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Lighthouse Mystery (post-mortem)

Posted by
Saturday, December 31st, 2016 12:43 pm

Hello everyone and happy new year!

We are two brothers from Moscow (Russia) who had almost no experience in game development 3 years ago. We’ve been participating in Ludum Dare for the hmmm… 10th time, I guess and thanks for LD we gained a lot of game development experience over these years. We started from shitty 2D pixel-art graphics on XNA engine ending with 3D multiplayer games with PBR materials.  Here are our previous most successful and less successful entries.

And this time we made a first-person puzzle game.

Play Lighthouse Mystery

Lighthouse Mystery. Ludum Dare #37

Lighthouse Mystery. Ludum Dare #37

Read more about development below:


Generation Ship Post Mortem

Posted by
Thursday, August 28th, 2014 9:40 pm

IMG_25082014_111805Our game


Our game started as one idea and changed many times through development. After some not-so-good entries on former LDs we strongly decided to use Unity this time. We’ve started to learn it some time before this LD especially for this one purpose. And everything worked out well, I suppose. Somehow this Ludum Dare wasn’t nearly as stressfull as former ones, even though we were struggling with ideas elaboration a lot.

We’ve started with an idea to make a puzzle game about a giant abandoned fleet of starships, endlessly slow moving to there god-knows-what destination and one man, who tries to reach one special ship by managing different ships on his way. Core of the gameplay back than was all about docking ships together, connecting them and their tiny ecosystems in order to change this little worlds. It was a not-so-straight development of out theme, Connected Worlds. I thought it was one smooth idea, but then we discussed it and understood that it was pretty much too simple, it seemed more complex than it really was. So we ended up with a game about only one ship and all the living things aboard it.

First time using Unity for such a complex thing terrified us, especially after our former entries, which ended up pretty undone and later on abandoned. So we tried to make our game a 2d side-scroller. In half a day we would say “Fuck everyhting, we want to make something big and cool”. So we moved to a 3D state.


First glance on 3D version

Some time ago we realised we are getting well, we have a solid gameplay, we have a good start platform thanks to Unity and were thinking on how to make our game better. And here goes AI. We were looking for a voice actress for a whole day, asking on LD IRC channel, asking our friends to participate. Anyone to participate in our project for free. And than we found Polina, the magnificent voice of our AI. We’ve written all the phrases in a short period of time and she made a voice-over and added filters. Our AI got her voice.

That was truly a great experience after all, not only to take a part in that competition, which happened trice before, but to actually finish a game, to see how it growth even more than you hoped to see. Everything went perfect this time and we regret nothing.

“The Dome” Post-mortem

Posted by
Thursday, May 1st, 2014 6:54 am

The Dome_introCheck out our game here

We’ve tried to make a rather complicated rogue-like game with abilities, leveling and random dungeons generation at our previous LD entry, but were too late. This time we decided to make something simpler and ended up with a platformer. It happened to be not as simple as we planned, we’ve designed 22 levels, but didn’t add them all before deadline.

We’ve decided not to use Unity this time again (We thought about that, though) so we had to make everything from the start and ended up with a Windows version only. We had our own level editor, which was rather helpfull. We had to adapt it to our needs though, which consumed a lot of our time.

We’ve changed our game mechanics on the run several times. We had an idea of that oasis-city in the middle of the nowhere, but we had completely no idea how to make our game interesting to play, so we decided to left our atmospheric adventure behind and ended up with a hardcore platformer like “Super Meat Boy” or “I wanna be the guy” with double jumps.

Level Editor:
we had our own level editor, which was originally made for another game, and it worked well, we’ve made rather complicated levels with ease.IMG_01052014_172559

It was made by my younger brother. He made a lot of work, there are 116 textures in total. We had some argues about the prefered colour scheme, but then kuler.adobe.com helped us a lot.

One of us wrote three tracks to use in this game in his spare time, and all the sounds were taken of bfxr and freesound.org

A bit late, but “We’re in”

Posted by
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:44 am

Hello guys.

We’re participating Jam for the second time, hope we’ll finish this game.




  • Xna / Monogame (with port to html5 via JSIL)
  • Photoshop
  • Graphics Gale
  • Custom Level Editor

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