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Project Dungeonbane Accomplished

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 3:08 pm

Project Dungeonbane Accomplished


This is my first participation in Ludum Dare jams, have done previous Global Game Jams with team.

This time, I went solo and managed to accomplish it within 72 hours (less than 12 hours of sleep).

Love the theme “You are the Monster”, always wanted to make a dungeon-building game, hell yeah!

I had so much satisfactions from this jam as I was anticipating how would the game feel and the end result of it was just FUN! FUN! FUN!

Please try it out and let me know, download links are as below:

  1. Windows Version
  2. MacOS Version
  3. Link to rate

Hope you’ll enjoy playing it.


There are two possible roles in this game:
1. Be the Dungeon Master – Setup monsters in your dungeons, don’t let the escapist run away!
2. Be the Dungeon Escapist – Attempts to escape the dungeon created by the Dungeon Master!

Dungeon Escape Controls = { Up, Down, Left, Right } Arrow Keys.

– It will be more fun to have different players as Dungeon Master & Dungeon Escapist.
– Due to time constraint, there are still number of design flaws which may make Dungeon Master over powered. Fellow Dungeon Master please be reasonable 😛
– I’m a pure programmer, therefore – Graphics & Audios were 80% obtained f

Lesson Learnt

Some mistakes I did throughout this LD33 jam where I wasted a lot of time:

  1. I end up re-coding due to lack of concept design – Gotta spend more time on concept design next time
  2. AI code was completely screwing me as I had to code the algorithm from scratch – Reuse AI code/plugins whenever possible
  3. Had to find free source/paid assets from Asset Store due to my lack of graphic design/sound composing skills – Brush up on my graphic design/sound compose skill

Time to catch some sleep… Zzz.

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