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You were there *Award* #LD30
Awarded by alvivar
on October 19, 2014

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GET Connected – Ending!

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Monday, September 15th, 2014 2:19 pm

GET Connected - logo

Hi there.

These are my last words before the end. I was very happy to contribute to this great 30th Ludum Dare experience. I would like to thank the 114 people who have rated my game GET Connected. For my part, I rated 84 games!

To conclude this awesome adventure, I drew a piece of digital paiting to illustrate the ending of my post-Ludum game.

LUDUM DARE 30 — GET Connected - Ending!

If you are interested by my game (or my work), I centralized my Ludum Dare contents on my website.

Big-up to all of you. See you next time!
End of transmission!



Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Sunday, September 14th, 2014 9:57 am

GET Connected - logoPOST-MORTEM

Hi there.

I would like to make a POST-MORTEM about my GET Connected‘ game before the end.
As I’m French, apologize my conventional English.


As I previously said on my Entry page, I’m more a 2D designer than a developer. The 8 last years, I tried to lead apart my job (2D designer in a video game studio) about ten small game projects. Each time, I was able to create lots of assets and original visual identities but unable to achieve them because of my lake of development skills. Moreover, I never found a motivated and faithful developer to help me. The only “success” I had is the game we made with my mates from Turbodindon for the 26th Ludum “Mustache Armies” (big-up to them).
They weren’t available for this Ludum but I still wanted to participate. My main goal was to achieve a well-polished game, as a good prototype with potential.


So I decided to use the only programming language I learnt from my old web studies: the Flash ActionScript 2 (it’s an almost obsolete dead-language). I don’t practice “true” development; I only used the software timeline with simple codes, variables and functions. Moreover, Flash is very powerful for simple interactions, vector art, animations and user interface.

— GAMEPLAY : Point and Click.

As my AS2 skills are limited and I wanted to make a well-polished game, I chose to design a Point and Click gameplay, the only kind of game I was confident with for a short time challenge (this is my fourth Ludum experience, first in solo). At the moment, I’m not able to design dynamic games as arcade games with hits and collisions. This was my main constraint, my context of work.


At first, I wasn’t inspired by the theme. Finally, I found an axe of reflexion : the social medias and technologies, with communication and connexions between individuals. I focused on the risks involved by exposing our privacies using the technologies. In my game, the main character, you, can solve his problems only by hacking and traveling through the connected networks and objects to penetrate other characters privacies.


As I said, I wasn’t able to design an arcade game with a dynamic character. This is why I chose to make a story that takes place in a kind of prison. I’m fond of science-fiction worlds, as Ghost in the Shell, Mush and Mass Effect, so I created a compartmentalised spaceship prison with a mysterious militia and a few robots. At the beginning, the player is confined but, quickly, he will discover other far away worlds and places using connexions.

It was really fun to write the characters communications and biographies.


It’s been 8 years I’m working with Flash for graphics, I’m efficient on it.


First, I designed the main part of the background tiles and props with my usual personal technics. Each element is an instance and can easily be updated and polished. Some objects are interactive or/and animated.

Get Connected - Background assets.


Then, I designed all characters based on the same “build” (skeleton), therefore I can easily use a single animation for all characters. I created an antagonism between guards and prisoners. There are also more exotic designs as the mother, Mustache the cat or the robots.

Get Connected - Characters assets.


Animation isn’t my main speciality but I’m quite able to create simple animations thanks to the Flash interpolations. The main characters animations are : front walk, back walk and lateral walk. I added some animations according to the story : punch, hit , KO, etc. One of my regrets is  that I hadn’t time to animate more various and funnier situations: most of the characters are static. It’s because all animations are scripted and needed a time I hadn’t.


About level-design, I hadn’t any tools or magnetized grid; all sceneries were manually constructed with Flash. It was a very rigorous and arduous process!
At the beginning, sceneries were very basic:

Sephyka - Get Connected - WIP 1

Then, they were more and more polished:

Get connected - Screen 1


I did a really hard work on the user interface and various visual feedbacks. It was a very important part of the challenge because I created a kind of game which requires to read a lot of informations. As I’m a perfectionnist, it goes well in the nearest pixel.


It was only in the last Ludum Dare hours that I took time to create the home of my entry.  I have a passion for digital speed-painting so I was happy to use one to introduce my game. I used R0mika, my favorite female character I designed for an other sci-fi project.

Get connected - Intro.

For those who’ll finish, there is a special ending artwork on the Post-Ludum version.


The original “GET connected” logotype designed for the 72h version of my game was shitty (I made it in the last two hours). I am more satisfied by the next version I designed. :]


I really like music. I practice a bit piano and sometimes compose songs.
I used Cubase to create all my audio contents. Unfortunately, I had little time to dedicate to it so I only composed simple music loops.


• What went wrong:

Honestly, everything was okay during the game production, except the fact that I was very concentrated 16 hours by a day and thus very tired. As my gameplay and limits were well-defined at the beginning, I was very efficient on my game production. There weren’t any production disasters.

My only challenge was the lake of time ; I guess it would have been different with more time.

• What went right:

– The software Flash was very stable and nice with me. :]
– I didn’t need pre-production time: my idea was simple and clear at the beginning. Same for the graphics.
– Due to my professional experience, I quickly optimize all my assets for a maximal effectiveness and recoverability.
– All the bases of my game are defined and coherent: graphics, gameplay features, main characters, etc.
– I’m satisfied by the polish of my game: all the contents implemented are polished (less but better).
– I haven’t neglected the importance of the audio part.
– My Ludum Burger was good!

Ludum Burger !

• What could be better:

– I would have prefered to achieve the game for the 48h COMPO but it was definitively impossible.
– The lifetime of the game: even the Post-Ludum is short, due to a big amount of time needed to add original contents.
Variety of worlds. Originally, I would have liked to design various worlds and places : houses on Earth, an Antartic expedition, other spaceships, etc. I had too many ideas but it would have required too many new assets. It’s typically the kind of stuffs I’ll add for a potential full version of the game.
Music and sounds quality. Flash is good to compress and optimize all the contents : the final export (.swf) is light. But about audio, sounds and musics are exported in low quality. I don’t think there is a solution to solve the problem,
Music and sounds variety. I would have loved to compose more various and impressive songs.
– My development process is clearly bad and not really optimized. I learnt a few new functions to automate some features but this is not yet right. I lost too many time using this method (but no regrets because it is the only way I know to make a game).

• What I didn’t expect:

– I didn’t anticipate I would need debug tools for my Point and Click system, I had to create some simple functions to accelerate my debug process.
– The debug time isn’t negligible.
– Similarly, I had to develop a basic music engine to manage the music change.
– I also took time for the sound balance.
– At the end, I lost time to create a good HTML page for the game: I needed a couple hours just to display the game at the center.
– I had luck that my new friends helped me testing the game and gave me precious feedbacks (photo bellow)

GET Connected - Tigress, AT-TE and Wall-E


Ludum Dare is always an inspiring and rewarding challenge. I gave my best shot for my first solo Ludum Dare experience, it was fun, intense…  and very different from the jam teamwork. I learnt a lot about development, methodologies and tools needed to create a game and solve problems. I’m proud to have achieved my game in time. I also played and rate dozens of games. I’m very happy to have discovered so many various and quality entries. The Ludum community is great!

• About a full version?

Many of you have asked me about a full-version of the game; it would be awesome and I have so many ideas for a full-version story. However, I don’t know if I’ll have time and energy to lead that kind of ambition next to my work. Moreover, AS2 isn’t a good technology for mobiles export… that would require to redevelop the game on another platform as GameMaker or Unity. I’m also thinking about a small crowdfunding campaign. What do you think about ?


GET Connected — My new friends tested my game!

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Friday, September 12th, 2014 11:24 am

GET Connected - logo

Almost the final line before the judging ends.
I had luck ; my new friends helped me testing my game GET Connectedand gave me precious feedbacks (even if I’m not really sure about some of them). But like many players, they appreciated the game despite its short lifetime.

GET Connected - Tigress, AT-TE and Wall-E

If you did not, let’s play my game ; I need your feedbacks and appreciations.
Thank you!



GET Connected — Characters assets.

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 5:12 am

GET Connected - logoHi there.

This time, I’m showing you all the characters I designed for my ‘GET Connected‘ entry. As for backgrounds assets, I used the software Flash which is very powerful for vector art and animation. I started by building the global structure of my characters. Then I designed various sprites based on the same skeleton. In this way I can easily use a single animation for all characters.
I didn’t had time to implement all characters. For example, the big giant robot and prisoner girls aren’t in the game because it was designed after expiration of time, boohoo ! This Ludum was a fun and intense experience… I’m very happy to have discovered too many various and quality entries. Big-up to all of you.

Discover my game:

Get Connected - Characters assets.

More infos on my website if you are curious about my entry. :]


P-S: Don’t play too much Destiny. :p

Get Connected — Background assets.

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Sunday, September 7th, 2014 11:44 am

GET Connected - logoHi there.
I exported a few assets I designed to construct all the backgrounds of my ‘GET Connected‘ entry. The software I used was Flash. Moreover, I updated a new Post-Ludum version with more contents and a bit longer story. I have too many ideas for other backgrounds as Earth or other planets, but it would take so much time (design + level-design + integration). Maybe one day.

Discover my game:

Get Connected - Background assets.

Next time, I’ll post characters assets.
More infos on my website if you are curious about my entry. :]


GET Connected — 10 seconds video.

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Monday, September 1st, 2014 6:46 am

GET Connected - logo

I made a video about my Ludum Dare entry (post-compo) for the next 10 seconds compilation.
The vid is as short as my game x).
As such, I regularly work on it to increase story, player experience and gameplay features. I would like to finish the first chapter of the game : “The Escape” in the next few weeks.

Discover my game:


GET Connected!

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 4:06 am


I’m very tired but I’m proud of having achieved my game in time… first time in solo from scratch. Ludum Dare is always an inspiring and rewarding challenge. Now, it’s time to rest and play!

Discover my game:

GET Connected - logo

Get connected - Intro.
Get connected - Screen 1

I’ll write a post-mortem later. In the meantime, thanks for playing and let’s rate for my entry!


Get Connected — Just in time!

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 3:08 pm

Hi there.

I’m exhausted, it was very difficult for me to make a game, first time alone in 72h. I spent too many time to polish the graphics. I’m very happy to show you my Entry ‘Get Connected‘.
More details soon, I need to sleeeppp zzzzzzzz…

Sephy - Ludum Dare 30 - Get Connected


Ludum Burger!

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 5:43 am

Only few hours before the Ludum Dare end. I have certainly deserved my Ludum Burger!
Ludum Burger !

I’ll publish my entry at the end of the challenge.

GET Connected — WIP01.

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 5:46 am

Hi, my name is Sephy and I’m a French 2D designer!

This is the first time I participate to the Ludum Dare alone because my friends aren’t available.

I’m not a developer, I’m so bad at using code. I’m only able to use the old ActionScript 2 language in a strange way… so I decided to design a Point and Click adventure in a space ship. More details about the gameplay and the story soon.

You can check my work on my website or follow me on twitter [FR and EN languages].

Sephyka - Get Connected - WIP 1


MUSTACHE ARMIES – 10-seconds-video

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Sunday, May 19th, 2013 3:26 am

Hi there.
I edited this video of our MUSTACHE ARMIES game for the fourth 10-seconds-videos compilation… but there is no 4th part. :'(

I hope this short preview will give you a good feeling about our game for those who didn’t download the game. You can also review the full gameplay videomy artworks and Raz’s arworks from the project.

Sorry for my bad English. End of transmission.

Ludum Dare 26 - Mustache Armies


Mustache Armies – Artworks.

Posted by (twitter: @sephyka)
Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 7:01 am

Hi, my nickname is Sephy.
I’m a French 2D designer – you can see my work on my website.

I joined the TurboDindon team for the 26th Ludum Dare. It was a very great experience, I love my teammates.

We finished our game ‘MUSTACHE ARMIES‘.

Feel free to play, share and rate for us!

(My personal record is finish the map using 10 unities)

You can discover below a few graphic researches, artworks and assets I’ve designed. My mate Raz did other graphics as main unities, backgrounds and logo. Graphics have been inspired by minimalist paintings and shapes. Not everything has been implemented.

Mustache Armies - Artwork
Mustache Armies - Artwork

I hope you’ll like it.

Sorry for my bad English.

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