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Ludum Dare — I’m in (jam)

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 7:39 am

This will be my first full Ludum Dare event! I was so excited to participate, but then I saw that there was a Star Trek convention near me on Sunday, in addition to a half-day event/obligation on Saturday. Oh well.

I decided that, even if I can’t do the regular compo, maybe I can try doing the Jam with my limited time. I’m excitedly waiting for the Dare to begin.

I’ll be using the Unity3D engine (ever since I discovered it at the beginning of the summer, I have been in love with it), Blender for 3D modeling, GIMP (maybe also MSPaint) for textures, C# and JavaScript for coding (primarily JavaScript), plus Audacity and a microphone for sounds/narration.

I am excited to see how all of your games turn out, in addition to mine. Have fun!

My first MiniLD game!

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 10:00 am

I am excited to present my first ever submission to any Ludum Dare competition, Dreamscape.

Unfortunately, there is already a submission to this MiniLD known as Dreamscape. It isn’t a game, so there shouldn’t be confusion, but if there is, I would suggest that people refer to my game as Dreamscape: The Game.

A full explanation of how to play the game and the download links are in my official submission, but you can play the game (using WASD) at bit.ly/dreamscape-game. The goal is to get to the source of the black particles and the pulsating noise, through an ever-shifting maze. I couldn’t have included it in my game, but during development I listened to the Antichamber Suite II (it really fit the atmosphere).

This game was only my second project in Unity, although this was the first cohesive game I have made (in Unity). My previous project was basically just a playground for exploring various features of Unity. I have a lot of Python experience (and some in PyGame), and mild C experience. I have also done some web development, so I know JavaScript. In Dreamscape, I mostly used JavaScript, as I don’t really know C#, and Boo has very little support by the Unity3D community (for my first project, I needed several code samples).

I look forward to participating in more MiniLDs, and the main Ludum Dare!

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