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A lesson in the madness

Posted by (twitter: @shs_inc)
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 6:17 pm

For this ludum dare I made a game about a character trying to make a game. The idea isn’t terribly novel and there was very little game to it, but I think there’s something that can be learned from it.


The story of the game involves a character who attempts to make his own game, but completely fails to attract any sort of outside interest. Players won’t download his games even for free, reviewers won’t give him the time of day, and overall nobody cares. He pours a great deal of time into his craft but ultimately gives up after failing to earn not just fame, but any recognition whatsoever.

Anyone who has done any sort of creative endeavor, which of course includes making a game, can probably relate to the character’s plight. There is always a very distinct possibility that you’ll spend hundreds or thousands of hours on a project, and in the end it’ll only be looked at by an extremely tiny minority of people,  assuming anyone looks at it at all.  It’s a very miserable feeling when you think about it. You may spend a thousand hours working on something only to have everything you’ve done written off and ignored for reasons you’ll never know.

So what’s the lesson here? It’s simple: you have to accept the possibility that nobody except you will ever give a care about anything you produce, and continue your creative endeavor for one reason: because you enjoy it.


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