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First day progress

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:23 pm


We are working on small detective story here! Concentrating on code and storyline =)
We have no artists in our team this time so models are free models from asset stores =/

Hoping to get things done and working in time (for Jam)!


Oh, by the way. I’ve totally forgot to say that I’m in!

Porting porting…

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 1:31 pm


I’m currently porting our “a TV Show” game from Unity web player to desktops (win|mac|nix).

I love how Unity make most programmer’s tasks a two click deal. But you still have a lot of places to screw up.

Our biggest problem was to learn how to correctly handle different screen resolutions. It’s not a big deal in case of 3D game because by default Unity just clips a little bit of visible space from the sides of the screen and scale UI elements. Which is in our case is totally inappropriate – in our 2D game we want to fit all content without clipping any media or changing the aspect ratio and all UI elements should also stay in place.

This not only make game look bad, but also make it completely unplayable, which is really a pain in … ‘dat place, you know! =/

So, go test your entry’s playability with various screen resolutions and different aspect ratios (as far as I understand, fixes are allowed by the Rules). And if you are using Unity – here is nice solution for screen ratio problems.

Good Luck!

Our entry: TV Show

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:19 pm

Hello everyone!

We are the team of six. We’ve been creating our game from scratch using Unity game engine.

We resulted in a pioneer-genre game: a TV Simulator (We’ve got faith in the great future of the genre 😉 )

We called it a TV Show or a One Screen Game.

To our big surprise our team was awarded the first prize in the category “best game” in hackathon GamesJamMicrosoft held on December 6-7 in Moscow.


The game is a graphics and audio story about several generations of the same family.

You are a RUBIN 401 TV-set. You can change channels and show the family members their favourite or unloved programmes.

Your goal is to bring the whole family together on the sofa and make them watch you.

Give it a try!

Thanks to you all and Good Luck!

Entry link

Russian version

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