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“The Monster Within” post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 1:21 pm

So, LD33 is over, and once again I made something: The Monster Within.


The theme was You are the Monster, and I wanted to really incorporate the theme into the gameplay mechanics for once (well yeah, Curved Curse did that, but the topic was very broad and there was no way but incorporate it into the gameplay itself).

Although you play a monster in The Monster Within, I took the theme a bit further. The theme reminded me of an exclamated “Look at yourself! You’ve become a Monster!”, something a movie wife might say to her increasingly out-of-control husband who just killed the neighbor that found out about the family’s dark secret.

The idea I came up with was the following: your main objective is to eliminate enemies from within a crowd of mostly civilians (in a generic top-down action game). However you turn into a Monster whenever you kill someone, which grants you a lot more power, but also impairs your senses; you can no longer differentiate between civilians and enemies. As a result, I figured, people would have to decide between two playstyles, going on a rampage and killing as many people as possible, regardless of their type, or trying to play strategically by memorizing the enemies in the crowd.

The Monster Within, normal and beast mode

The Monster Within, normal and beast mode

[read the full post-mortem on my blog]

I’m in & looking for art

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Friday, August 21st, 2015 6:06 pm

So, no further plans for the weekend, so I’m in!

I don’t have a partner/graphic designer yet/currently, and unless someone wants to join forces I’ll participate in the compo instead.


Happy LD33; enjoy yourselves and have fun everyone!

Yiss! I did it!

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 3:09 pm

Wow, I’m done before the deadline!
It’s not perfect, but did anyone expect that?

I wasted a lot of time playing other games and doing unrelated stuff, yet I finished in time and I like what I accomplished!

Shoutout to PDeveloper for making the awesome light engine, helping me out with it and fixing his code during the jam!
As always, it was great fun and see y’all next time!

Have fun everyone!

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 3:10 pm

So here we go… my first actual Ludum Dare!

Like in the Sharkjam I’ll be using Haxe with HaxePunk and maybe box2d or nape physics, depending on whether the game requires physics or not.

My IDE in my newly set-up debian environment will be the IntelliJ-IDEA with the Haxe plugin.

I am (again) still looking for any help – be it a coder, artist or just someone with a few nice ideas! Leave a comment or otherwise contact me.

I’ll be absent on sunday afternoon as well as monday morning, but having roughly 48h minus sleep should still be enough.
Living in Europe I will start a bit late (4h to be exact).

Have fun & Good Luck everyone! I hope we get a good theme.

CarDonk – Sharkjam-Summary

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 11:25 am



First of all, it’s been great fun. I learned much and I got pretty far, the game isn’t in a state where it is fun to play (IMO at least) but it could be played…. and thats all that matters, right?

What went right

  • I finished the game (kind of)
  • I managed to create pretty decent 8bit graphics!!! (Didn’t know I could do something like that)
  • HaXe & HaXePunk work great!
  • I managed to integrate nape physics even though the game was half done
  • it was fun!!

What went wrong

  • I should’ve started with nape right away
  • Someone else doing the graphics would’ve been cool
  • my idea wasn’t really that shark-related, and so is the game

Online (Flash) | Download Directory

I hope I’ll be back in December,


Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 2:08 pm

Update on CarDonk

Okay, my first 24 hours (timezones etc.) are over, and so far I’ve made good progress!

I have two driveable cars and collisions between them, as well as a tileset.
I need:

  • moar cars!!
  • at least one map
  • logo / header
  • intro and death-sprite so I have more sharks in this game
  • actual gameplay elements

Should you be a pixel magician or a veteran top-down vehicle coder (or in any other skill level between nothing and those two) and / or willing to join me for the second day, please contact me either on twitch.tv or by commenting below.

twitch lurkers, pessimistic and optimistic critics and everyone else welcome!


epic shark car

Yay for Sharks in Cars!

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 9:16 am

Yay, this is my first ludum dare and…. I’m doing solo! [because noone has time, I’d like someone else working with me]


that’s the sound cars make when they collide. I’m making a top-down derby-racing game.
Therefore my game is called CarDonk.

So yeah… I’ve never really finished a game, so I hope the Mini-LD is long enough for me to comp(l)ete.
I hope I’ll be back in the december jam with some friends.

So far I have cars and an awful tileset.


I’m working with HaXePunk and will probably be able to ship to windows, linux and mac!

Let’s hope it works out.

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