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I made a quick video this morning giving an overview of our game.  Please swing by and give it a play/review.

We didn’t really finish (does anyone?) but I think our idea is generally there.  We have a tradition of having a group brainstorming session at a restaurant here in Vegas.  This time there were only two of us and it took us over two hours to agree on this game.  We thought Connected Worlds would be an easy theme, but it was harder than expected to come up with a unique interpretation of the theme.  Initially we prototyped a completely different idea, but threw it away early on Friday.

We didn’t have any artist support this time around, except for my cousin (title screen) and brother (music).  So it’s kind of a programmers’ creation and I think we may have focused too much on technical coolness (the server backend) and not enough on gameplay mechanics and theme.  I feel like it’s missing the artistic composition of our LD29 entry, but overall I’m still pleased with it and think it has some potential.

Looking forward to reviewing all of your games!  This is the fun part.


Don’t let the Terrorists Win.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 9:31 am

Hey all!

Apparently, last night sometime we exceeded the bandwidth on our hosting account that was backing our entry. An unforeseen but not together terrible problem to have.

Fortunately, the terrorists won’t win. It’s back up!

So anyone who tried and wasn’t able to, please give it a shot. We are getting pretty good reviews for theme, so check it out.

Airport Security Screener

Hey all!

We are very proud of what our little team accomplished in the 72 hours. While it isn’t required of Jam entries, all of our art and coding and most of the sound was completed within the 72 hour window.

So why don’t you give it a spin, you might like being an A.S.S.

Airport Security Screener

Play Here

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