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December 5th-8th, 2014

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First Part of my Game [When Mutant Cells Attack Melons!]

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 6:10 pm

Programming after 40 Minutes!
Most of the Game is Complete (I Only Started today so My game is Not Gonna be the Greatest But its something)



Alot more to be added I Have a Long day Ahead of me
Back to Programming!

(The Timelapse video will be uploaded after the Ludum Dare)

I am Joining

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 7:43 pm

Language: GML
Libraries: None
IDE: Game Maker Studio: Professional
Graphics: Paint.NET, and the GMS Sprite Editor
Sound: sfxr
Music: Probably None

Not a Begging for Money But if you want to

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 3:56 pm

I Would love to have Access to Game Maker Studio Master Collection so that I can release my games on a Multitude of Platforms without having to rely on Friends (My other programmer friends) to export for me
If you are feeling nice perhaps consider sending me a few dollars to help my cause
The link is at the top of this post

Please note I am not begging you to send me money you can do it with your own free will :)

Post-Mortem – Jetpack Refueler 10 Seconds! Goooooo

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 1:43 am

Not really Much of a Post Mortem but Here goes

I Decided to Make Jetpack Refueler after Some Thought Process and Quickly decided on a Button Masher :)
What better way to spend 10 Seconds than try and Mash the Mouse 100 Times in 10 Seconds :)
Left click and Right Click away :D :D :D

However the Game took A Little under 2 Hours to make and then I drew a Make Shift Jetpack which Isn’t very Good anyway D: But whatever

I Hope you guys Enjoy it :)

Finally got to Join a Ludum Dare :)

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:24 am

I Finally have time to Join a Ludum Dare :)
And it’s thankfully during a Ludum Dare :)

I’ve Developed a Simple Uber Clicking Thingie :) It’s a Game where you gotta Refuel the Jetpack !!!

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Jetpack Refueler 10 Seconds!

Charity Game Jam Post Morterm – Create A Sokoban

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 6:02 pm

Create A Sokoban Turned out really great in the end
And Managed to Get it Updated Once During time frame of the Game Jam
Since then I have Updated it again With more Features that are not Normally Part of Sokoban these Include the Doors The Switches the stairs and Holes Its Pretty Awesome

Head Over to: And Look for Create A Sokoban its Awesome

Im Currently in the process of Updating it Once Again I Have Changed the way you select blocks and use the Menu into a Drop Down List and also Fixed a few bugs though don’t expect it to be updated for a while with these features :D

Create A Sokoban – My Charity Game Jam Entry

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Saturday, November 24th, 2012 8:02 pm

Head over to And Looks for The Create A Sokoban Cartridge

After I Finished Creating RetroTron I started to get bored and wanted to Know if I Could post more than one game and I Can

So I got to work on this simple Game/Level Editor

Basically what it is Is a Level editor so That you can Create Your own Sokoban Levels (If you don’t Know What Sokoban is the Game Information will tell you)
I Started at about 11am This Morning and Just Uploaded it less than 5 Minutes ago

I Will Probably make A Sequel if its Good

Who would be interested in a different type of ld challenge

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 7:06 pm

I Just had an Idea of a New type of Ludum Dare

Basically you use a Game Development program that I will develop Prior to the Challenge and then you use that to come up with the Best game using its limited capabilities

Im just wondering who would be interested in such a challenge?

My Charity Game Jam Game: RetroTron

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 6:14 pm

I Decided to start early but it seems I finished early

I will submit it on the day But I want to get your guys thoughts now to see what I should add or change and stuff

Download RetroTron for Windows

Its a Very Difficult Game
It was developed in Game Maker 7 Pro (I decided to use an old tool to make an old style game)
I can Probably add most things that you guys want me to add I don’t Mind I enjoy Making games

Although it doesnt seem it can have alot more Anyway comment what you think

If its not fun then I can easily make another game No problems there

Coming December 17th: WallJumper The Game

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Sunday, November 18th, 2012 7:37 pm

*Movie Voice Activate*
Coming This December to an Internet Near you

The Greatest Game ever made by Shubshub Productions

A Ludum Dare Project Made in 48 Hours

*Movie Voice End*
[It seems Im getting Ideas from People Raging in Video Games currently lol]

Scaling Walls Has Never been Harder
Now it is

2 Worlds 20 Levels [Ludum Dare Version] [I Will Try to Make as Many of the 5 Worlds as Possible though but 2 Worlds is the Goal for the Ludum Dare]

5 Worlds 50 Levels [Full Version]

The Story [Fixed by Cipher]

In Aeropia, it has always been peaceful, until one day the GroundTredders Invade from the world of Down Under!
They steal the very thing keeping Aeropia in the air. Their plan is to take over the universe by destroying every other world therefore, forcing people to bow down to them for food and water
At first it was just about getting back the Aero Crystal and saving your world and defeating the GroundTredders however, it soon becomes an Insanely difficult task to save the entire world from destruction at the hands of an Unknown Entity

The Worlds
World 1: Aeropia [Easy]
World 2: Down Under
World 3: Fire Kingdom
World 4: Portal Zone
World 5: Dark Aeropia
And Possibly More if the Game is Epic

World 1: GroundTredder
World 2: King Tred
World 3: Fire Demon
World 4: Black Hole Monster
World 5: The Unknown Entity

Known Hazards
Water – Like all WallJumper’s They Can’t Swim they Instantly Drown
Lava – Like any Living Organic Creature Lava is Hot and Therefore Instant Death
Stopping on land – We don’t Know why But Stopping once activating the Grappling Hook Causes WallJumper to Die We never found out the cause for this its just like that ok
Lasers – Like 99% of the Beams that Emit Heat Lasers are Hot and therefore will Instantly Kill WallJumper
Toaster – No its not a House Hold Toaster its more like a Complex Trap that Will Kill You if you Touch it

Known Enemies
Like all Great games they have atleast 1 Form of enemy
Rust Cannon – Similar to the Rocket Launcher in the Super Meat Universe except that it shoots Rust and is Much MUCH Harder to dodge its projectiles If it hits your Grappling Hook it can Rust it instantly and it will break causing you to fall

The Goal
To Prevent the Worlds Destruction By Defeating the Ultimate Boss the Unknown entity
Which you discover after beating World 1

Extra Info
Name: WallJumper The Game
Genre: Wall Scaler
Theme: ??? [Not Yet Decided]
Release Date: December 17th
Description: An Epic Game all About Scaling Walls
Developed In: Stencyl Engine
Platform: Flash
Made for: Ludum Dare 25 2012 December 14th-17th

Current Confirmed Tools
Grappling Shot

Current Confirmed Characters
WallJumper [Originally Appeared in: WallJumper The Game]
Molecule Boy [Originally Appeared in: Molecule Boy…]
AtoMregal [Originally Appeared in: Molecule Boy…]
GroundTredder [Originally Appeared in: WallJumper The Game]

Some Information about WallJumper
WallJumper is the Main Character of this Epic Wall Scaler Game However there is some information
about him below

WallJumper is not very Agile however he is very capable of getting anywhere thats right anywhere at all
As long as he uses some kind of Grappling Hook Yup thats right Use the Grappling Hook Abillities/Tools to scale through each and every level



See Full Thread Here: Thread on Stencyl

MoleculeMan… A New Indie Game

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 11:28 pm

I Have started developing my first indie game


I Call it MoleculeMan

Created by Shubshub Productions [The one man company]


MoleculeMan… is a new 16-Bit Indie game in development that follows the adventures of the main character MoleculeMan as he travels the lands in hopes of saving his Friends

The game will feature the following
Stats that you can Upgrade
Beautiful Tiles from the wonderful Forge known as StencylForge
Equipment that will give you Bonuses
Many Enemies

Lets begin this story from the start shall we
The village of AtomsVille was a Quiet village in the Molecule sized Universe it was filled with many happy and lively villagers until one day the evil Dr Electron invaded the small village and stole there new technology that can give anyone ultimate power
With the new technology stolen and still very unstable they thought that the world would soon come to an end until one brave soul decided to fight back his name was MoleculeMan and he wanted to get this new technology back and save the world.

New Indie game in development

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 8:40 pm

DotMan is the name and side scroller is the game


Im making a new Indie game called DotMan its going to be a Side Scroller game

A Flash Game made using Stencyl


DotMan is on an Adventure to save the world

He will travel through Many area’s adapt to many different genre’s of gameplay and most of all it will be fun


I will keep you guys posted

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