to sleep after that. I woke up at about 13:00 and was kind of too lazy to get up and start Ludum Dare’ing. So I got some food and started making a game. I thought I would use Unity, but I just wasted my first hours to find out my idea was too hard to make (I have only made one game in Unity before…) So… I ended up using Game Maker: Studio like last time, and I had to come up with a new idea…

The thumbnail for my game

The thumbnail for my game

The progress

Time passed and I finally had an idea but it was kind of unclear, so I started by making the graphics. I worked and worked and checked twitter and facebook and worked and checked youtube and worked and got distracted again and worked and so on. When it was around 4:00 and I decided to get some sleep my game wasn’t even near a game yet. Half time; not at all half done. The next day I was a bit more concentrated, but my idea wasn’t clear enough yet. I made some sketches on paper to get a better overview of what my game was about. I worked a lot without being sure what the game would turn in to. But around 6 hours before deadline I thought my idea was done enough, and I just had to finish the game too.

The original idea:

At that point my idea was something like: You have a planet. The population grows and there is a maximum number of people the Earth has room for, so you have to get the population over to other planets. To get to different planets you need spaceships, you make by resources. The Earth also has an amount of resourses that grows. There are different planets, that have different: number of spaceships needed to connect, speed of getting resources and max capacity of people. So you had to populate all the planets without getting overpopulated and getting a lot of resources.

But… All I had done at that time was: The system for getting resources and population, displaying everything over the planet, and upgrading and buying stuff. Now I just needed to make the player able to connect to the other planets by using the spaceships… And long story short: I used some hours to figure out how to “copy” the system to more planets and ended up not getting it to work. So it was 2-3 hours before deadline I only had one working planet, and no connection-stuff.

The final one:

So… I changed the idea totally, so you just connected to other worlds with spaceships, and it just said “connected”, instead of the idea of every planet having different population, stuff to upgrade, buttons etc. And by doing that the “population” thing would make no sense, so I removed that too.

So the deadline came closer and I worked as fast as I could. I remembered there was also the “submission hour” and quick made some music, and finished the game itself in the last 10 minutes of the submission hour (Yes, it was technically over deadline, but fuck it…). I uploaded it, and did the porting after the deadline. SLEEP. The next day I made the thumbnail and uploaded the source.


The game:

I feel okay about the final result, but the game turned out to be a bit boring… Overall this was probably the worst – out of 2 LD compos, and 4 total game jams I participated in – game I’ve made. But again, it’s okay; A nice little game.

Looking forward to see the results!

What I’ll do better next:

Next time I will work more focused instead of the on/off-work as I did this time. Get up. Food. Jam.

I will learn Unity more, and test some ideas before the compo starts AKA do the warm-up weekend, so I’m ready to make a game.

Timelapse / follow

Soming soon – follow me on Twitter and YouTube to keep updated.

I made it with ChronoLapse, nice software!

How to know you have played my game too long (will not happen, you'll quit) also, Israel took over the universe :(

How to know you have played my game too long (will not happen, you’ll quit) also, Israel took over the universe :(


Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 5:40 am

So… Ludum Dare 30 will be my 2nd LD compo, my 3rd LD including MiniLD and my 4th Game Jam.

I’m already late as always, because I live in Europe (Denmark) but I’ll try to make an awesome game anyway! 😀

I have an idea that would fit more into Another World, but I actually think Connected Worlds is a bit cooler as LD-theme…


I’ll be using:

Engine: Unity

Lagnuage: Boo (jk – C#)

3D-stuff: I suck at 3D but probably Maya or Blender

2D-stuff: Photoshop

Sounds: Sfxr, Jfxr, Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch and/or Audacity

Music: Fruity Loops AKA FL Studio




EDIT: I ended up using Game Maker: Studio instead of Unity – read more in my post mortem :)


Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Friday, July 4th, 2014 5:49 pm

Hey Ludum Dare 😀

So my friend @Sodakurt and I made a game for the #GlitchJam hosted by Game Jolt (sadly we didn’t make it in time, for the jam itself)

The game is called BUS STOP SIMULATOR and yea, it’s about waiting for the bus… Or is it? As it were an entry for Glitch Jam the theme in the game is glitches, so we’ve tried to make some sort of horror game out of it (not what you expect from the title, we know)

but yea, it’s still NOT DONE at all yet, the main features of the game work, but the “horror part” of it is far from done… But yea take a look and maybe follow on game jolt to get notified about release and updates ;D

The thumbnail on Game Jolt

The thumbnail on Game Jolt

– And yes, it is another stupid simulator game!

My LD29 game + gameplay/review video of it!

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Friday, May 2nd, 2014 2:20 pm

Hi Ludum Dare folks, so for the LD29 Compo I made a game called Alien Cyclope Miner on Mars. It’s my first game for a LD Compo, and so far I’ve got a lot of positive feedback which is great 😀

It’s some kind of Minecraft/Terraria/Starbound etc. inspired game, about mining, building and just getting resources.



I might make an update to the game where I add the features I didn’t make in time, and some other cool stuff such as:

– Enemies (feat. the famous Pepsi Consultant)

– Craftable weapons and tools

– More ores, and new blocks to build with

– Controls fixes, so that you don’t have to use mousewheel

– Other bug fixes


Another cool thing is that the very nice guy Caridorc made a little review/gameplay of my game and put it on YouTube 😀

Also check his game out 😀

I’m in/My game so far…

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 7:21 pm

So i haven’t made an “I’m in” post yet, so yeah… I’M IN!

I have have now worked for a bit over 12 hours on my game. right now it’s just some kind of place blocks/destroy blocks game, but I’ll make it so that you can mine things, and add resources as well.

Tools I use:

– Main program: Game Maker: Studio

– Graphics: Photoshop

– Sounds: sfxr/bfxr

– Nice tile program: GoTile

and perhaps some other stuff too…


So here’s a few screenshots:

LD29 SK16Games screenshot

Just used some online gif converter with watermark :P whatever!

Just used some online gif converter with watermark 😛 whatever!

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