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No Fishing Game

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Saturday, January 24th, 2015 11:44 am

My dear LD game developers,

I wanted to tell all of my ludumdare friends and all the community members that in last year I have published a lot of mobile games as an indie last year.

Putting in my latest game called No Fishing forward for user review. If any of you guys have a gaming related website, or youtube channel, I would really love to get a review published. Basically this game needs to get media attention. Please contact me on Pyro AT pyrocute Dot com related to publishing articles.

Here is a quick link to the game:




Splash_image wp_ss_20141129_0001 wp_ss_20141209_0001wp_ss_20141129_0004

Looking forward.

God bless our games!


Saurabh Swarms

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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 10:27 pm

This is (was) my entry to LD #08 48hr challange. I wanted to post it earlier but constraints of time and space delayed it. I wanted to update it a bit but I am posting it ‘as is’ back then. It was done during the contest.
I am glad that I took part in this contest and very glad to the experience I achieved thru it. I also liked it a lot to interact with all the contestants during the actual time and how things worked out. There was no intention to score but the only task was to be able to complete it in that duration which I did. Since it was one of my firsts I simply could not stand the stress after the compo though! I had a lot of headache’s hehe. But since then I became more strong physically. Later I did a lot of such “night stands” dusk to dawn to noon for other tasks in life.



Final Release of my LD48 Entry.


1 Use key W A S D to move around

2 Use key R to Reset the Game

3 MOUSE to Look Around

4 Esc to quit(Dont Quit!)


1 Goto the Rolling pillar to to Improve Health but be carefull, the pillar will
throw you away if you go too close to it.Just stay close to it to improve health
and dont stick to it

2 Goto the Exit Post to goto the next Level. Exit Posts change their
position every time level changes so you have to find its location.

3 When Level changes,Position of player changes

4 Stay away from swarns they eat you like crazy.

5 Dont foget to look around for the new position of exit post

6 Use Less Brightness and Contrast as possible :)

Suggestion: Tryto play upto 25 levels.The 25th level is most difficult.THe planes will lock you up you you go close to them

FeedBack Nessary!

StartTheGame by going into Folder SaurabhSwarm
and Clicking SaurabhSwarm.exe

This game was made in DXSDK 8.1, VC++6.0,Jim Adams dx libraries.

All Coding & Artwork Done by me Groundup including 3DMeshes and Textures

Art Softwares Used: Photoshop and 3DMax5.Panda .Xporter

saurabh <AT> ITnauts.com

DOWNLOAD http://www.itnauts.com/LD/SaurabhSwarns.rar:

Best Regards

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Monday, January 28th, 2008 8:04 am


Game Development!

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