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Cheeky little cutscene!

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 11:23 am

So I’ve decided what I’m going to do for this jam as it’s more relaxed is just make “one level”. Like a “what if” this game was actually made for the Mega Drive/Genesis. And if people highly enjoy it then I’ll carry on making it into a full game or something 😀

But for now, have a cheeky little gif of a cutscene 😀

Sure is getting hot in ‘ere

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 4:54 am

Just a progress update, couple more levels/bosses finished. Considering this is a relaxed Ludum Dare I might have a little cut off point and continue the story in post jam, not totally sure yet. I’m having so much fun with this little jam project I don’t want to stop! >.<

Lets see what happens 😀


Just before I nap:

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 3:47 pm

Have a GIF. Half way there GIF 😀

Tomorrow is going to be tough, so very tough but luckily this jam has been super fun! Now I must have a nap before I just collapse into a pile of sleepy goo.


Obligatory GIF status upload.

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 9:45 am

So I thought I’d just upload another one of those GIF that shows off how things are coming along. Trying to add a little bit of story and excitement with the game, try to give it some depth.

My plan of attack now is to basically keep going to the end, see how many stages/bosses I can do. I’m aiming for around 10 to 15. We’ll have to see. :/

Hope everyone’s jam is going well ^-^


Keep it simple he says. >.<

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 5:00 am

So I’ve finished the first area and boss! It’s actually coming along rather nicely as well which is a bonus! So here is the first area in a handy GIF:

Now it’s time to crack down on making lots of bosses. I do love my bosses (and explosions!)


Proto Stage :D

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 9:32 am

So the whole engine is finished basically, minus the pause/music stuff. I’ve made a proto level to test out how to place the enemies within the short stages. All that’s left to do is to sprite up tiles and make bosses! (Besides music ofc but I usually leave that to last as it’s my treat)

I really should go to sleep but I’m having way to much fun with this. I think I’m capturing that Treasure vibe :3


Just a quick post so I can have a mind break.

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 5:21 am

So I’ve decided as it’s apparently really a “proper jam” because there isn’t ratings, to make something in my usual run-n-gun style. I’m making a tribute game to my favourite game developer, Treasure.

As you can see, it’s going to be a cross between Gunstar and Alien Solider. I’m putting it in a steampunk style setting, fighting off an ancient race of steam powered robots. I’ve basically finished the engine (just need to finish off some enemy AI) and we’re good to go.

Incoming Guardian.


It’s time again and I’m super excited for this ldjam, considering the last one was awful, (family death slap bang right through the middle of it :( ) However this one hopefully will go much better, even though I’ve had my wisdom teeth taken out (so I’m in a lot of pain) and I’m also jet lagged to hell.


Good luck peeps and have lots of fun! It’s all about fun remember!

LD35 – After Jam Thoughts/News

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 6:29 am

Well, this Ludum Dare hasn’t been too good. In fact it’s been pretty awful. Everything was going very well until the last day, where I received news that sadly my Grandad passed away. This type news can really throw a spanner into the works and with that I decided to stop working on the game. I didn’t really have the right mind set to carry on, I was tired and emotional and I felt the game would suffer. I just wanted to sleep.

(The forms you can play as)

Anyway saying that, I did upload what I had finished (for the most part,) so it’s not all lost. It’d be stupid not to upload what I had really, so hopefully it’ll give a taste of what was to come. The Ludum Dare page should explain what’s there and missing in better detail. It’d say the game is around 70%/75% complete at the time and it was only really missing the final world and bosses, (plus music, but half of that was done.)


I don’t really want to talk more about the game, other than it’s a cute platformer, much like Kirby/Mario. I wanted to do something other than guns for a change. It pretty much sticks with the NES palette and limitations rather well as well. Anyway if you’re interested, then check out the game here:

“Wizard Prototype”

Please remember that the game is unfinished, bug checking and general polish is usually last on my list of things to do, saying that, it’s still pretty bug free and rather large. (20 levels, 3 bosses)
If people are interested in it and generates enough people asking for a finished version I will at a later date, make it into something bigger and better.

For now I want to rest, it’s been a strange weekend,


I believe this will be my fifth Ludum Dare and I’m super excited, not only will I be taking part in the greatest game jam but my game also releases on Steam the very same weekend. ALL THE FUN.

I most likely be using these programs

Development: Fusion2.5 or Flash (Not decided as of yet.)
Art: MSpaint
Music: FLStudio or Cubase
Sound Effects: SFXR

Can’t wait to start jamming! I have no idea why I call this a holiday though, considering I never sleep during it…


Obligatory Results Post

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Monday, January 4th, 2016 10:04 pm


Not bad, worst than last LDjam but I can’t complain overall. Next time, I’m not going to bother with such a huge project though, short and simple seems to be a better ticket.

Hope everyone is pleased with their results! 😀


It’s Sequel Time!

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Thursday, December 17th, 2015 5:41 am

As I really REALLY enjoyed making Ourobos for this LDjam I just have to make a sequel, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in my spare time.

Now that I don’t have three days I complete the game, I’m going to take my time to make something far more polished. Although it will retain some features like the limited map, screen size and general game-play to still keep in tie with the Game Boy feel. 

(She’s grown in size!)

As you can see I’ve already updated the whole engine, added in a new menu/hud, weapons, touched up the controls. I’ve also re-sprited the character/weapons as well! I’m most likely going see if I can get it up onto Steam as a budget title of like $1 to $2 or something.

Anyway also just want to say thanks for all the comments so far on Ourobos! I’m going to get around to playing everyone’s games as soon as I can! I promise!

You can check out the original Ourobos ‘ere: PLAY OUROBOS

Hope everyone is having an awesome time with the games!


Ourobos – After Jam Thoughts

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 11:19 pm

So it’s time to deconstruct how the whole LDjam went down. Now that I’ve finally had some decent sleep, been fed and had a shower it’s time to break down the development of Ourobos and how it all went!

Dawn of the First Day:
With the theme announced it was time to crack on creating something. I’m very glad Growth was one of the options, (a tie, I couldn’t believe it!) as I wanted to create something Metroid/Zelda/Explore-y type of a game. The past couple of games I’ve made for this jam have been my usual silly art/humor, this time I wanted to make something really serious. Saying that, this was what I created in the first hour:

ld34jam1(I couldn’t escape from my usual wacky sprite style! >.<)

So about an hour in, I scrapped what I had and finally went with what we see now. I had the idea of making a Game Boy Color looking/styled game as it’s really quick and easy to sprite/design the art assets for it. So after a couple more hours of spriting we finally had our wee little character and some tiles to start designing/creating the game.

(Unused size sprite on thee left. Handful of tiles. I LOVE 8BIT TILE WORK <3)

So with the majority of the artwork completed it was time to build a basic Metroid-styled engine. I added in a basic in-game map and a handful of weapons/power-ups. I originally wanted to add in a bestiary but alas I didn’t have the time. I spent the next 10 or so hours creating the engine the best I could. I kept going back and fixing little things here and there with it. For example, the doors were a last minute addition to the engine, same with those audio logs.

(Weapons and Power-Ups! Yum Yum!)

So once everything was complete on the engine I went on creating the huge game world that awaits me. I have had 50 rooms to make in under 48 hours, luckily the game size of 160×144 (with 8×8/16×16 tiles) made actually extremely quick to do so. It was roughly around 8am around this point, so I hit my head on the pillow for a couple of hours…

Dawn of the Second Day:

My lovely better half woke me up around 11am. It was 12/12 which meant Krispy Kreme was doing a offer of buying one dozen, get the other one free. I had to go, I needed the sugar and the hour break it took to get them. After I was armed with 24 doughnuts I was ready to tackle the HUGE task of creating the world.

(Planet Ourobos scaled down by X4)

This was the most hectic but fun part of the jam, It usually timed around 1 area per 15-30 minutes. The biggest problem is that there was no planning with the layout or puzzles, I somewhat created it as I went along. (I just didn’t have the time to pre-plan everything.) This pretty much took the whole day a good solid 20 odd hours making the whole world.

(The in-game map)

I originally had FIVE different areas to explore (hence why all the collectibles are in sets of five but I just didn’t have time to include this fifth world. (It was going to be set on a snowy mountain top above the water level.) Saying this, the world clocked in at roughly 9500×4000 pixels. This is pretty damn close to the size of the original Metroid for the NES which is amazing considering I built this world in a day.

(Those evil ‘ickle critters!)

Anyway with no sleep, pumped up on doughnuts I powered through and got all the areas finished. It was such a great feeling! After that I went to sleep for a few hours and got up for the final day.

Dawn of the Final Day:

So after some rest, I had about 8 hours left of the jam. This is where I was the most stupid I guess, I decided to stick in bosses. (Yeah, this was a total after thought really but I did it anyway. It actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would of. I tried to keep them very simple so it wouldn’t take up that much time to insert in.

(The Evolution of the three bosses)

I always planned to put in bosses in, if I had time, which I had. I went with the theme “growth” with these bosses. From the larva, to the cocoon to the butterfly-thing. I originally had a story about this planned for the game but it had to be cut due to time constants, heck I had a big story planned but alas…

So with around three hours left, I finished and created the final boss. I originally wanted some different phases but I just didn’t have the time for that, however instead I did add in the “time bomb set” scene from Metroid right at the end. (I just had too.)

(Time Bomb Set. Get Out Fast!)

I was approaching the last hour, this where I quickly added in the opening/ending cutscenes, stuck in a handful of “audiologs” and made the title screens. I then compiled everything uploaded it to dropbox/Newgrounds and breathed a HUGE sigh!

It. Was. Over.

I managed to make a pocket Metroid in under 72 hours. Complete with different worlds/weapons/enemies/power ups that could easily be seen on a Game Boy Color. I can now rest easy, and easy did I rest. I had the best night sleep I’ve had in months! (I really needed it!)


So overall, I managed to do what I set out to do right at the beginning of the jam. Make a game where you grow with power/strength while adventuring through the world. I always felt Metroid was about you as a player, growing stronger and better while you search for a way out basically.

(When you get to create the final area, you know the end is in sight!)

I felt I personally done better than last time but I doubt the votes will reflect that, I just don’t know. Even though what I’ve created in this short time is somewhat impressive, I just felt the last game I did for LD33 had way more style and umph. I really hope I beat my last scores but my hopes aren’t high. Saying that, I had amazing amount of fun with this one and I’d love to develop this game further! We’ll see on the scores eh.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy playing the game, I highly recommend playing the PC-Windows version as it’s far superior and lovely. You can check out my jam page ‘ere:

Jam Page. (I love me jam)

I can’t wait to start playing and reviewing all the great games peeps have done! The quality just keeps on getting better and better every year. Anyway I hope people have fun playing me game and also had fun with the jam!

I’m going to try and get through as many games as I can! If you play and leave a comment I’ll try my best to get back and play/reviews yours! I’m aiming for around 5-10 games a day for the next couple of weeks :)



Finished! Play Ourobos! :3

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 2:22 am

So it’s all finished. I can’t believe that I managed to pull this off but I present you Ourobos! It’s basically a mini Metroid style game, complete with different areas, bosses, weapons and cutscenes!

Check it out over ‘ere:
Play Ourobos
You can download it and play it on Windows for the full experience of play a watered down version on flash. It’s up to you! I have also uploaded a full playthrough/walkthrough of the game ‘ere: Walkthrough

Can’t wait to get stuck into the games these next upcoming weeks, but for now my pillow is calling me! Also if you play me game and leave a review I’ll try very hard to come and review ye game as well as that’s the awesome spirit of Ludum Dare! ^_^


This Will Be Super Close. (Again…)

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 7:42 pm

Yet again, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew really. Saying that, development is going strong and I’m very nearly done with all the areas which is awesomesauce! I’m hoping I’ll have some extra time at the end to add in little extra’s like audio/story logs and general polish.

But for now I just want the game to be finished and fully playable and I think I’m on goal for that.

I’ll leave ye with yet another animated GIF image, this time, our lil’ heroine is swimming with the fishes! ^_^

Hoping every one having a great jam! ^-^


Pixels, Explosions and Caffeine. (Also 24 doughnuts.)

Posted by (twitter: @@sinclairstrange)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 12:03 am

So half way there and the game is coming along amazingly oddly. The great thing about having a small play field is that it’s super quick to create levels/blocks. (Considering I’ve got 50 to finish it’s a really blessing.)

I’ve finished the engine, pixel art, all that is left to do is to create these levels and possibly add in bosses/cutscenes if I have time at the end.

But for now, have another lovely animated GIF and some video footage.

‘Ere is some footage of the game in action: First handful of areas

Hope everyone’s jam is going well! I can’t wait to play some of these games I’m seeing! ^-^


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