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We are Umbra Team!
We are many!
Diogo is a 2D artist and graphic designer, Reginaldo is a sound designer, Victor is a 2D artist, graphic designer and a bit of a programmer (just enough you could say)
We are all storytellers!

We make games that express themselves through gameplay, we like simplicity in mechanics and complexity in content. Maybe we could say that our mission is to make gameplay stories!

Thank you for playing our games and enjoy!


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Umbra Exitus is now running on web!

Posted by
Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 6:00 pm

Umbra Exitus now is embedded on it’s page and you can plug and play! Or… click and play, I don’t know.


Umbra Exitus is a game about using light in the darkness. With light you can open your path, find traps, survive and find the exit. Your objective is to escape the room. And you must explore the darkness to kill robots and use their lights to find the exit.

If you have the time, we appreciate if you play, you won’t regret 😀

Thank you for playing and enjoy!

Umbra Exitus is fixed!

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 9:24 am


Well, this is my first time ever finishing a game for Ludum Dare in time (I submitted on monday 23:50). It came with some bugs, but I fixed them yesterday and highlighted them in the game’s description if you are curious.

And, well, if you have some time, you could check it out! It’s a game about exploring the darkness, avoiding traps in the dark, destroying robots that can sense light and using that light to open your path and escape.

For now there’s only download option for Windows, but today I plan to embed it in HTML5 format. And maybe even an OSX version for Mac users out there.

Anyway, thanks a lot and good luck in the darkness of Umbra Exitus 😉

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