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Postmortem: You Are The Slime!

Posted by (twitter: @SecularBaron)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 11:56 am

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This is my second Ludum Dare and I’ve never wrote a postmortem so forgive me if there is a format i’m overlooking. Between work and the rest of life I decided to dive in and take part in the jam. The theme “You Are The Monster” inspired me to work on an idea I’ve had floating around (and apparently many before me have had as well) to make a game where you play as the low-level fodder mob, The Slime. Far too long have slimes been abused and their peaceful forest homes encroached upon by adventurers on a journey to greater treasure.

What Worked Out:

Originally your slime grew and absorbed people and rats just by moving over them. When I changed this to having to mash the space bar in order to absorb an enemy I think this added a lot of needed interactively and gave me a better understanding of the monumental task a slime must go through to take on larger powerful prey. Finding the right rate for the growing and shrinking mechanic was easy enough to program. The far more difficult and time consuming task I was able to overcome was making the objects interact and look right with the slime. I really enjoyed how the arrows, humans, and skeletons slowly rotate in the slime and can move just enough to escape with difficulty. I think I did okay in the time I had with additional details such as the archers gathering arrows and the humans bleeding out when their flesh had dissolved.

What Didn’t Work:

Most of my poor time management went to programming small details I could of overlooked for the jam. It would of been far better for my project if I would of put more effort into the art and sound. I had imagined much more of a slope in the game play and difficulty. I ended up cutting out the rats and other creatures which you would hypothetically take on first.  The rate of absorption when attacking the archers is far too slow and becomes tedious.

If I Continue:

I have a couple of more serious long running projects I try to not lose focus on (again) so i’m hesitant to start another side project. I’d like to add in more creatures, enemies, power ups, and general immersive flavor to the world. As well as redo the map, most of the artwork, and all of the sound. The controls and the rates of absorbing need adjustments. Additionally I’d want to fix the difficulty curve to go a little more in the way of Katamari, starting small and slowly growing large till you battle tougher enemies and devour a town.

What I’ve Learned From Jams:

I’m really bad at finishing projects. It really helped me having constraints and a deadline. What this jam has reminded me is the benefits and difficulties of working within a time constraint. In my personal projects I constantly find myself removing entire systems and rebuilding them . Nothing is ever good enough and i’ll stay stuck in a loop of “improvement”. The time constraint is also a difficulty as I didn’t have time to polish the aspects that would have increased engagement and I was forced to cut things I wanted to include, like animals. This makes me have sympathy for AAA developers who have to deal with budgets, time constraints, and knowing their failures will cost people their livelihoods.

Overall this Ludum Dare was a ton of fun and i’m finding awesome games. Good job everyone!

– Andrew, @SecularBaronMy Games



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