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You Are Alone

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Monday, April 29th, 2013 11:16 pm

So, this was our first Ludum Dare, and we’ve fallen in love with the competition.

You Are Alone

Such a nice screenshot…

We are Senosus, a team currently consisting of 2 members, Michael Roe (myself) and Jack Dillon. We are two high school students, in our second last year, and game design is a big part of our lives.

I told Jack that the Jam was approaching, and we organised for him to stay at my house for the weekend, so we could enter it together. The theme was announced at noon on Saturday, in our time-zone (Brisbane, Australia). We spent 10 seconds wondering where the theme was, until we decided to go on Twitter and check there. After hearing that the theme was minimalism, we were a flurry of shock, excitement, and confusion. Jack had no idea what minimalism meant, and I had no idea what to do with the theme.

So anyway, 28 hours, and 4 prototypes later, we settled on the idea for ‘You Are Alone’. Jack went home an hour later, and after a slight accident that occurred with my laptop, we were back on schedule, with Jack giving me ideas over Facebook, and me implementing those ideas in the game.

I uploaded the entry this morning, after some slight troubles with file uploaders, and literally ran out the door to my bus stop, leaving my laptop on behind me. I got onto the bus, with hardly any breath left within me, and told Jack the good news. “The game is up” I said. Yeah, I’m not one for speeches.

So yeah, the game is up, and Jack and I have opened ‘Senosus’, a small indie games design studio! And guess what! We have a game to show for it! 😀 What are you waiting for, go play ‘You Are Alone’, and please vote! :)




– Michael Roe, founder of Senosus!

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