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Spirit-uality: A Post-Ludum Update

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Sunday, December 20th, 2015 5:40 pm

Check out the new and improved post-Ludum Spirit-uality!

I wanted to make the game somewhat more polished as the first submission was very raw. The sounds didn’t get replaced like I wanted. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea on how to get more video-game-sounding effects for next time. It’s still lacking in gameplay, but I’m proud of how it fits the themes of Growing and Two Button Controls.

Spirituality Spirit


Bug Fixes:

  • Controls can no longer be set to the same key
  • Spirit now regrows normally after reducing to smallest size


  • Revamped the final Boss. Will no shoot you until you or it are dead
  • DOWN: hold to prep attack, release to launch bolt
  • UP: spam to raise shields to block the boss’ projectiles
  • Lengthened the world by ten times for those that need it
  • Pressing ‘esc’ now exits the game
  • Game over when the spirit is hit when it’s already the smallest size
  • Six more good deed encounters
  • Tutorial now displays what happens in-game when the user presses UP and DOWN


  • Jerry fist pumps on six successes in a row
  • Jerry will have a fit if he misses a good deed when he’s on a streak
  • Sky: changed the texture, and now fades in and out to go from night to day more clearly
  • Added screenshake
  • Spirit hovers slightly in place
  • Replaced default window logo
  • Many textures were retouched

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