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Best Mobile Game - LD 37 (Jam)
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on January 3, 2017
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One Rum in one room full of rum

Posted by
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 5:33 pm

one rum

ONE RUM is finished! (sort of). Time to get drunk for real.

We’re in… One Rum Mad Drunk simulation under progress

Posted by
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:33 pm


He’s in the rum factory and he’s thirsty. MOAR RUM!

I’m in

Posted by
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:01 am

And I’m in (just in case someone’s interested and I think it’s in the rules to say so…)

I’m in… har har har!

Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2014 7:00 pm

I’m in, unless snowman wins. As almost always – using Unity3D, my mouth and my killer drawing skills to make another “game” that makes your eyes bleed.

Argh… finally done, just in time for the jam submission. It’s even playable, although it has almost nothing I originally wanted…

If anyone wants some brain damage, here you go:



Going for jam… :/

Posted by
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 2:47 pm

Due to the time I wasted yesterday desperately trying to find a way to fit a LD game in a motto “Beyond the surface of sanity dark madness lurks…” and then time wasted with learning blender so I can have at least some simple 3d objects (should have stayed with 2d…) I’m nowhere near to finish :( Random generator more or less works, but all you can you is shoot the walls and lamps and wander around until you find an exit that leads to another (randomly generated) level…

Unless I can magically stop the time and add at least some stuff I want to have there, I’ll probably go for the jam and use another day to finish the game…


I’m in…

Posted by
Friday, April 25th, 2014 1:31 pm

Once again, I’m in. Going to use unity3d (99% probability, but I might use something else if I’ll have some interesting idea based on the theme…)


Posted by
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 7:42 pm


Finished, uploaded for most of platforms, quite happy with the result especially considering the bad flu I was fighting with and theme I didn’t like (But this time I more or less kept with it). This is probably the first time when I attempted (because of the flu) something small and so it’s a bit more polished then my usual entries.

Presenting CARDOCALYPSE, a bit weird card solitaire of sorts. Only one card can remain on the playfield in the end! (Now I shall present myself to the bed…)

GamePlay video from the postcompo version of the Screaming Cubes

Posted by
Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 3:38 pm

There’s no sound, but I’ve at least put some annotations to explain what’s going on.

Gameplay video

Screaming Cubes post-compo version

Posted by
Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 1:24 pm

I’ve finally compiled together a post-compo, 1.1 version of my space simulator Screaming Cubes (incidentally just in time to maybe get some rates for the original version too).

Version 1.1 is vastly improved (after all, it’s several more days worth of work, not just two days), while still (of course) buggy, bit unbalanced and rather bare-bones prototype of a much bigger game then small tidy polished proper LD entry, but I prefer it that way anyway… I’ve decided to take SC as my official hobby project (I needed one anyway after all those years) and I have a lot of plans what to do with it… but right now I need to know – are there other possible players? I like my game a lot, but you could say it’s a custom made for a guy who spent hours and hours flying x-wing and Tie-fighter and elite and privateer and X Beyond and others and who always wanted a game like this but made in his own way, with a lot more freedom…

So calling for all space pilots! Let your voices be heard and force me to do another update!

Web version, Kongregate hosted
Web + Windows version on dropbox

Rate page

Hundred rated, best five I found…

Posted by
Monday, May 6th, 2013 10:22 am

Since I hit a 100 rated games, I’ve decided to check my scoring and pick some of the best I’ve yet found, in no particular order:

Potato Dungeon by _Rilem – JAM

Very good platformer (although I wasn’t able to get past the horse).

Square Space by Berkano – 48H

2d shooter combined with mining and building.

Steve Can’t Zen by DaanVaanYperen – 48H

Excellent and funny action game. I laughed (which was very rare while rating).

Syntesthesis by TheFuntastic – 48H

Great concept for musical puzzle game, too bad there’s just few levels and no free play.

Mustache Armies by TurboDindon – JAM

Great platform action game, both idea and visuals are incredible (I’d probably mark this as THE best game I’ve found in one hundred tested.

Screaming Cubes postmortem

Posted by
Monday, April 29th, 2013 3:43 pm

So, after getting some well deserved sleep I finally had to play my game for a while, other then quick tests here and there during the weekend… and I’m pretty impressed with myself, if my say so, even though there are no potatoes. ¬†I’d guess this is my best entry so far, even though it’s plagued with imbalance, few bugs and especially some missing features. I think I’ll probably make a post-compo extended version with at least some of the stuff. First I’m gonna play and rate some of other games, although it’s getting more and more hopeless with each new LD… I wonder when we’re going to hit the 5000 games record ūüėÄ

Now, having said what I said, let’s go to introducing my entry, The Screaming Cubes, a scifi flight combat / mining simulator:


This here is player’s mothership, crashlanded on unknown planet (currently shooting at annoying enemy drone). ¬†It needs a lot of resources for repair, but luckily the area is rich in minerals and also enemy bases which can contain a lot of resources (and that build drones which can be harvested after some shooting for bits of useful stuff).

So after shooting first enemy, it’s time to raid his base (there is only one that close to player’s starting position that it’s drone will automatically attack) and return the visit… it takes some time to destroy the base, even with the cratering missiles, but there’s a lot of resources and¬†occasionally¬†some free upgrades inside. On the other hand having one close enemy base means you will have a constant if annoying source of missiles and some ore from the drones…. Depends on you.


The simple winning goal that I put in the game is to gather 2000 ore and 2000 uranium to leave the planet… and it takes a lot of time.

There are few things which are really missing in the game, making it a bit too complicated. I managed to cram almost all of the stuff I hoped to get inside, way more then I though I’ll be able to do. But still, some pretty simple stuff which I just hadn’t time to do is sorely missing, namely ability to call your mothership somewhere else, reducing time spent ferrying ores back and here…. Good radar/map is the second missing feature. And of course, balancing, balancing, balancing… I managed to break the game game a bit with addition of engine upgrades… making first version too slow and last so fast you’re going to hit your own blaster shots :/


If you’re interested in reasoning / inspiration about me making this game for Ludum Dare, especially for the “Minimalism” theme, here goes:

I really disliked the theme. Really. Hated it. Meaning of the theme ¬†can be interpreted in just a few ways… and essentially every LD game is minimalistic by nature, because there’s just no time to do something really big / complex. So artistic minimalism is usually a must anyway. Gameplay minimalism? I wasn’t interested in design studies on the theme of minimal game play elements (I admit some of the entries using this approach were interesting to look at, but less to play)… ¬†other meanings? I just plainly hated it (and admit, had no really good original idea) and therefore I went the road of cramming the element on something I’d consider playable… Didn’t take much time to decide to put together a Magic Carpet style game… although I quickly changed the setting to scifi and after some experiments with Unity terrain and my ability to deform it a bit left idea of doing Elite / Asteroids 3d clone and stayed on earth or well, whatever that planet is called. I thought about making a randomly generated levels (doable, but just hadn’t time) and Magic carpet mirroring terrain style that would leave me without a need to artificially enclose the area (I hadn’t dared to even try this… it would be easy enough for terrain, much worse to sync all game objects etc, so I got stuck with 8 by 8 km terrain).

The overall idea is mostly captured in the game as it is now… wish list contained several more features, like the already mentioned ability to control and upgrade the mother ship, mothership mining lasers, homing missiles, maybe few more types of enemies / structures, making it more tactical (currently enemies don’t attack the mothership, I originally imagined the game as a combat between two mothership / player fighters in the area with universally hostile enemies and little bases). It was way too ambitious for two days (as my attempts usually are) and I’m surprised that it went so well in the end. (Of course, only if you like flying sims and are willing to invest some time to learning to handle your craft and shooting, that it’s way too tricky right now… ).


So to sum it up, what went good:

– Unity… this time it mostly worked as I wanted, with the exception of constant strange crashes of the editor… that were caused by using it mod files – converting them to ogg meant serious size increase, but no crashes anymore… also I was quite happy ¬†that I can just cowboy code and put the stuff together in a way I’d never do if I was doing something “real” for the fear of the later problems and optimalization issues.

– Overall concept / idea and chosen goals

– Art style (originally meant to be a bit more boxy, but whatever, it fits anyway, and can be considered minimalistic)

– Mood – I wasn’t sure, but in the end using ultra simple skybox with the simple setting / distant sun and quite dark feel is pretty good (or possibly just grew on me… you’ll have to decide for yourself)

– Craft handling / dogfights – although the shooting is now¬†needlessly¬†hard, you can learn pretty quick and (with some upgrades bought in the mothership) the dogfights tend to be real fun. Handling (don’t let the stupid last time decision to give player weak level 1 engine fool you, buy the level 2 at start of the game in the mothership) is pretty good ¬†– and it should be considering the time I’ve spent to patch stuff in it’s physics model.

– Few attempts with autotracker managed to get me three songs that are happily cycling in the background, so this time I even have acceptable audio, both sfx and music.

-and ESPECIALLY: I succeeded in making a game that I myself enjoy and play and would love to make even better :) nice change from making boring commercial casual games that pays my bills….


What went bad:

– I spent a stupid¬†amount¬†of time of making the stupid turrets behave as they should… ¬†I hoped for some simple and quick solution without resorting to some more formal math needed for IK… and I got my ass whipped by my fast attempts to hack quaternions and geo math to do what I want (only to find out that my problems were mostly caused by wrong model)… succeeded in the end, but it took valuable time from balancing game

– Balancing (almost not done at all, only when making the flight model), that got broken a bit by the last time addition of the upgrades. It works much better then I hoped, but it is still far from perfect.

– Not giving player enough information (ie beating his head until he realizes what he can and should do) – I made some notes in both loading level and in the main menu, but it was clearly not enough (questions like “why doesn’t the big ship shoot at me”, “oh, I can fly, I though I was a turret”, “what? ore can be mined from terrain with rockets?” and “what? there are missiles?” shows this oversight pretty well).

Рnot exactly bad, but could be considered so, especially for someone who tries to dig  through the entries and rate at least some of them: I made a too complex game that requires some time to familiarize with before it can be enjoyed

Oh, and before I forget….


Want to play and rate?




Yaaaaaaaaaaaa…. done…..!

Posted by
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 7:23 pm



And so I am done… Web and windows version uploaded, sources uploaded, game seems to be working… I’m happy and I’ll go sleep :)


Hopefully no stupid bugs (I’m sure there are some, but hopefully not very annoying)… game balance is a bit of a joke, but everything seems to be working…


Key features:

Scifi flight sim with shooting and mining and upgrading

Destroyable terrain

Quite a lot of work for two days, I guess this is my most “finished” entry ever. There are few things that remained in the wishlist, like enemy battleship and upgrades for player’s ship, but maybe I’ll do a postcompo version… maybe not. I’m so sleepy I don’t even know who I am.



My entry

Day 1 Build

Posted by
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 6:42 pm

Sooo… time to get some shutdown time. Still a lot to do, even for the minimalistic version, but if anyone’s bored, take a look on a day 1 build.


Not much to do yet, just three annoying enemy ships and some terrain (which can be destroyed with crater missiles, press 2 to select them).

I originally though about making it in space, and maybe I will in the end, but for now the unity terrain and some minimalistic blocky textures….


SCREAMING CUBES, day 1 build

First prototype done…

Posted by
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:15 am

First prototype done (I really should prepare some framework for LD so I won’t have to start from the scratch next time).

Controls are mouse, WASD for movement, R + F up and down, Q and E for roll, X fires the missile.

Not much done yet, but I feel good about it anyway….



Unity plugin required:

Screaming Cubes

Once again…

Posted by
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 12:38 am

Once again I have to denounce the theme and express my dislike for it :/ every LD game is minimalist by nature… I have no wish to experiment with some minimalist game play like one button game… and art would be minimalistic anyway…. so I’ll probably just do something and more or less ignore the theme :)


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