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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:37 pm


Mama always told me to keep a safe distance between myself and the advancing wall of doom.

Navigate treacherous terrain while a giant wall of fire chases you at unreasonable speed! Increase your boost meter by getting rad airtime! And…that’s about it. All content including audio is procedurally generated, except the car model, which I punched in by hand. This means the filesize is small; the linux binary is 66 kB. Note: It seems I forgot to compile a linux version after my last change–putting in code to restart the game when you die and press space/shift. Also this doesn’t work like I intended on windows (restarts immediately if you’re boosting when the wall hits you). That and the fact that there’s no scoring are the biggest problems. I’ll do a postcompo version with some more polish later.

Controls: up, down, left, right to move. shift/space to boost.


Official entry: Download 256kB (win32,linux)

DOWNLOAD THIS: Download 491k with DLLs (win32) if you’re not sure you have OpenAL. This is an update that’s way past the deadline, but it’s the same as above except with DLL files for audio.

Check out the postmortem for commentated journal and dev screenshots.

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