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How do i make background music?

Posted by
Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 3:44 am

I’d love to be in this LD but it’s really bad timing for me, but I am in a game making class at the moment and i’m having a real issue finding non-copyrighted music to use for a project. I’d be happy to make it, but I have about 0 experience making music.

Could someone suggest a quick and easy app for making generic placeholder music for a game? That’s really all I need for this.

Happy Birthday To the Ground

Posted by
Saturday, September 14th, 2013 2:16 am

It’s my birthday which means i’m a year older and a day closer to my inevitable demise, Sadness overwhelms me. But you can help make this day more joyous! Yes You!

10 Second Lead

And leave me feedback, it’s not perfect or anything, but good/bad reviews are all i ask for. For some odd reason getting comments on my game makes me happy *shrug* however that works.

10 second lead PostMortem

Posted by
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 12:21 am

So i probably shouldn’t be writing this while drunk but i have other things to do and if i was any more sober this probably wouldn’t be happening.



First Day

first day coding

following tutorials

I followed a tutorial about how to make a maze game(lets face it resources are resources. ) I had no idea how to make a maze game but i’ve wanted to make one for quite awhile now. So this was the perfect opportunity, of course i had to keep my goals very small, since i’d be learning to make a game i’ve never made before. I also… Have no idea what i was going to say there. MOVING ON.

Second Day


Now i couldn’t clear my weekend for the LD so following the tutorial and getting a working prototype carried over to the second day, INEVITABLE. Shit happens. Here is where i tried to figure out how to export a jar that people would actually be able to play, by this point i had a working prototype slightly lamer then where i wanted it to be, but the basic building blocks of what i would need. Problem, last time i played with java i couldn’t get it to work on anyone else’s computer, so this became an all day afair.. basically ate up all the time i had to work on the ld. But i did manage to start some basic AI for our “predator”

I also made sounds! but implementing them required slick which would have made it harder to export and not worth the time. So the sounds never made it :/

Predator – (and molding the game)


So it occured to me that i could use the 10 second time in two ways for my purposes, that was the either make a time limit to complete the maze(it works but it’s kind of boring and probably frustrating) This was my plan B, my plan A consisted of creating a predator to chase after the character after 10 seconds, the only real issue was creating an ai that would work for our predator. This is around when it occured to me to use a mouse as our main character and cheese as a finish line(all art assets were made on the fly) But going back to the AI, it was actually a bit of a pain even though it’s not really AI. I decided to make the cat run in a random direction depending on it’s options, i also wanted to make sure it never ran in the direction it came from whenever possible.

So i had to keep track of which direction the cat was heading from and heading to, Then i used a random function seeded by time to decide which direction the cat would run in. Realistically it shouldn’t be much of a challenge but given the limited possibilities for directions, the cat is capable of becoming a nuisance. I gave every direction a value and used a random number based on a range determined by open directions minus the direction the cat came from,  each open direction(represented by a number) was saved in an array and the direction was decided by the random number. This is complicated to type out, so it was really a pain to implement. That took roughly the rest of my ld time to get implemented and working right. This occurred between day 2 and 3 of the jam. Besides a little nightmare scenario of forgetting to add the assets with the submission, this was the last thing i did for the jam.


What i did right

  • I made a game i’ve wanted to make for a long time, it really helped motivate me to finish
  • I used Java(a familiar programming language) my past experience helped some things become much easier then it could have been.
  • I sacrificed a virgin to the Northern Gods
  • I had realistic goals(i did want multiple levels though)
  • I finished the core game mechanics first
  • I wasn’t fussy about my art, could have wasted a lot of time on them.
  • I got out of the house and did stuff, probably kept me from getting drained

What i did wrong

  • There was a lot i didn’t know how to do which i lost time for that could have been useful for making the game better, so some prep before the comp might have helped me there.
  • Life gets in the way of my game making. (Damn you life!)
  • I haven’t accomplished much since the compo(i’d love to improve it but refer to previous item)

What i would like to do to improve the game

  • The art pretty obviously could use some improvements, i’d like to create some animation for the game.
  • Sound would be nice
  • a better movement scheme, one tile at a time just isn’t going to work especially with the animation i’d like to add. Although i guess i could have them move one tile at a time and just run tile to tile. That’d be kinda cool.
  • I would like to create a random level generator, it’d add a LOT of re-playability to the game, but even a few more levels would be a big improvement. One level just isn’t enough.
  • And it would be REALLY cool to have an android version of the game but that could be a pain to do.
  • I think at this point i’d consider the game “complete” any other improvements could be left for some kind of sequel.

10 second lead

Still Jamming Man

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 10:01 pm


Not quite the level of a lot of the people here but with the help of a tutorial i am almost finished, i mean it could use sound.. that’d be good too and i’ll have to export it, but my main concern right now is creating AI for the enemy that spawns at 10 seconds. I think i have an idea of how i’ll do it, it’ll just run in a random direction.

Still at it like the little engine that could

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 11:45 pm

*choo *choo


Seriously though, i followed a tutorial, which gave me the bare bones of everything i was missing in order to make a maze game :) so i’m going to splice that with some existing code, make an attempt at making a bitchin’ map and throw a timer on it and it’ll be a “game” hardly the best one but i will have competed. If i have the time and ability to make it so i’m thinking of creating a predator to chase down the player, we’ll see how that goes though. I have the building blocks i just need to make it happen, but i’m leaving that for tomorrow.


Oh and i’m competing in the jam obviously for using old code and tutorials or whatever.. i mean i guess it’ll all technically be built from the ground up, i’m just using that stuff as references but i will need the extra time anyway. So i’m Jammin, hope you like Jamming too :)

Curse of being too popular

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:50 pm

I’m actually following a tutorial to give me some idea of how to do this thing(i’m jamming anyway) And i swear 20 minutes hasn’t gone by that someone hasn’t asked me to do something. I know i can finish this one, but it’d be nice to have some time to work on the damn thing.

K i’m up

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 8:30 am

Long breakfast involving watching a cosplay tv show, but i’m up now and i think i have an idea of what i “want” to do but may be incapable of. We’ll see, my tools aren’t set up either since it’s been a long few days leading up, but i’m definitely going to be using java. And i’ll be jamming so i can use some previous code and rehash it(doubt i’d finish without it).


I Would like to make a maze game, i may try starting with some arrays to hold each tile of the game, if that would even work. i’ll probably google some to figure out what the hell i’m doing. Worst case i’ll end up with a timed version of space invaders that doesn’t make any sense.


Oh and Food:

Also having an iced coffee :)

I’m in.. Probably

Posted by
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:49 pm

I’ll be jamming, i hope you like jamming too. I didn’t set up an ide or anything or get used to my tools though.

I will be using java and i have absolutely no idea what i’ll be doing to make this game work.. right now i’m thinking space invaders on the clock but i don’t really like that idea.. maybe a maze game? i don’t know *shrug* We’ll see. But i would like to submit something no matter how horrible it turns out.


Posted by
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 3:31 am

so i was totally going to do it this time *cough* yeah… >_> Buuuut potatoes never made it to the final round. As such i will be on strike from this LD until potato is reinstated into the voting.

Give us Potato! Or give us death!

Or Fries, Fries totally works too.

Coding in as3 for the first time

Posted by
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 3:22 am

starting to realize why people like to use tools they are familiar with 😛

i knew it’d be tough i just wanted to get over the hurdle into making games with flash. You can only put something off for so long. Anyway, making hangman. It’s no where near even started but i’ve created some prototypes that have nothing to do with creating a hangman game.

Tomorrow i’m going to look up some menu tutorials which should give me the tools i’m lacking in order to actually make the game. Luckily i’m making it a Game Jam game so the it should give me a little more time.

No screenshots yet(not that any would be relevant anyway) haven’t actually created any art assets.

Time for a break

Posted by
Friday, December 16th, 2011 7:44 pm

After a solid 30 minutes of installing an ide and making sure i can run flash stuff, i’d say it’s time for a break.

Ideally i’ll be making a hangman game, which was my goto anyway since i don’t know flash and won’t be able to devote the whole time period to making a game. Sadly it meshes with the theme a little to well, i was hoping for something slightly more entertaining like “crocodiles” or “dinosaurs”. But we use what we get.

At-least it wasn’t underground tunnels or something, that might have been awkward. Might have made a tremors/hangman type game then >_>

I’m in! With Bells On!

Posted by
Thursday, December 8th, 2011 9:59 pm

i think i’m going to play “drink the beer” while i attempt to make a game during ludum dare.

I’ll give this whole BAC sweet spot thing a shot..

I think i can swing this one

Posted by
Monday, December 5th, 2011 2:51 am

i’m going to be going for the most basic game i can possibly make in hope of finishing and i’ll probably try to enter the Jam instead of the normal comp. I’ll have a lot on my plate but i think i can swing a hangman game or something simple for my first actual compo

So i’m going to try to be in. :)

I’m In

Posted by
Sunday, August 14th, 2011 4:47 pm

Maybe, i hope.. i may be able to spend a few hours on this ld. which should be enough to create a crap game/demo type thing.. i think i’m capable of it but time is a big factor which i have little of this week.

I just want to participate :/ Even if i don’t accomplish much i’d like to give it a go you know?

If i manage to participate i’ll be using:
sfxr: for sound effects
http://inudge.net/ : for music if i manage to put any in.. with time constraints i wouldn’t count on it.
Gimp/paint for art most likely
Java + Slick2d ~ for creating the game.

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