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Looking for story-based games!

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 5:32 am


I would be glad to play and review any game that is built around some plot or at least has some choices that you can make.
I would especially like to play some text quests.

For now I found two games of this type that I liked a lot:

  1. Elixir searching text quest
  2. Find the imposter dialogue game


And (shameless self-promotion) you can try out my game – not really a text quest but requires to read a lot.

Silly feeling about my entry.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 8:38 am

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I participated two times in ludumdare within a team, with people who have a long experience of making games for this kind of contests. I had a lot of fun, and we even are trying to finish and publish one of the games, lintrix. On the 33rd ludumdare our team could not gather, so I made my own game,  but it was very simple. It was fun, but I did not feel satisfied.

When it got clear we won’t participate as a team this time, I decided I should see this as a chance to to some game designing again and I decided to be more serious this time. I do not know how it goes in other teams, but in ours it was always rather hard to make others accept your ideas. There is a good side in it – not only should you like the idea, but you also have to prove it is realistic to finish it and prove the game will benefit from it. But there is a downside – you spend time in rhetoric and waste your energy and still can’t prove sometimes, and get disappointed because of it and so on.

So I thought — this is my chance to make something what I like. In the end some of my friends (not connected to the jams world, who heard about ludum for the first time this weekend) did help me with images, texts and design, and without their help I don’t think I could finish the game in time. It still looks  raw, but I like it. It seems silly to me, that this is some kind of a parental liking, but that is how it is.

And from making this game with people who don’t know anything about game jams I understood that making small games is a great activity that can be shared with your friends and relatives.

I understand my prejudice about my entry,  but I want to share it, my little game, almost a text quest.

So, here is the link. Feel free to criticize!

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