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Monday, September 12th, 2016 6:31 pm


Play Mummy Craft Post-Jam

Hi everyone, this is our first participation as a team in Ludum Dare, so we felt a bit more encouraged to do a post jam version of our game Mummy Craft to solve some issues that were making the game hard to understand and also adding a little something to make it more appealing.

The main changes that we implemented were about giving the player more visual information of what’s going on:

*hieroglyphs used properly in a craft now have a glow

Ludum Dare 36 - Google Chrome_2016-09-11_21-32-41

*Crafting recipes are now listed on a triangular shape instead of a row, to state that order of hieroglyphs is not important

crafting recipes

*The item needed to craft now also appears over the body, and shows your progress


*Animation of 4 legged table is now on for some embelishment and personal amusement reasons, also states that you have finished one mummy and can go on to the next one.



We thank everyone who has played it, we took in consideration all the feedback we recieved and hope to have time to include some other changes before LD36 is over.

Play Mummy Craft Post-Jam


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