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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 3:55 pm

I am extremely disappointed. This has been my first Ludum dare and it was here I made my first game, this will be my LAST Ludum dare, and here is why:

Everyone who played my game and left a comment said the game was good, but my results say that when it came to rating my game isn’t even average in a single category. I worked hard on my game and it is a good game, sure the web port has a few bugs like the fact that it plays in a 1080p frame forcing you to zoom out to see the whole thing, but it was my first step into game development, and I did it alone. I was proud of my game so I played and voted for plenty of other games so my game would be seen by more people, but I don’t even think half of the people who rated my game even played it.

The Ludum Dare encourages participants to rate their competition’s games, and rewards them based on how many games they rated for as well how well their ratings compare with other people. This system rewards people for rapidly giving other games bad ratings, which effectively lower the competition’s rating and boosts their “coolness” at the same time.

I was looking forward to seeing the results of this competition, but now I regret even bothering to check. Who ever came up with the current rating system should be ashamed. Good luck to any future participants, because how lucky you are is the only factor deciding if someone will play your game before they rate it.

48 hour contestants should only be allowed to rate 72 hour entries, and 72 hour contestants should only be able to vote for 48 hour entries. That way they can’t increase their odds of winning by giving bad ratings to their competition. There should also be a system to disregard ratings made by people who consistently give unrealistic ratings to several games. If somebody always gives a rating of all ones their ratings shouldn’t be counted against those games because they didn’t really rate the game the merely spamed the rating system.

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