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YOGO Swat Member: Post Compo

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 1:43 pm


So, surprisingly, people seem to like our game, which is quite a big success, according to our lack of experience in making games. I’m happy to see that, now we are trying to improve the game a bit. There’s no any pressure now and we don’t have deadline, but i think we can release full playable post-compo version in next two-three weeks (i don’t think we will code much at Christmas).

In the meantime, I created 5 more levels with higher level of difficulty and repaired some bugs (e.g. the Parkinson-bug: bots sometimes started to shaking rapidly and didn’t shoot). You can see it now:

Play it!


We are still thinking what to add there to make it beautiful and funny, without breaking main concept and making things worse. Comment, if you have any idea.

YOGO almost finished!

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 3:57 pm

Hello! At the end of the day (quite literally) we finished some playable stuff and I’m extremelly happy to see our game running without major bugs. Now there’s only 4 hours left and it’s time for short summary.

View The Game

We worked in two-man team and it was first LD for both of us, however we have some experience in coding. The theme suprised us and we still don’t have any creative ideas about it and finally the game is based on old and quite boring conception.


The goal is simply to kill all enemies. But you don’t know where they are and they kills you by one hit.

What went well? Actually much. Collisions work perfectly (however there was some math behind that and we wasted too much time for debugging magic numbers). Map format is quite flexible, but I wished there would be more tiles, not only floor and wall. The blood particles are not what I expected, but still good. And the best thing: field of view.

Firstly i created the whole texture of this fancy aplha-mask for visualisation of fov in C# code, but the game was running way too slowly, so I decided to use PixelShader to do that. It took me two days to find a way to render it and I know it could be done better (the borders are bumping), but I’m really proud that it’s working. And I learned much about shaders.

What is still to do: The most important: AI of bots. Now they are following predefined path and turning to specific position when alerted, e.g. by gunshot. They are totally predictable and the game is too boring because of that. And of course there could be more content: more levels and more graphics, as well as special effects (fairy dust and stuff).

I hope you will enjoy at least the shader, i spent much time debugging it.

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