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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:32 am

When i heard the theme was Minimalism i decided i would do whatever it takes to weasel time out of my job to produce a simple and entertaining game for Ludum Dare 48!

I’m currently mulling over 2 ideas, one plays around with basic physics moving marbles from point A to point B over some simple moving puzzles.

The other is a safe cracking game where numbers are randomly generated, and you have a few seconds to type in the same string of numbers to advance to the next part of the lock, the string getting progressively longer until you crack the safe.

Who knows, both are simple enough maybe i’ll finish both, lets see what happens!

You can follow my progress via @Sayaer on twitter where i’m most active.

Also, hello other Ludum Dare participators, and good luck!

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