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A little more information about “Evolution Heroes”.

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 2:38 pm

I want to show you my first LD game “Evolution Heroes“.

A link to my entry!

Evolution Heroes is a game about most popular old-school heroes and evolution sequence. You should help to get out of the ground and mutate to human. There 6 different character with their weapon and feature.  I did not have time to add 2 character witch I will add in a post-edition.

The used tools:

IDE – FlashDevelop

Framework – FlashPunk

Graphics – GraphicsGale/ GameMaker’s Editor

Music – Famitracker

Sounds – Famitracker/ sfxr


One hour before LD was complete I noticed that my internet traffic over. I had run in panic to the ATM two times and somehow managed to submit entry =)

Sorry for my text errors I don’t speak English and google translate help my to write this post

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