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This Jam was AWESOME !!!11)

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 7:30 am

Damn, we spend around two days jaming with you guys, and that was such a great experience. The ammount of great games in the final is surpassing the boundaries! 💡

I already had checked a few dozen of games by now(and only empty cup of tea managed to stop me), and they are simply perfect!! Every single game have its strong and weak sides, but mostly all of you could balance them properly, and that is so nice..

There was some realy polished ideas, and some realy crazy ones and some offtopic(but still cool by the way)…graphics, mostly in pixelart is stunning(I can’t help myself, when i see pixelart i give 5/5 because it rulez) we must definetly meet on the next jam!

As for us, everybody talked not to use new engine, sleep well, don’t drink to much cofee….well, it was our first jam with you guys, here at Ludum, and now we know why people are keep saying that :)

But, we managed somehow (no, we didn’t sell our souls to devil…well, at least not all of us :twisted:) to finish the game.

Here’s the screens from early stages of the game:

If You haven’t play it, please do, we would love to hear your opinion about it!

10sec. FastBeef is finally done!

Monday, August 26th, 2013 2:56 pm

Hey folks! We are finally made our game and 72 hours competition is over. During this time we get a lot of fun and experience. Check out some screens from our game, and be sure to play this burger madness ! =)

10sec. FastBeef Play

Hola Ludum!

Monday, August 26th, 2013 8:00 am

Hi everyone, we are PinoklGames, and that’s our first jam here at ludum =) Things are going pretty well (o rly?), so we’ve got time for this short post) 

Game title – “10sec. Fast Beef”, and  you can guess what this game is all about (or not)…but we are making some really crazy things out there and truly hope you will enjoy this madness.

10sec. Fast Beef

What is done by now:

* Title Menu – done, yippee !
* Game mechanics – 85%
* Graphics – 99,99999%
* Animations – 100%
* Levels – 55% ( 5 / 9)
* Sounds – need some work but they are almost done
* Win screeen – done!
* GameOver screen – done!
* Music – music is ready (Yay! Link to listen – below )

More updates are coming soon, stay tuned!  \m/

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