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In previous Ludum Dare, I can not finish my game. Becouse I coded it wrong and didn’t fix it. I tried to fix but I just made it worst. Anyway its totaly new ludum dare and I’m totaly ready for second round. Here is my tools;

Language: Action Script 3

Engine: Starling

Graphics: Graphics Gale, Pyxel Edit, GIMP

Audio: SFXR, Musagi

Other: Texture Packer, Littera, FlashDevelop

Good luck wverybody and don’t forget have fun!

This Is My First Ludum Dare And I’m On Fire!

Posted by (twitter: @bahrisertkaya)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 12:11 pm

Hello everybody I will join to my first ludum dare. I just wish a good theme for more enjoy. Anyway here what I will use;


Language: Action Script 3

Engine: Starling

Graphics: Graphics Gale, Pyxel Edit, GIMP

Audio: SFXR (I think)

Other: Texture Packer, BitMap Font Genarator, FlashDevelop

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